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News Review 16/01/2021

US Establishment Isolates Trump after Exploiting his Popularity

The US Establishment has dramatically fully turned against US President Donald Trump in the final days of his presidency, to counter attempts by Trump to remain a powerful leader after leaving office. This week, Trump became the first president to be impeached twice. Proceedings now move to the Senate, where it is possible that Trump will be barred from ever holding office in future, thus blocking any attempt by Trump to stand again in the 2024 presidential elections. Mitch McConnell, the Republican leader of the Senate, despite being previously strongly supportive of Trump, has spoken openly against him after his 6 January rally overran the buildings of the Congress itself. Vice President Mike Pence, similarly a hitherto strong supporter, has starkly also diverged from the Trump agenda. The Establishment is also moving indirectly against Trump, blocking him on social media, and threatening his business interests.

Western elites know that government requires strong leadership, and so they must appoint rulers and empower them to act decisively. But at the same time, they introduce a great many open and hidden ‘checks and balances’ to ensure that the ruler never departs from the vested interests of the elites. The US Establishment was forced to accept Trump as president in 2016 after the failures of Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush, two solidly establishment politicians who nevertheless failed to build sufficient popular support. Threatened by the mass movement that developed around Bernie Sanders candidacy, the establishment-controlled media gave excessive live coverage to Donald Trump, a non-serious celebrity candidate who had stood multiple times previously also, and was really seeking little more than publicity to support his media career and business ventures. Once in office, Trump certainly didn’t play by the rules but Western systems of government are well-developed to fully contain and prevent rulers deviating from establishment directives. Nevertheless, now that America has in Joe Biden a solid establishment man with decades of service to elite interests, there is no need to further tolerate Trump, hence the stark reversal against him.

However, the real legacy of Trump is not his decisions in office but the further polarisation of American society. Liberals call for increased secularism, while Conservatives wish to adhere to Christian values. This contradiction is irreconcilable and will continue as long as both Capitalism and Christianity are followed.

Iraq and Afghanistan, Palestine

As an example of Trump’s full compliance with establishment policies, the Pentagon announced this week that troop deployment in Afghanistan and Iraq had been reduced to 2,500 each. This is their lowest level in the almost two decades since the war began and in accordance with a recent announcement by Trump to have this done by 15 January. However, this still falls far short of Trump’s campaign pledge to end the wars in both countries, something that Trump tried to do while in office but failed. The American establishment is committed to world domination. America entered Iraq and Afghanistan not to merely fight wars but to establish permanent military bases from where America would be able to not only control those countries but to also control entire regions, and to provide forward positions against Russia and China. The presence of these military bases is fully supported by agent rulers in both countries. Such bases in Muslim lands will continue to exist until Muslims arise and take charge of their own affairs, instead of leaving them to be managed by agent rulers implementing alien systems of government for Western interests.

Mahmoud Abbas has announced the first ‘parliamentary’ and ‘presidential’ elections in the West Bank and Gaza in 15 years. The governance structures that have been established in these areas have little more authority than that of municipal administration. Their real purpose is to contain Muslim opposition to the illegal Jewish entity that has been fully supported by the West. Like the illegal Crusader entity that existed in Palestine a thousand years ago, the illegal Jewish entity provides a vital strategic base in the Muslim heartland, as is indicated also by Trump’s decision this week to include it within the region covered by the US military’s Central Command that spans most of the Muslim world. It is expected that the incoming US administration has instructed Abbas to call for elections. America knows it is only through an agent ruling class that it can have control over Muslims. Political activity in Muslim lands is heavily constrained and elections, when they occur, are designed only to legitimise those whose real loyalty is to the West.

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