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What a “good” drama - Syria Regime, Russia, U.S and Turkey are acting to win the best World Academy Awards of killing people in Syria


11th April 2018: Russia warns US over Syria response
Russia has urged the US to avoid taking military action in response to an alleged chemical attack in Syria.

Russia warned Washington that it will "bear responsibility" for any "illegal military adventure" it carries out. US President Donald Trump has promised a "forceful" response. (Source: BBC)


Actor 1: Regime Bashar Al-Assad the acting vampire, continuously being “hunted” because of his hunger for the Muslim blood.

Actor 2: Russia, who keeps protecting the vampire, built up the strong shelter for him to stay alive from being vanished with the morning sun.

Actor 3: U.S, the director of the original scripts and the hero of the drama, started the drama hunting ISIS, the so called “enemy of the vampire” instead.

Actor 4: Turkey, acting as the supporting actor, be the Muslim sympathiser using the “magical power” to hunt the vampire at the daylight.

Don’t we see this never ending drama series every days since 2011? Tragic event happened, from one place to another to make it such a good and real drama for everyone to see? How many chemical attacks since 2011 occurred besides Douma? Didn’t UN inspectors has done the inspection and wasn’t the Syria’s chemical weapons has gone for the destruction to Italy on July 2014 (BBC, 3 July 2014)?

So, how could the chemical weapons still exist and be used to kill people?

U.S rhetoric warning to retaliate is just a cowboy joke of provocation. They wouldn’t drop the bomb on Bashar but to the area of civilians and rebels as what they are used to. In fact they just want to show that they are the hero of this drama.

Awake! Please awaken my Muslim brothers and sisters!

Don’t just sit and eat popcorn to watch this drama happen.

Muslims in Syria were killed, live in danger, hungry without food. Don’t we remember what happened to the people in Idlib, Aleppo, Homs, Ghouta and many others. At the same time Muslims in Palestine are shot by the Jewish entity’s snipers, who enjoy doing it, but does Erdogan or Mohammad Bin Salman or other Muslim rulers care about this?

Nothing but, we need Muslim armies to helps, the Khalifah to call for jihad to save the Muslim bloods and Muslim lands.

Written for the Central Media Office of Hizb ut Tahrir by
Ahmad Yousef



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