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H.  20 Jumada I 1439 No: Afg.1439/03
M.  Tuesday, 06 February 2018

 Press Release
Cleansing Afghan Forces from the Islamist Elements under the Guise of Reforms

The Afghan President recently approved the retirement of the 164 Army Generals. Under the guise of reforms, this process is designed to remove two thousand Generals and senior officers from the Afghan security forces.

We believe that this process - that is claimed to rejuvenate and professionalize the security sector – is a complete American designed process to cleanse the armed forces – the actual power bases of the Ummah – from any influence of the revivalist Islamic parties and out of reach to the Ummah itself. We have seen this happening in Egypt, Turkey and Pakistan already and therefore, we must consider the following points of this plan:

• Cleansing of the Islamic elements and sidelining of the former Mujahedeen from the security sector.

• Reduction of any influence of those tribal, ethnic and political leaders and influential individuals in the security sector, who hold on to their Islamic thoughts to transfer it to a secular, westernized and subservient force to their American masters.

• Uprooting any of the influence of the regional sincere ones over Afghan security forces.

Consequently, this 'reform' will lead to the achievement of the West's regional and strategic objectives resulting in a security sector that is completely subservient to the Americans and a means to prevent the emergence of the coming and actual Islamic State (Khilafah Rashidah) and to achieve their regional and strategic goals, but it will be established, Inshallah.

Thus, this "reform" will lead to the achievement of the West's regional and strategic objectives. It will eventually lead to a security sector entirely subordinate to the Americans and a means of preventing the establishment of the Islamic state (the Caliphate), but it will certainly, God willing.

The Muslim people, influential individuals and the Mujahedeen of Afghanistan must realize the scheme behind this 'reform' in the security sector. Also they must understand that it is not helpful to bring security at all. Rather, this will be used against them and for an exact opposite purpose. Therefore, this will make the security forces – that is made up of our own Muslim youth

– and their energy and blood, as a tool to achieve the American goals and will give them the opportunity to replace their own soldiers in the frontlines with this army. As a result, our Muslims will fight against Muslims only.

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