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H.  27 Dhu al-Qi'dah 1435 No: 06/35
M.  Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Press Release Who will benefit from the Aggravation of Relations between the Muslims and the Government in Kyrgyzstan? (Translated)

The authorities in Kyrgyzstan have recently undertaken a series of serious acts against Muslims. Initially they tried to start the battle by ways such as insulting the beard and the Hijab, but the atmosphere of Islamic awareness prevalent in Kyrgyzstan has missed an opportunity for the government to implement its plan. So, the authorities reached to the conclusion that it is necessary to develop a mechanism to combat this awareness among the people. They carry out this through several directions. They have created favorable conditions for the wide spread of Kufr movements such as Tengrism (the pagans), who exercise their activities on the basis of nationalism. They also organized special television programs wherein they criticized the call to Islam and the clothing of the advocates who work to revive the Sunnah of the Prophet (saw) such as the "Tablighi Jamaat". Afterwards they began to imprison our women and daughters who are carrying the Dawah. They imposed a school uniform which holds some of the logos that belong to the pagans, and tried to force everyone to wear this outfit, and it seems that this was intentional, as they know that Muslims will not accept to wear such clothing. The purpose of the authorities in all this is to create conditions for controversies and endless conflicts to erupt between moderate and extremist Muslims (as they divide us). However, they have been unable to influence the minds of those who follow the true form of Islam, and have been unable yet to impose their model on our lives.

It has been proved to the official authorities that these attempts and others will not benefit them, so the Kyrgyz government was forced, under pressure from some influential foreign powers, to engage in a battle against Islam and the Muslims on the way of the Uzbek and Russian regimes, so it carried out the arrest operation of Delar Jomabayev.

Delar is famously known to be a member of Hizb ut Tahrir, not only in Kyrgyzstan, but all over Central Asia. He is the first to establish an official radio and TV station (Aung) in the party's history. Within a few months the Kyrgyz and Uzbeks were watching his television programs where he publicly exposed the government's conspiracy on the people. When the government saw the rising popularity of the station, it began to exercise various pressures on it, and gradually prevented Brother Delar from appearing on air. Nevertheless, he continued to struggle in order to protect the interests of the Ummah by creating more new styles.

For example, when male doctors began to work in maternity hospitals, Delar was the first to oppose it. So, law enforcement agency officers summoned him and claimed that a wife would not go to a male doctor unless she takes permission from her husband. Delar said that he opposed it only because it is prohibited (Haram) in Allah's (swt) Law and we must commit ourselves to it; therefore they are not allowed to work here, and so it was.

As a result of the careful research done by Delar, we were able to realize that in spite of the huge electrical energy produced by Kyrgyzstan, people therein were living in severe suffering. Delar led a serious struggle against what has become a habit of the state in collecting additional funds from the people to purchase and repair equipment and transfer power lines, despite the fact that all this must be borne by the state. When Delar was offered a bribe worth a million Som to stop these activities, he exposed the bribery on television at a time it was known that he and his family were living in severe financial hardship. Then they started to confront him at the state level; because he revealed that all the problems and suffering of the people is due to the rampant corruption in the whole country. So, they began to persecute him by fabricating charges... and under various pretexts, his family remained for more than two years without electricity. However, Delar continued the struggle and began strongly insisting on the replacement of the old power distribution panels with the new ones, without imposing additional costs on people. Delar's neighbors provided him with electricity from their own meters, and as a result they received severe warnings, but continued providing electricity alternately; because Delar was the son of the people.

The authorities found, rather concocted, a reason to imprison Delar; nevertheless, he continued his political activity inside the prison. There he demanded the return of the situation of the prisons to be within the law, the creation of healthy conditions, and the improvement in the quality of food provided to the prisoners which was impossible to eat. Although food was delivered to him from outside the prison and was not in need to eat their food.

According to his mates in prison, he was tortured several times, but he remained firm and steadfast on his views. The prison director came and said to him, "If you want I can arrange for you wonderful and exceptional circumstances, and began to persuade him to stop his actions". Delar replied, "Can you provide such conditions for all the prisoners here? Only then I would stop". Then he was taken to an isolation room and was injected with a substance that poisoned him, and he remained motionless for four days without being given any medical assistance. By the will of Allah (swt) alone, The Gracious and The Merciful, Delar remained alive.

The government's active seeking to suppress Delar has not stopped him for one moment from doing his activities. Any act that was done by the authorities to throw any Muslim in prison did not pass without Delar accounting the government, as he did not stand aside. With the camera he was carrying in his hand, he broke through the barriers and strictly monitored all actions which violated the law, either during the inspection of workplaces or some other processes. He did not give them the opportunity, during these operations, to intrigue false evidence, as it is their habit.

Yes, he saved a lot of Muslims from entering prison, and assisted many in solving their problems. People referred to him from different areas because of their suffering with the authorities, such as illegal taxes and large fabricated fines, and other problems such as gas and electricity...
Finally, on the 13th of September, 2014, the authorities decided to put him in prison again...

A few days earlier Delar noted that his home was under surveillance and monitoring. He was able to catch some of the suspects; unfamiliar faces with Russian citizenship, and brought them to the police station, but the police chief released them, and told Delar clearly: "Do not misunderstand me". They knew how serious the campaign was to arrest Delar.

On the dawn of September 13th, at around 6:00 am, his home was besieged by officers from the National Security, where a group of masked commandos carrying automatic weapons infiltrated over the gate. Despite Delar's request to give him time so that his family can put on their clothes, they started to raid the house. So, Delar rushed to protect the women from such illegal acts and because of this he was exposed to inhumane torture and brutal beatings.

Due to the uproar, the region's mayor attended, along with men from the mosque to protect Delar. So, the Special Forces began to push them away with their machine guns, took them out of the house, closed it from the inside and prevented people from approaching. When the people began to gather, the Special Forces realized the seriousness of the situation so they called the police forces to tighten the encirclement of the house.

The search and inspection in Delar's house continued for six hours. During this time, people remained standing near his home, behind the police circle, expressing in words to defend Delar, and their numbers kept further increasing...

O Muslims in Kyrgyzstan!!!

You are being looted! In order to continue quietly plundering you more, selling the wealth of your people, and turning your children into cheap labor for them, they want to remove the obstacles that stand in front of them, such as the likes of Delar who protects your interests. In order for them to do this, they follow the approach of Uzbekistan in using imams and treacherous religious leaders in an attempt to divide the Muslims under various names.

In Uzbekistan, the Karimov government itself has arranged the events of February 16 to blame it on the Muslims. You must know that there isn't any threat to the people in Kyrgyzstan from the Muslims, and if there is any threat to the general public, then the Kaffirs are standing behind it without a doubt.

Therefore, for the security and solidarity of all of us, we urge you to exercise your influence to affect what is happening in the country, and this requires your sincerity and not be drifted by the government's deception, as well as we invite you to maintain the atmosphere of Iman, which is the basis of halal and haram.

Head of the Media Office of Hizb ut Tahrir
in Kyrgyzstan


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