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H.  29 Muharram 1440 No: 1440 / 01
M.  Tuesday, 09 October 2018

 Press Release
The Danish Government is stating the Obvious: Islam is their Problem

With the opening of Parliament, less than a year before the next election, a new political hunting season has begun.

The Minister of Integration declared in an op-ed in the paper B.T. on 8 October 2018 that “living according to Islam is the problem”, and that you absolutely must take on a Danish lifestyle, as long as you live in Denmark.

The minister also underlines that Muslims may not question desecrations of the Prophet (pbuh), and cannot make “special demands”, while she once again attacked the Quran and Shariah.

The irony is apparent, when the minister then, after a ban on Niqab, the Imam-law, and the discriminating ghetto-plan, states that “we cannot make laws that discriminate between people”...

In this regard, it is worth noting the following:

The struggle against Islam has been a fixed policy in Denmark, across the political landscape, for a long time, with bans and force as the measures of choice. In intellectual disability, the political elite in Denmark is trying to whip and intimidate Muslims to assimilate into Western lifestyle under pretexts such as fighting social control and “honor related conflicts”. The special focus on the Muslim woman is nothing new either.

Denmark’s indecent Minister of Integration, who has launched yet another low attack on Islam, lacks any form of legitimacy, since she and the Danish politicians represent the most hateful society towards women in the EU, with a wide-spread culture of abuse and offenses. Is this the kind of “liberation” Muslim women are offered?

The empty way of life, which the Danish government wants to impose on the Muslims, is also the recipe for deep unhappiness, mental health epidemics and dissolved families.

The crisis-ridden Western culture and its inherent cultural imperialism is humanity’s biggest problem. The Islamic way of life, on the other hand, is the cure and salvation from the social disaster suffered by Western populations. We, in Hizb ut Tahrir, will therefore irrevocably continue to encourage the Muslims to stand firmly by all of Islam, as a comprehensive way of living and a law-system, as we will continue to call non-Muslims to their true liberation through the embrace of Islam.

Muslims of all generations, women as well as men, possess a deeply rooted conviction about the values and way of life of Islam, which they will never abandon, no matter how much social control the Danish state will hypocritically impose on them; and no matter how many “equality and rights’ campaigns” are launched. This is simply because Islam is the absolute truth, which provides humankind with true happiness and organizes the social relations fairly and harmoniously.

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