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H.  18 Rabi' I 1439 No: 04/1439
M.  Wednesday, 06 December 2017

 Press Release

How Long will the False Arrests on charges of Terrorism Continue?!


Tunisia's ruling authority continues to seek to block political action and monitoring bloggers on social media networks. It does not hesitate to invoke terrorism as a pretext for unfair arrests and to bring those arrested to the terrorism court to terrorize and intimidate them.

The "National Guard" forces in the state of Sfax arrested three members of "al-Gharibah" area; two of them are secondary school teachers and the third one has a certificate in Law, they are all members of Hizb ut Tahrir. They are known to all the residents in the area, and they participated with them in the recent peaceful demonstrations. The demonstrations were to demand the right for dignified wellbeing. One of the three was part of "al-Gharibah"  delegation  that met the governor of Sfax for this purpose. Their arrest coincided with a false media campaign falsely claiming "the arrest of a terrorist cell in "al-Gharibah" city".

These unfair arrests and the false media campaign, organized by the ruling authority, are proof of their repressive behaviour and their attempt to besiege Hizb ut Tahrir's political work and every voice that exposes its carelessness and negligence. We do not see the seriousness of the Tunisian authorities in stopping the continuous decline in economic and financial indicators, and in the basic health and education services, and in ending increasing indebtedness, corruption and high cost of living, but we see that it is only  seeking to satisfy the European countries and the International Monetary Fund, who are all the enemies of this country; colonizing and plundering its resources and imposing their policies that serve only their interests.

The policy of silencing the voices, distorting facts and fabricating false accusations will not succeed in concealing the betrayal by the authority to people of the country, and its service to the colonizers who caused the catastrophic situation in the country at the political, economic and social levels... These colonial servants will not succeed in terrorizing the serious sincere sons of the Ummah to bring a change to this deteriorating reality. And the targeting of Hizb ut Tahrir in particular and all the sincere in general will not stop the Muslim quest for the establishment of an Islamic state like the state established by the Prophet (saw), because Allah (swt) made it a duty (an obligation) like prayer on them, and because it is the only option that unifies the Ummah and brings it out of the reality of corruption and dependence on the Western colonialism to the justice, ease, and mercy of Islam.

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