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H.  27 Dhu al-Hijjah 1438 No: TR–BA–2017–MB–TR–015
M.  Monday, 18 September 2017

 Press Release
The Problem of our Education System is not TEOG but the Secular System that Vitiates our Children

The academic year 2017/18 began as of yesterday and almost 18 million students started their education. In addition to the weeks long discussions of curriculum changes in media and political circles, now comes President Erdogan's demand to remove the TEOG (Transition from Primary Education to Secondary Education System) exam. In an interview just before his travel to America, Erdogan added a new dimension to the education debates:

"I don’t want this TEOG thing anymore and I find it wrong. TEOG should be removed."

National Education Minister Ismet Yılmaz, who received criticisms after changes to the education curriculum, said, "We are not against evolution. If science claims something, it is not possible to be against it." Thus confirming that in fact nothing changed in the curriculum.

Unfortunately although this issue is of vital importance to the society, it is well known that the state failed to establish a successful education system until this day. Since the establishment of the Republic the issue of how to educate our children, who will build our future, constitutes a huge confusion. The education system should be a country's most stable system. Unfortunately however; it was turned into a jigsaw. Only after a little while, both the changes in the system and in the curriculum have been removed by the same hands who introduced them. For example, the TEOG exam, which President Erdogan criticized and demanded to be removed, was introduced in the education year 2013-2014, during his term as prime minister. Only 4 academic periods have passed since the introduction of the TEOG system, and now its removal is on the agenda.

Turkey's patchwork education system ranks second from last among OECD countries in mathematics, science and reading. Despite all of the revisions, there is no remedy for the problems in the education system. For an education system based upon copy paste and rote learning methods, coeducation, frequent changes in curricula and the imposition of secularism purely out of the system's self-protection reflex, is unable to raise enlightened generations who will build our future. Young minds, which are meant to produce knowledge, ideas, inventions and discoveries, are literally paralyzed by the mixed-sex and secular education system. The education system was built upon secularism which is a swamp and vitiates our children's and youth's minds. This is what the secular Kemalists mean by saying "we created a fifteen million youth of all ages within ten years". And in spite of this, the government still seeks only to reclaim the swamp.

It is impossible to build an outstanding generation with Western imposed vicious ideas. The only way to save the society and our future is an Islamic Education System which bases its curriculum upon the Islamic Aqeedah, and its education politics and goal upon the Islamic thinking (akliyyah) and inclination (nafsiyyah) with the aim of raising Islamic personalities. The only solution to save the Islamic Ummah from the current situation and to re-build a new golden generation is the education system of the Khilafah State (Caliphate) upon the method of the Prophethood.

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