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H.  8 Safar 1439 No: TR–BA–2017–MB–TR–018
M.  Saturday, 28 October 2017

 Press Release
The Republican is not a Virtue Just as Lausanne was not a Victory

The state of the Ottoman Caliphate was overthrown by the proclamation of the secular republican regime 94 years ago on November 29, 1923 by the British at the hands of local agents. Lord Curzon, head of the British delegation to the Lausanne negotiations, presented four conditions for the so-called "independence". These conditions are: the total abolition of the caliphate, the exile of the Caliph outside the borders, the confiscation of his properties, and the declaration of the establishment of the new state based on secularism. Indeed, the English did not recognize the Republic of Turkey before the achievement of these conditions; that is, before the Caliphate was abolished on 3 March 1924. "Turkey has indeed been eliminated and it will no longer be able to stand back up because we have destroyed its spiritual power which was represented in the Caliphate and Islam," Lord Curzon said in the House of Common in response to the criticisms he faced regarding this matter.

Yes, O Muslims! Today, the 99th anniversary of this secular system is being celebrated; the system which has taken people from the level of slavery to Allah and declined them into the dungeons of bondage to humans, and transferred sovereignty from Allah to man. Celebrating the republic imposed on our ancestors happens through tricks, intrigues, terrorism and the strangulation of thousands of Muslims for the sake of continuity and survival! The republic, which converted the mosques into stables, and transformed the Adhan from Arabic into Turkish, and which described Islam as "dogmatic ideas that are thought to have descended from heaven!", is being celebrated.

Yes, O Muslims! Today, America has taken over this corrupt system founded by the English. It works with its agents who claim that secularism, democracy and republicanism are not incompatible with Islam; they are working hard to complete their first century, and to perpetuate this system and ensure its continuity at the hands of Muslims. Those who claim today that Shura and election in Islam are compatible with democracy and that "it is the state that becomes secular and not the human"; they speak for the virtue of the Republic without fearing Allah (swt):

(قَاتَلَهُمُ اللّهُ أَنَّى يُؤْفَكُونَ) “The curse of Allah be on them! How are they deluded (away from the Truth)!” [Tawbah: 30].

O Muslims! Today, those who contributed to the abolition of the Caliphate are celebrating the secular republic of Lausanne. Those who abandoned Mosul and Kirkuk by the will of the English, and worked on disconnecting the sons of this Ummah and the pure creed from their religion, language and history with their revolutionary laws. They corrupted their youth with a mixed secular education system, saying: “We have produced 15 million teens of all ages in ten years." Indeed, these people are celebrating today the humiliation that enveloped this Ummah and they are planning in light of this humiliation for the goals of the year 2023.

O Muslims! Do you say what this republic has given you? What has it given you other than injustice, tears and poverty! Other than the rotation of officials cooperating in the orbit of the European Union and America politically and seeking their pleasure?! Other than the billions of dollars in debt, sinking into the swamp of usury and the unfair distribution of wealth and the exploited corrupt bourgeoisie?! Other than injustice and collective polarization and quarrels between brothers?!

Other than the poor quality of education and building up an oblivious generation and sciences which have no chance of success?! And other than a generation of young people who tend to all kinds of obscenity, addiction and drugs?! And hundreds of thousands of criminals who have become so because of the unfair laws and regulations that deviate from the balance of justice?!

O Muslims! The problem, as you can see, is not just that of the rulers, it is initially a problem of systems and a ruling system. The secular republic, founded by the English, and recently fueled by the Republican People's Party; the AKP is currently working to bring it back to life under the leadership of America! This republic has witnessed during its 494 years; 5 coups, 65 governments, 4 constitutions and hundreds of constitutional amendments. Thus, this system, which has turned into a worn-out rag with lots of darns, has nothing new to offer Muslims, and the regimes that emerged after the abolition of the Caliphate were only a means of dismantling the Islamic Ummah. For all of this, the Republic was never a virtue, and it will never be one, as Lausanne was never a victory.

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