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H.  4 Jumada II 1439 No: TR–BA–2018–MB–TR–002
M.  Tuesday, 20 February 2018

 Press Release
America is our Enemy until its Fall!

With the start of the Afrin operations, dubbed “Operation Olive Branch” on 20/1/2018, the artificial dispute that was for long between the Turkish and American allies has turned into the "real old strategic alliance" once again after intensive mutual visits between officials of the two sides. In the beginning, on February 11, presidential spokesman Ibrahim Kalin telephoned US National Security Adviser McMaster under Trump. On February 14, Minister of National Defense Noureddine Jannakli met US Defense Secretary James Matisse in Brussels. Two days later, on February 16, President Erdoğan received US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, and finally the foreign ministers of the two countries, Cavusoglu and Tillerson, met on February 17. Following these intensive meetings, a joint statement was issued by the two countries emphasizing the strategic alliance between the two parties, and the common defense of the security of the two countries, and the joint resolve in the fight against terrorism. Adding that emphasis is placed on the unity of Syrian territory, and the commitment to its national unity, and that a political solution is the only way to resolve the Syrian crisis and to cooperate in intensifying the Geneva operations.

We in Hizb ut Tahrir / Wilayah of Turkey on the sidelines of all these meetings and the current statements, see a Sharii’ and political duty to remind Muslims of some matters in the interest of Turkey, the Middle East and the Islamic world.

It is clear that there is no doubt that America, Russia, Britain, the Jewish entity and some European countries are behind the organizations of the PKK, the Democratic Union Party, the People's Protection Units and similar organizations that threaten Turkey. It was the United States that delivered 5,000 truckloads and 2,000 air cargo aircraft of missions, munitions and military equipment to these organizations. If this is the case, which is the right action: that the administration that wants to eliminate this terrorism sever relations with America or to confirm a long strategic partnership with it?! It is not enough for officials in Turkey to declare America an enemy or a friend in speeches addressed to the public opinion alone, but also they must declare this in the name of the Turkish state in their meetings and official statements. We say on behalf of the Turkish Muslim people: America is our enemy until its fall!

The Turkish officials who boarded the American ship throughout the Syrian revolution do not see that they are pushing themselves into oblivion, as they have pushed the Syrian people and the Syrian revolution into oblivion.

And those who have previously betrayed Aleppo and handed it over to the brutal Syrian regime through the operations of the Operation Euphrates Shield; they participate today in the crime of handing over Idlib to the regime as the final fortress of the Ash-Sham revolution. This is clear from the conditional Turkish response to the entry of the regime to Afrin. How else can the worst regime be preferred to the forces of the Democratic Unionist Party / People's Protection Units?! O rulers! The criminal Syrian regime is a threat card used by America, just like the threat posed by the Democratic Unionist Party and its military wing to Turkey, because the Assad regime is a terrorist entity that knows no boundaries to killing. America is the life-line of this criminal regime, it sponsors and feeds these terrorist organizations. If you are truly sincere, you must reconsider your relations with America, and to close the Incirlik military base and all other bases and stop your lies and deceit to the Muslims!

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