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بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

 News Right Now: Pounding Hearts

Hundreds of thousands of people have taken to the streets around the world in recent days in support of the Palestinians, who have suffered yet another excruciating period of bombings by the Zionist army, and attacks from police and even settlers, in Gaza, Jerusalem and towns all over Palestine.

This time, the truth and extent of the Zionists’ aggression has been impossible to hide, as thousands of live videos, photos and heart wrenching testimonies of innocent Palestinians being brutalised, and killed have gone viral on every social media platform exposing the Zionist oppression.

The images have sparked protests around the world as people are shocked and disgusted by the barbaric Zionists’ callous attacks.

In London, weekly protests have seen tens of thousands of people regularly take to the streets to support the Palestinian people. One such protest is thought to have had at least 150,000 people marching to the embassy of the Zionist state. Likewise protests in Germany and France saw thousands of people tear gassed and met with water cannons by police. Demonstrations drew crowds of hundreds of thousands of people in all three major cities of Australia as well, Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane; and the US and Canada saw several protests in major cities like NY and Washington, Toronto as well as in some suburbs. Athens in Greece, and Cape Town South Africa held protests, as did Mexico City, Dublin, Tokyo, and Madrid, where huge demonstrations stopped traffic causing diversions for hours. Just as in Jakarta city in Indonesia, Turkey’s demonstrations in Istanbul and Ankara saw hundreds of thousands of people demand support from their government for their brothers and sisters, as did Muslims in Karachi, Pakistan who demanded their government protect and fight for the Palestinians and Masjid Al Aqsa. Likewise, Jordan saw crowds of tens of thousands near the Zionist embassy in Amman and hundreds flocked to the border to show their willingness to defend and physically fight alongside their brothers.

These protests have shown that the humanity of ordinary people transcends the false constructs of race and nationality, and how important justice is to people everywhere.

And in particular we see the tremendous good in the Muslim Ummah, whose hearts have been torn by the scenes of bombings, attacks and the oppression of our brothers and sisters in Palestine. The love Muslims have for one another is manifested on every platform as Muslims worldwide have raised their hands in dua during Ramadan and beyond, in masaajid, in the demonstrations and in their homes, begging Allah (swt) for and victory and relief to come to their Palestinian brothers and sisters, praying for the sincere sons of the Ummah to liberate the Muslims of Palestine and rid the land of its devilish occupiers.

Likewise millions of pounds, euros and dollars, in charity money has been raised as people emptied their bank accounts during the blessed last ten nights of Ramadan, and are still giving generously to charities - desperately hoping that their Sadaqa and zakat will reach, and fully benefit the people of Gaza, who’s homes and hospitals have been targeted and completely destroyed. Creating yet another humanitarian emergency in the world’s largest prison, where the horrendous injuries from the Zionist satans’ bombing campaign have left people, especially children and babies with unimaginable injuries.

So clearly the Muslim Ummah’s love for Al Aqsa, Jerusalem and Gaza and Palestine as a whole is not a coincidence. It is an Islamic issue for all Muslims, as our Aqeeda (creed) demands loyalty to Muslim brothers whose blood is more precious to us than Al Kaaba... and Muslim land, which is not permitted to be returned... and Masjid Al Aqsa, the first qibla of Islam, the place of our beloved prophet Muhammed’s (saw) mi’raj or assentation to the heavens, where he saws led the prophets in prayer, was shown the incredible sights and received the gift to the Muslim Ummah that was the five daily prayers. As such, when Khalif Umar bin al Khattab was handed the keys to the city of Jerusalem, Palestine rightfully became Muslim land.

The reality is that there is no escape for Palestinians suffering at the hands of the Zionist entity; most of those besieged in the Gaza Strip cannot flee through the Rafah border to Egypt. Although the injured have been allowed passage, the restrictions on movement have trapped 2 million Gazans, half of whom are children, and made them targets for the Zionist’s bombing campaign
It is clear that the only solution to this occupation is for the Muslim armies to fulfil their responsibility to aid and protect the Ummah. Those with the ability to defend the Muslims of Palestine against the Zionist occupation must mobilise, and remember that Allah (swt) will judge them for their inaction.

The Ummah must direct their calls to these armies – not Western nations whose only objective is to protect the Zionist state. There have been enough endless negotiations filled with broken promises that have only worsened the situation for the Muslims of Palestine. There have been enough empty calls for a two-state solution that have only legitimised the seizure of Muslim land and strengthened the occupation. Those in the Muslim armies must move to defend their brothers and sisters and end this occupation once and for all.

The Ummah is ready and waiting for a righteous leader that will pave the way for the liberation of Palestine. The recent bombing campaign shook Muslims across the world and showed that the Islamic bond between the Ummah remains strong.

Yet while innocent men, women and children died in Gaza - and the first Qibla was attacked - the armies of the Muslim world remained in their barracks. They have strength, but no leaders with the political will to command that strength for the defence of the Ummah. If the issue of Palestine is to be resolved then it can only be if the current regimes are replaced with a sincere Islamic leadership that has the political will to use all its resources to liberate the Holy land.

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