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بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

 Artificial Nations

The Colonial nations went to great lengths to destroy the Khilafah (Caliphate). However, brazen military intervention soon gave way to a more sinister approach having realised the nature of strength they were confronted with. France invaded Egypt and occupied it in 1798 and then marched to Palestine. France wanted to go further and occupy the whole of Al-Sham in order to cripple the Islamic State. However, it was defeated by the Muslims and was also forced to leave Egypt.

The colonialists justified and gained support for their military attacks in the Muslims lands by arousing the feelings of nationalism and independence within their own countries and incited ill feelings against the Muslims and Islamic State as they still do today. They made alliances with agents loyal to them such as Abdul-Aziz ibn Muhammad ibn Saud and his son whose movement became known as the ‘Wahhabi’ movement due to their manipulation of the scholar Muhammad ibn Abdul-Wahhab. The British supplied weapons to them to rebel and fight against the Islamic State. The Wahhabis raided Kuwait in 1788 and also besieged Baghdad. In 1803 they occupied Makkah and in 1804 Madinah and moved on to areas such as Damascus and Aleppo. Thus they colluded directly with the colonialists to make their plan of dividing the Islamic State and ultimately destroying it.

However, despite making such alliances with traitors to the Islamic State, the colonialists and their agents were not able to significantly weaken the Uthmani Khilafah because of the Muslim numbers and, more importantly, their sheer strength in Islam. The colonialists eventually understood that the real might of the Islamic State was Islam, which was deeply rooted in the Muslim Ummah. They then began a strategy of weakening the thoughts of the Muslims by propagating non-Islamic concepts such as nationalism and secularism. By doing this, they hoped to uproot the core of Islam and divide the regions of the Islamic State to cause internal strife and civil war. One of the early political moves made by the colonialists was to create a committee to establish a ‘Scientific Association’ in Beirut in 1842. Their plans came to fruition in 1847 with the creation of the ‘The Science and Arts Association’. In 1875 the ‘Secret Association’ was created in Beirut and saw success in spreading ideas of Arab nationalism and inciting hatred between various ethnicities of the Islamic State such as Arabs and Turks. Similar centres were set up in Berlin, Slanik and Istanbul.

In Paris a newspaper was published called ‘The News’ containing ideas to weaken the Muslim mindset and this was smuggled into Istanbul by a group of young Turks who were intent on modernising Turkey through secularising the Muslims.

These plans eventually saw the rise of the British backed Young Turk movement who were part of a secular political party and also infiltrated the army to gain military strength. They were able to stage a coup in 1908 and seize power from the Uthmani Khilafah in Istanbul.

Events such as these dealt huge blows to weaken the unity of the Muslims and introduce Western based constitutions and laws. With the direct backing and support of the British, they introduced laws by imitating secular European laws, building support and a huge political paradigm away from the Uthmani Khilafah’s Islamic constitution, eventually leading to the dismantling of the Uthmani Khilafah as a political system on 3rd March 1924.

A century later, the colonialist nations, now led by America work tirelessly, day and night, plan and connive to keep the Muslims lands disunited in internal and civil strife to prevent the Muslim Ummah from realising her political need and will of re-establishing the Islamic Khilafah State.


Written for the Central Media Office of Hizb ut Tahrir by
Adnan Khan

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