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بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

 The Consequences of the World Hegemony of Capitalism and Democracy for Muslims and all of Humanity

A hundred years have passed since the 28th Rajab of 1342 AH. the Ottoman Caliphate, which was the heir to the Islamic State founded by the Messenger of Allah (saw) in Radiant Medina, was destroyed. For a hundred years, the noble Ummah of Muhammad (saw), like an orphan, has been continuously experiencing at the hands of its enemies the most humiliating insults and the most severe torments, including from the lowest and most damned creations of Allah, He is Holy and Great. There is not enough words and strength to list all the atrocities of the enemies of Islam, from which neither people alive nor even the dead are saved.

The Great and Mighty Allah wished Muslims to be the best Ummah for the benefit of all mankind. At the same time, the Supreme Lord inextricably linked this position with the obligation to instruct people, be their patrons, judge between them according to the leadership of Islam:

"You have become the best of the communities, bred for the people, ordering what is approved, keeping from what is not approved and believing in Allah". [TMQ 3:110]

However, today the deplorable reality of the Islamic Ummah testifies to the opposite. Today Muslims are not only far from being the worthiest leaders on the world stage, but they are not even able to solve their own problems and concerns in accordance with their Islamic identity. On the contrary, their countries are occupied by the enemies of Allah, their riches are plundered, their homes are destroyed, their shrines are desecrated, tens of millions of people are brutally killed, imprisoned in concentration camps or wandering around the world as refugees. Moreover, today being a Muslim is not prestigious and even equates to a crime, and Islam is declared a source of terrorism and the main threat to humanity.

The reason for this is that Muslims have weakened their understanding of Islam as an all-encompassing ideological guide. At the same time, their enemies have risen and strengthened through the adoption of capitalist ideology and the implementation of the democratic system emanating from it. Western capitalist superpowers succeeded in their educational attack against Muslims, which subsequently ensured their military and political victory over the Islamic State. As a result, all Islamic territories and spheres of life of Muslims fell under the rule of the godless Western colonialists and their henchmen.

Having poisoned the consciousness of Muslims with the ideas of nationalism and patriotism, the infidel colonialists tore apart the unity of Muslims and pushed them into fratricidal wars for their own selfish interests. Muslims found themselves locked up within artificial regional states, the boundaries of which were drawn in accordance with the interests of the capitalist superpowers and the degree of their influence on the international arena. The Islamic Ummah found itself subordinated to the imposed treacherous regimes and dependent on the will of its enemies, the main item on the political agenda of which is to keep Muslims from awakening and developing.

As a result of the domination of the capitalist system over Muslims, Muslims were deprived of the opportunity to be guided by the laws of Sharia, derived from the Quran and Sunnah of the Messenger of Allah (saw). And the matter was not limited only to the laws of the system of government and punishment, domestic and foreign policy, economy, education, medicine, etc. Even in their personal lives, Muslims have been banned from regulating relationships based on Islam, whether it concerns the issue of marriage, inheritance, raising children, and even food or clothing.

Under the yoke of capitalist ideology, the Islamic Ummah lost not only its natural and economic resources, which were appropriated by large corporations behind the backs of Western superpowers. Submitting to the dictates of the so-called "International law", which became an instrument of enslavement and colonialism, Muslims, despite possessing enormous human potential, were deprived of the right to determine the political system suitable for themselves. Despite the fact that they have a perfect ideology and the highest culture of Islam, Muslims were deprived of the right to determine their own development path, which would expose the corruption of democracy with its false principles of "human rights and freedoms".

The arrogance and impudence of the capitalists have reached the point that they began to openly encroach on the holiness of the Quran and the personality of the Prophet Muhammad (saw). They began to demand that Muslims abandon the fundamental principles of Islam, such as faith and disbelief, the rule of Sharia, the obligation of jihad, etc. Moreover, they began to demand that Muslims abandon some texts of the Quran and Sunnah in order to bring Islam that was sent down from Allah in accordance with the invented by them to have a "French, German or American Islam".

The hegemony of democracy and capitalist ideology has doomed not only Muslims to suffering, but all of humanity, depriving it of hope for a better present and future. Whole continents have been thrown back into the category of "third world" countries; are deprived of any prospects for approaching the Western countries in terms of living standards, whose development is ensured by the wealth stolen from these peoples and their slave labor. Even within the leading capitalist superpowers themselves, the reaction of society to the crisis of the economic system was not limited to protest marches, such as the "occupy Wall Street" or the "yellow vest movement". Many thinkers and politicians began to declare the depravity and inevitable collapse of capitalism. And this is not to mention the complete failure of democracy in the implementation of moral, spiritual and humane values.

All this is the result of the absence of a state that implements Islam as a political system, conducts jihad to remove obstacles to bringing Islam to all mankind as an ideology, and defends its Aqeedah as the doctrine of Monotheism. This is the complete implementation of Islam, according to the Sunnah of the Messenger of Allah (saw) and the Righteous Caliphs after him, following which Muslims will return to the position of the best of the communities, which Allah obliged them to. Only the Islamic State, established by Muslims according to the method of the Prophet (saw), will end the era of evil and violence and lead all of humanity out of the darkness of ignorance and the cycle of suffering to true development and universal well-being.


Written for the Central Media Office of Hizb ut Tahrir by
Mustafa Abu Ibrahim

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