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TALK 10  Why Hizb ut Tahrir?  Sheikh Yusuf Makharza – The Blessed Land Palestine

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم


Why Hizb ut Tahrir?

Sheikh Yusuf Makharza – The Blessed Land (Palestine)


Praise be to Allah, Lord of the worlds, and may peace and blessings be upon His trustworthy Messenger. And so,

Since the Ummah’s project, which is the Khilafah (Caliphate), was a heavy project in terms of the greatness of responsibility, the weight of burdens, the ruggedness of the road, and the abundance of enemies externally from the kufr (disbelieving) states and their systems, and the agents, the hypocrites, the ignorant and the pragmatists internally. There is also a difference in the approaches of those who have abandoned (the way), there are those who describe themselves as moderates and there are the extremists, and those who see the existing reality as an Islamic one that can be fixed with some patching. There are those who see that people in society as kuffar who must be killed and fought. Hizb ut Tahrir comes with an insight to the reality of the Ummah from the perspective of its ideology. It views people as Muslims, but they are ruled by kufr, and it views the problem as the absence of the Islamic system forcibly from the life of the Ummah, and that any action targeting reform will not be effective and productive, unless the Ummah possesses awareness of its Deen and reality, and possesses its will to build its societal relations with the rulings of Islam emanating from the Ummah's belief.

It believes that any preoccupation with patching is an extension of the age of corruption, and any alliance with the tools of colonialism is subordination and misguidance, and the preoccupation with partial gains at the expense of ruling by Islam is an acceptance of the existing reality.

Therefore, the party set out to carry this understanding in the Ummah and worked to raise awareness in the Ummah so that it takes Islam as its ideology, and to work with the party to establish it in the realities of life.So, the puppet rulers confronted it with torture, persecution, restriction of livelihood, imprisonment, and sometimes murder. By Allah’s grace, the party remained steadfast and did not change or alter; it remained patient seeking the reward of its members from Allah, the Lord of the worlds. Following the method of the Messenger of Allah in change by adhering to his method to build a believing aware group that sets out to interact with the society to strike the ideas and systems that are prevalent to replace them with Islam. The party confronted the corrupt ideas like patriotism, nationalism, democracy, socialism and the confusing ideas, and it confronted the dark forces that feed on corruption.

In its adherence to the method of the Messenger (saw), there was protection from its extinction and loss. It did not accept compromise or reconciliation with corruption; it did not accept participation in the systems of kufr. So, Allah (swt) saved it from what happened to other people who deviated from the method of the Messenger of Allah (saw) through interpretations, and they fell into the evil of what they had done. They have become an integral part of the corrupt reality, their media race in the field of negligence to satisfy the Jews and the Nasara (Christians). While the Hizb remained steadfast and pure, it did not compromise, nor flatter, and did not enter into suspicious equations. Rather, it is steadfast despite the harshness and severity of the situation; this is driven from its belief that the victory is in the ideology taking the leadership position in the Ummah and not the arrival of the party itself to power.

The Ummah today has become closer than ever to the party’s method because it tried the conciliatory approach with corruption, it tried the extremist people and it tried all the ideas refuted by the party. And the only option left that improves the situation of the Ummah is to establish Islam in the relationships of the people, and thus it will be more than ever prepared to be led by the party, by believing the facts due to the failure of the proposals of negligence and being astray.

Therefore, the party became the object of its consideration and the path between the Ummah and the party became very clear and unambiguous.

The Ummah is also plagued by those who carry out the plans of the kuffar while they think that they are doing well as a result of the failure to read global politics, and the intent of the kuffar from their actions, until many movements have carried the burden of their enemy to the positions they hardly reach. And it began to implement their plans, thinking that they served Islam! This is the end of blindness that resulted from the lack of awareness of the importance of political awareness on the international and local situation. Therefore, Hizb ut Tahrir, with its method, was not capable of meeting with the kaffir enemy to carry its belongings and achieve its goals.

Moreover, the arrival of many movements to power did not actually bring about change and did not obliterate the features of kufr, and the Ummah did not remove with it the systems of kufr that remained imposed. This is because the change was in the outer shell of society, where the deep state maintains its influence and controls the joints of the state, and those who arrive at the ballot box remain waiting for a knock by the hands of the army upon which the deep state relies.

Therefore, the efforts of the Ummah turned to waste when it followed those who wanted to penetrate into the heart of society to find themselves walking on its outer walls, and then were expelled from the front of life and the movement of society.

When people ask why Hizb ut Tahrir? We say to them: Because it does not accept other than establishing the Khilafah as its goal, it does not accept to be part of the equations that contain agents and was formulated by Kaffir countries, because it wants the Ummah to truly possess its will, it is not convinced to participate in immoral agent governments. And because it does not forget its divine method, nor does it engage into vain discourse with those who engaged [in it], and does not take defiled seats and does not flatter the hypocrites, does not accept half-solutions and their quarters, it does not accept the humiliated and subservient states. It does not search for gains and positions. It is firm on its method of seeking truth and innocence from the abomination of falsehood and standing in the face of the Ummah's enemies, to remove from Islam the negligence, fluidity and dissolution, and the exaggeration of the arrogant people, their meticulousness and their severity. It shows to the Ummah its enemy from its friend, and calls it, in every strife to adhere to its path, and because it does not accept to abandon the rule of Allah (swt) and to replace it with earthly approaches. It does not accept a ruling that does not emanate from the light of Shariah, it does not fall for the illusion of honour while it is under the shade of humiliation. And because Hizb ut Tahrir does not divide the Ummah, it does not see that it is the Islamic group and whoever left it is in Hell, rather it is a group of men who have organized upon a special understanding of Islam that requires them to serve the Ummah by leading it to paths of salvation in full commitment to the rules of Shariah, they do not deviate from the method until they meet their Lord. All this was shrouded in the party’s awareness of Islam, awareness of the world, knowledge of the problems of the international situation, and a conscious reading about them without compliments and appeasement.

Because of all this, our choice was Hizb ut Tahrir, the leader that does not lie to its people. So, stand with us and work for the Islamic State, as it is the source of our glory and the pleasure of our Lord and our path to jihad and liberation of the lands.

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