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Headline News 02/12/2020


Iran Nuclear Scientist Assassinated

Imran Khan says he will Not Recognise the Zionist Entity

Saudi Agrees to the Jewish entity’s Airlines Use of Airspace


Iran Nuclear Scientist Assassinated

Iran’s Supreme National Security Council confirmed senior nuclear scientist Mohsen Fakhrizadeh was assassinated in a car attack on 27 November 2020. Fakhrizadeh is considered one of the founders of Iran’s nuclear program and led Iran's AMAD Project, that developed the nuclear bomb. The Zionist entity has for long targeted Iranian scientists and officials in a shadow war to weaken and contain Iranian ambitions. With the US president in his final few weeks and with President elect, Joe Biden appearing to favour a new nuclear deal the Zionist entity is likely seeing a small window of opportunity for such unilateral actions. The response from the Iranian clerical leadership has been such rhetoric and threats with little practical action. The Zionist entity and Iran are battling it out in Syria, Lebanon, Iraq and Palestine and despite the close relationship the clerical regime has with the US this has done little to provide Iran with much help in the face of such attacks.

Imran Khan says he will Not Recognise Zionist Entity

Pakistan's ruling party has said it will not recognise the Zionist entity, amid rumours of pressure by the US and its Gulf nations to normalise ties with the country. A number of nations have recently normalised relations with the Zionist entity from the UAE, Bahrain, Sudan and rumours continue to circulate that Saudi Arabia and Pakistan are considering normalising relations. Whilst Imran Khan took to Twitter to highlight the pressure he was under in recognising the Zionist entity, the nation’s military leadership have for long been testing public opinion in this path. The landing of a national carrier in 2019 from the Zionist entity in the national capital created a furore and saw the army leadership talk down the event. The army leadership will in all likelihood recognise the entity as the US pressures it, but it will find this at odds with public opinion in the country.

Saudi Agrees to the Jewish entity’s Airlines use of Airspace

After the week where the Jewish entity’s leader Benjamin Netanyahu flew to Saudi Arabia and after the denials by the monarchy of the meeting, this week the Saudi regime agreed to permit the Jewish entity’s flights to fly over Saudi airspace to the Gulf. The agreement was brokered by White House adviser Jared Kushner and Middle East envoys Brian Hook and Avi Berkowitz, who were visiting the region for talks. The Saud monarchy appear to be building the ground work for the eventual normalisation of ties with the Zionist entity. In fact relations have long existed between the kingdom and the Zionist entity, now they are just being brought to the surface.

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