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بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

 News Review 15/05/2021

Biden Tries to Maintain Distance Despite Netanyahu Provocation

As the illegal Jewish entity follows its usual path of escalating conflict from civilian attacks to police action to airstrikes on Gaza, US President Joe Biden continues to adhere to the policy of controlling from afar. Until now, Biden has not even appointed an ambassador to the illegal entity. Across the Middle East, US President Joe Biden has intensified use of the political style adopted fifteen years ago to control Muslim lands from a distance; America introduced this after the previous political style of physical occupation resulted in catastrophic failures in Iraq and Afghanistan. America, despite its immense material power, had to relearn the bitter lesson that forced European imperialists to withdraw their armies from Muslim lands in the last century. In any case, America has succeeded in displacing the European from most of the Muslim countries, and wishes now to focus on consolidating its gains, while it turns its attention to the more immediate problem of China.

Binyamin Netanyahu plays as he wishes within his domestic politics because America is fully content with the current situation. This time the provocation and escalation in Palestine serve to assist Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu in prolonging his rule and avoiding trial on corruption charges. Netanyahu has already become the longest-serving prime minister of the illegal entity but he has done this by constant manipulation of the political forces around him, and by courting the intensely racist and nationalist far right and increasing their role in politics but since 2019 Netanyahu has faced corruption charges and political deadlock, calling election after election to stabilise his position, and spending much of this time as head of caretaker governments. Now again, just as his premiership was coming to an end, current events have saved him. The promising opposition alliance being developed by Naftali Bennett has now disintegrated, as such challenges always favour the experienced incumbent. Naturally, many are saying that it was Netanyahu himself that instigated all this in order to retain power and further forestall corruption proceedings against him.

The illegal entity is designed to be an imperialist outpost in the heart of the Muslim world. The West knows that Muslims will never accept its existence, and so fully back the illegal entity’s use of force to crush the people of Palestine. Meanwhile, Muslim rulers, all of them agents to the West, dutifully express meaningless verbal protestations, only to appease their own populations, without taking a single step towards actually solving the problem. All this happened because the Muslim Ummah had fallen into a deep sleep; but each time the illegal entity unleashes its brutal terror, the Muslim Ummah is stirred to awaken. The pure thoughts and feelings of Islam are returning to it. Muslims have begun noticing the emptiness and insincerity of their rulers’ commitment to Palestine or any other of the Muslims’ vital issues, and are increasingly outspoken against their corrupt rulers. This noble Ummah is reawakening, and it will soon overthrow the entire agent ruling class that has, by other means, perpetuated Western imperialism in Muslim lands. And with Allah’s permission, the Muslim Ummah shall soon re-establish the righteous Islamic Khilafah (Caliphate) State on the method of the Prophet (saw), that shall unify all Muslim lands, liberate foreign occupied territories, fully implement the Islamic Sharia, restore the Islamic way of life and carry the message of Islam to the entire world.

Saudi Iran Talks, Turkish Lira

This week Iran confirmed publicly that it is in talks with Saudi Arabia, hosted by Iraq, with a foreign ministry spokesman saying in his televised weekly news conference, “De-escalation of tensions between the two Muslim countries in the Persian Gulf region is in the interest of both nations and the region.” The question is why now, after such bitter conflict in the past. Bloomberg quotes a London-based analyst as saying, “The U.S. is pushing its Gulf allies to talk directly to Iran”. For sure, the agent rulers in the Muslim world do not move an inch without permission from their Western masters. Saudi Arabia has been under Western control since the British mobilised ibn Saud to take control of Arabia on their behalf, after their other agent Sharif Hussain started making higher demands. And Iran has been under American control since Khomeini made a deal with the US, who wished to wrest control of that country from the Shah, who owed his loyalty to the British. As explained above, Biden wishes to consolidate recent American gains; for this purpose, he wishes to create a balance of power between key American agents, according to which they shall cooperate with each other as enemies, similar to the age-old British policy of ‘divide and rule’, thus ensuring continued US control. The proper solution to the problem of the Middle East is not collaboration between its different rulers, but their complete replacement by a single general leadership for all Muslims. True unity will only be achieved under a single Imam for all Muslims, within a single state, and a fully integrated singular military force that will immediately be the largest in the world.

This week the value of the Turkish lira fell again, to its lowest level this year, with serious consequences for the Turkish economy, which had already been struggling because of severe lockdown restrictions. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan had built his economic policy not on generating real growth but on ‘export-orientation’ and massive foreign loans for fantastical private sector construction projects that give the superficial impression of progress but are actually hugely wasteful expenditures that only plunge the economy into yet further difficulties. With the drop in the lira, the public and private debt burden has exploded. The Capitalist economic system has in fact failed in Western countries; whatever prosperity they enjoy is a consequence not of their domestic economies but of their exploitative imperialistic foreign policy that drains the manpower, wealth and resources of the rest of the world, by having the Capitalist economic system implemented even more strictly in other countries. No state can gain real strength unless it primarily addresses its own indigenous economic requirements, in particular its strategic and military requirements. Vast internal expenditures on unnecessary infrastructure projects simply divert the economy from addressing actual needs. Similarly, ‘export-oriented’ economies, such as Turkey’s, remain linked to the West, putting the needs and demands of Western countries ahead of their own, while at the same time making them extremely vulnerable to external shocks. It is a common misperception that Western economics is necessary to progress, while actually it is the reason for our economies being destroyed from within. In contrast, it is the Islamic economic system that brings real economic strength; it was Islamic economics that not only made Muslim lands the most prosperous in the world but also supported prosperity in China and Europe because of Islam’s open trade policies. However, the world shall soon witness the marvel of Islamic economics again under the implementation of Islam by the re-established Islamic Khilafah State.

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