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Headlines 13/07/2016

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Headlines 13/07/2016



  • Kashmir the Forgotten Conflict
  • China Defiant after Ruling
  • Chilcot Report Confirms Iraq War Lies


Kashmir the Forgotten Conflict

Confrontations and pitched battles between protesters and Indian armed forces have continued in Indian-administered Kashmir, despite a round-the-clock curfew imposed by authorities. Dozens of protestors have been killed along with hundreds wounded, as police and paramilitary troops opened fire. The protests erupted due to the killing of Burhan Wani on Friday, the leader of Hizb-ul-Mujahideen a resistance movement formed against Indian occupation. Anti-Indian sentiment and subsequent militancy against the occupation had waned over the past decade and transitioned into non-violent discourse. It is surprising that 2 of the 3 wars between Pakistan and India have been fought over the land yet till today no attempts to liberate Kashmir have taken place, instead deals and negotiation between both nuclear armed nations revolve around peace in obedience to the American plan for the region, with Kashmir and its obligation being slowly erased from the Muslims of the region.

China Defiant after Ruling

After years of laying claim to the South China seas, a tribunal, based in the Hague, has ruled that there was no evidence that China had historic rights to the waters or resources that fell within its "nine-dash line", and was violating the Philippine's sovereign rights with its operations there. China firmly rejected the international tribunal ruling President Xi Jinping said China's "territorial sovereignty and marine rights" in the seas would not be affected by the ruling "in any way".The ruling was made by an arbitration tribunal under the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS), which both countries have signed. It is binding but the Permanent Court of Arbitration has no powers of enforcement. The rulings are significant, given that maritime disputes in the Pacific Rim greatly determine balance of power in the region.

Chilcot Report Confirms Iraq War Lies

The Chilcot enquiry into the decision to go to war in Iraq back in 2003 was finally published on July 6. The 7-year long enquiry by Sir John Chilcot did not to explore the fundamentals of British foreign policy but was confined to exploring the processes surrounding the Iraq war. The report confirmed much of what was already known and merely presented more of the details. The Chilcot final report exposed the fact that Tony Blair deliberately exaggerated the threat posed by Saddam Hussein. Despite concocting lies to invade Iraq in order to pursue strategic interests, one would think the British politicians would be sincere enough to equip its armed forces to do the job.

The Chilcot report highlighted the forces sent to invade Iraq were effectively sold out by the Politicians. The report confirmed between 2003 and 2009, UK forces in Iraq faced gaps in some key capability areas - including armoured vehicles, reconnaissance and intelligence assets and helicopter support.

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