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بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

  Refutation of the Capitalist Western Thought as an Ideology, Civilization and Culture

(Translated from Arabic)

 Issued by

Hizb ut Tahrir

Safar 1443 AH - September 2021 CE

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An Introduction to Western Capitalist Thought

Emergence of Western Thought

Essence of the Western Thought

Refutation of the Western Method of Thinking

Reason and Rationalism

Science and Scientific Method

About the Concept of Truth

Refuting the Creed of the Western Civilization

The Corruption of Secularism as a Creed

The Corruption of Secularism as an Intellectual Basis

The Corruption of Secularism as an Intellectual Leadership

Refuting the Western Method

in Spreading its Ideology

The Method of Capitalists in Spreading their ideology

Historical Background of Western Colonialism

Intellectual Background of Western Colonialism

Refuting the Colonialist Method of the West

Refuting the Western Capitalist System

Refuting the Capitalist Economic System

1- Materialistic Economy

2- Freedom of Ownership (Private Property)

3- The Concept of Production

4- The Economic Problem

Refuting the Democratic Ruling System

Refuting the Western Social System

1- The View Towards Man and Woman

2- Sexual Relations

Refuting the Important Concepts

of the Western Civilization

Refuting the Thought of Individualism

Refuting the Thought of Freedom

Summary and Conclusion


The conflict between Islam and the West, whether in the present or in the future, whether it is engaged in by individuals or states, whether it manifested as material actions or not, in its essence and reality, is an intellectual conflict. It is an intellectual conflict between thoughts and concepts emanating from ideologies, civilizations and cultures that are not only disparate, but are contradictory. As it prepares to resume its leading civilizational role, it has become obligatory upon the Islamic Ummah to deeply perceive the nature of Western thought which it is struggling against. The Ummah must consciously understand its rules, foundations, values and methods. It has to be armed with a deep, enlightened thought to wrestle with Western thought, exposing its weakness and invalidity.

In this book, Refutation of the Capitalist Western Thought, we review the reality of the Western civilization and its culture, as well as the reality of capitalist ideology in terms of doctrine and system. We clarify the origin of Western thinking and its results in terms of knowledge, methods, thoughts and concepts. We draw attention to the invalidity and corruption of this ideology in its entirety, with rational evidence. We draw the straight line next to the crooked line to clarify, for every sane person, the truth from the misguidance and the light from the darkness.


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