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بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

 An Open Letter
To the Academic and Administrative Bodies in the Universities of the Blessed land of Palestine

Honorable Presidents and Members of the Board of Trustees,
Honorable University Presidents,
Honorable Members of the Academic and Administrative bodies,
Honorable Deans of Student Affairs,
Kind Regards:

Allah (swt) have honoured and blessed you with knowledge and status. This made the sons and daughters of the Muslims a trust in your necks, as you give them knowledge in various fields. We address this letter to you, out of advice, that Allah (swt) and His Messenger (saw) ordered us to give, and we ask Allah (the Haq) to open your hearts to it for the good it contains.

The Prophet (saw) said:

«الدِّينُ النَّصِيحَةُ» قُلْنَا: لِمَنْ؟ قَالَ: «لِلَّهِ وَلِكِتَابِهِ وَلِرَسُولِهِ وَلِأَئِمَّةِ الْمُسْلِمِينَ وَعَامَّتِهِمْ»

“The deen (religion) is naseehah (advice, sincerity).” We said, “To whom?” He (saw) said, “To Allah, His Book, His Messenger, and to the leaders of the Muslims and their common folk.” (Muslim)

Distinguished Professors:

Your responsibility over the sons and daughters of the Muslims makes it a duty on you to be their trustworthy guardians. You educate them with various sciences to make them the best of men and women who serve their Deen and their Ummah. You protect them from the great onslaught by the West against the Islamic Ummah and its youth. We believe that you are aware that our enemies are incapable of carrying out their projects and programs without local collarboration through governments and institutions, and sometimes through people who are willing to be the hands of the foreigners who carry out what they want, even if what they want is incompatible with Islam and its rules, or it aims to make girls and young people remove the dress of chastity and modesty and fall into the darkness of chaos and disintegration, and even if it threatens the identity of the Ummah, and even if it enables the enemies to control the country and the people. We know that there are hired people who spend every effort in the service of our enemies. But they will not succeed if the sincere people in the Ummah stood in their faces and stopped them to forbid their evil.

Dear Professors:

We do not need to make great efforts to observe what is going on in Palestine, of the huge number of projects and activities that target the minds of the sons and daughters of Muslims; projects that target the values, culture and ethics, break down barriers of modesty and erode the decency. These projects focus more on education and learning institutions and centers. When scrutinizing these projects, we see that its foundation is one and its purpose is to shift young men and women to the Western way of living and thinking. To achieve this, we see the great support and funding provided by Western countries for such projects and activities, and Allah the great is truthful in His saying:

(إِنَّ الَّذِينَ كَفَرُوا يُنفِقُونَ أَمْوَالَهُمْ لِيَصُدُّوا عَن سَبِيلِ اللَّهِ) “Indeed, those who disbelieve spend their wealth to avert [people] from the way of Allah” [Al-Anfal: 36].

And we believe that you have followed what happens in schools, as the curricula have been changed according to the requirements of donor countries. Studying these curricula, it is clear to see the extent of the Palestinian Authority’s (PA) response to the donor’s standards. Moreover, many of the extracurricular activities in schools are carried out to break down the barriers of modesty, introduce the culture of mixing and dancing, and pass a series of corrupt ideas through courses or workshops, or the so-called "debates" which are all funded by alien institutions to our Deen and culture, which belong to the states that committed crimes against our Ummah in Palestine, Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan and others, and continue to commit crimes and provide care and protection for the Jewish entity.Allah (swt) says:

(وَيُرِيدُ الَّذِينَ يَتَّبِعُونَ الشَّهَوَاتِ أَنْ تَمِيلُوا مَيْلاً عَظِيماً) “...but those who follow [their] passions want you to digress [into] a great deviation” [An-Nisa’: 27].

As for the universities, where you find tens of thousands of young people of our sons and daughters, your sons and daughters, they have been subjected to a similar attack that has escalated in the past two years. A number of singing, dancing and Dabkeh concerts were organized, influenced by the public atmosphere of corruption and destruction of morals and values. There are those from the Universities who encouraged or organized it, or allowed companies or student blocks or other parties to organize these concerts as a form of publicity!

The scenes of the celebration of welcoming new students this year in more than one university aggrieved us. We expected you to bring scientists and highly qualified people to receive the students to talk to them and encourage them to make an effort to seek knowledge for the benefit of their Ummah, or to bring distinguished graduates from your universities who have left their mark and succeeded in industries in order to transfer their experience to the students!! And not to receive students with singing and dancing and “belly dancing”, tarnishing their manhood, and heart breaking and distressing scenes over the situation of the young Muslims, and we were surprised how some universities allowed it?! Where do these universities want to take this generation?!

Universities have a high standing in their prestige and status, and we wonder how universities open their doors to businesses, such as Jawwal and others, to make them a paid advertising board for their offers, and to market their products through immoral concerts that sometimes bring singing groups from outside Palestine!! More surprisingly, some universities have responded to those condemning these actions by saying: "We need funding, and the company paid such a sum!" This is condemned strongly; our issue is to build minds and create personalities to be leaders in the revival of the Ummah, and we believe that you are far above being from those who exchange intellect and morality for money.

It is dangerous to open the doors of universities to associations and paid bodies to reach students to bring them outside the university or train them in activities within the university, or to carry out competitions for the purposes of corruption, for example, not limited to, universities allow the Afkar Foundation which intentionally spreads ideas contrary to our Deen, through intellectual debates aimed at making Islam and its rules the subject of accusation and mistrust, for example, what does it mean that two universities debate the subject of "legalizing euthanasia”?! What does it mean for two universities to debate "criminalizing marriage under the age of 18"?! How can this be explained if we know that the organizers themselves encourage early mixing and having relationships between males and females outside marriage? They have to explain this to us, is their problem with chastity itself?! What good is offered to our sons by a foundation supported by Rosa Luxemburg?!
Allah (swt) says:

(إِنَّ الَّذِينَ يُحِبُّونَ أَن تَشِيعَ الْفَاحِشَةُ فِي الَّذِينَ آمَنُوا لَهُمْ عَذَابٌ أَلِيمٌ فِي الدُّنْيَا وَالْآخِرَةِ وَاللَّهُ يَعْلَمُ وَأَنتُمْ لَا تَعْلَمُونَ)

“Indeed, those who like that immorality should be spread [or publicized] among those who have believed will have a painful punishment in this world and the Hereafter. And Allah knows and you do not know” [An-Nur: 19]

Moreover, the universities are competing with each other to establish mixed Dabkeh teams with the pretext of heritage and identity preservation and defending the (Palestine) case!! And here we question if our enemies succeeded in manufacturing the new Palestinian?! The Palestinian dancer who sees that his tools in defending his land and holy sites are festivals, singing and Dabkeh?!

Dear Distinguished:

We know that most universities suffer from financial crises, and the lack of employment of graduates impacts the universities negatively, and this is all due to the failure of the PA and its neglect of its responsibilities towards education and higher education in particular. This requires you to raise your voice in the face of authority to fulfill its duty towards universities, and not make investors an alternative allowing them to spread their venom for money!

Distinguished Professors Members of Academic Bodies,

We address you with the saying of the Prophet (saw)

«أَلَا كُلُّكُمْ رَاعٍ، وَكُلُّكُمْ مَسْئُولٌ عَنْ رَعِيَّتِهِ،...» “Surely! Everyone of you is a guardian and is responsible for his charges...” (Muslim)

This part of the letter is for you. You are the major and important segment in the universities. It is your responsibility and with your qualifications that the educational process is carried out. We urge you to raise the voices of accountability and rejection of what is happening in your universities, and to redirect the compass to its correct destination and to restore the university to its scientific position.

These young men and women students are a trust in your necks, look after it. These youth are targeted by the enemies of Islam to kill Islam and its values in them, and make them strangers to their Ummah and Deen. It is your responsibility to protect their morals and protect them from the abusers who want to destroy them. And protect them from Western institutions that spend large sums of money to corrupt and repel them from the way of Allah (swt).

These universities have the finest segments of society, scientists, intellectuals, learners, young people, and their likes should, in origin, be leaders in the thought and leaders in the movement of the Ummah in the way of its revival; their work is to establish the Deen of Allah in the land and the establishment of the Khilafah Rashida (guided Caliphate) on the method of the Prophethood that spreads the good to mankind.

Our children need teachers and good men and women who instill in them pride and dignity. They need educational curricula that build in them the values of Islam, elevate the status of their Deen and their creed and raise them in the paths of knowledge and science in all spheres of life so that they propagate the call of the good to all mankind, and become witnesses over the people, Allah (swt):

(وَكَذَلِكَ جَعَلْنَاكُمْ أُمَّةً وَسَطاً لِتَكُونُوا شُهَدَاءَ عَلَى النَّاسِ)

“And thus we have made you a just community that you will be witnesses over the people” [Al-Baqara: 143]


We know that among the heads of universities and academic or administrative bodies are the People of the Book (Christians) and we do not exclude them from this letter. We ask them to have strong positions against the programs of corruption and abuse of morality, and hope that they respond well. They have lived under the shade of the Khilafah (Caliphate) among Muslims for hundreds of years, and the Muslims protected their honour and their wealth.

Some of the Christians showed honourable positions during the Crusade invasions, as they refused to support the kings of Europe against the Muslims out of loyalty to Muslims who lived a decent living under Islam. So many of them sided with the Muslims and had a positive role with the leader Salah ud-Din when he liberated Bait Al-Maqdis (Jerusalem).

We expect you to stand and show strong positions against all programs and activities aimed at corrupting male and female students, and Muslims will remember your stance, and you will have a good foot in the upcoming Khilafah state, soon Allah willing. Many of you long to live under it to enjoy justice and equity and decent living by the rules of Islam.

We conclude our letter to you by the words of Allah (swt) about the People of the Book who believed in the message of Muhammad (saw),

(لَيْسُوا سَوَاءً مِنْ أَهْلِ الْكِتَابِ أُمَّةٌ قَائِمَةٌ يَتْلُونَ آيَاتِ اللَّهِ آنَاءَ اللَّيْلِ وَهُمْ يَسْجُدُونَ * يُؤْمِنُونَ بِاللَّهِ وَالْيَوْمِ الْآخِرِ وَيَأْمُرُونَ بِالْمَعْرُوفِ وَيَنْهَوْنَ عَنِ الْمُنْكَرِ وَيُسَارِعُونَ فِي الْخَيْرَاتِ وَأُولَئِكَ مِنَ الصَّالِحِينَ * وَمَا يَفْعَلُوا مِنْ خَيْرٍ فَلَنْ يُكْفَرُوهُ وَاللَّهُ عَلِيمٌ بِالْمُتَّقِينَ)

“They are not [all] the same; among the People of the Scripture is a community standing [in obedience], reciting the verses of Allah during periods of the night and prostrating [in prayer] * They believe in Allah and the Last Day, and they enjoin what is right and forbid what is wrong and hasten to good deeds. And those are among the righteous * And whatever good they do - never will it be removed from them. And Allah is Knowing of the righteous” [Al-i-Imran: 113-115]


We ask Allah that the advice that we gave you from the heart enters your hearts, and we ask Allah to help you to carry this trust of the sons of Muslims and that you protect them, and to stand before the forces of evil and mark positions that will light your faces on the day when the faces of the criminals will be dark.

(يَا أَيُّهَا الَّذِينَ آمَنُوا اسْتَجِيبُوا لِلَّهِ وَلِلرَّسُولِ إِذَا دَعَاكُمْ لِمَا يُحْيِيكُمْ وَاعْلَمُوا أَنَّ اللَّهَ يَحُولُ بَيْنَ الْمَرْءِ وَقَلْبِهِ وَأَنَّهُ إِلَيْهِ تُحْشَرُونَ)

“O you who have believed, respond to Allah and to the Messenger when he calls you to that which gives you life. And know that Allah intervenes between a man and his heart and that to Him you will be gathered” [Al-Anfal: 24]

اللّهمّ إنَّا قد بلّغنا اللّهمّ فاشهد

Oh Allah, we have conveyed the message, Oh Allah be our witness

With our regards.

H. 15 Safar 1440
M. : Wednesday, 24 October 2018

The Blessed Land Palestine

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