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Jurisprudence Questions

Jurisprudence Questions (121)

Answer to Question: To whom the Zakat of Livestock is Paid in the Absence of Khilafah!

When the owner of livestock feeds his livestock for most of the year of his own expenses and only graze for a very small period of the year, with the purpose of increasing production since female sheep often give birth twice and this is the result of feeding it most of the year (and the sheep here is not for trade), is the Zakat obliged here or not?


Answer to Question The Islamic Ruling on: Organ Transplant, Autopsy, Mixing (of the sexes)

Q1: Hizb ut Tahrir’s opinion is that it is forbidden to transfer organs from the dead to the living, regardless of whether these organs save the person from the inevitable death as a heart transplant or if it is the cure of a disease such as cornea transfer.
Q 2: The prohibition of autopsy deprives medical students of knowledge and learning about the human body; how then will they proceed with their work and perform surgeries, for example, if they are ignorant of the human body?

Ameer's Question & Answer: The Ahadeeth of the Messenger (saw) that forbid two sales in a single sale and two agreements in a single agreement

We want to rent a land in order to extract stone from it for a sum of money and in case of non-validity of the stone, we will turn the sale to a proportion. Is this transaction valid or not valid being two contracts in one contract? Please reply as soon as possible


Answer to Question: Detailed Rulings on Women Travelling

1. Is it permissible for a woman to travel for one day and one night or more without a Mahram (unmarriageable kin)?

2. Is it possible to estimate the distance of travelling for one day and one night, say, the rate of travelling a day and a night on a camel, for example, and not by walking or travelling by plane ... So, we estimated

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