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H.  20 Dhu al-Hijjah 1430 No:
M.  Sunday, 06 December 2009

                              Press Release                               Translated  Negotiations of Afghan government with Mujahideen, a hidden poison in sugar

     Media has published reports on Karzai's plan to negotiate with Taliban and Hizb e Islami, especially Mullah Muhammad Omar, the supreme leader of Taliban, by dictation of the west. This move is clearly showing how west is avoiding itself from going to negotiate face to face.

Here are the following points that Ummah has to know:

  • The major players in these negotiations are Saudi, UAE and Pakistani governments. Some assume that these governments are more closer and loyal to Islam than others, while, these countries are loyal to west and their loyalty to west is broader than Islam, and this is evident to every analyst that Saudi and Pakistan will act in accordance to America's will in this regard.
  • Taliban are great warriors and have gained control of a great area of Afghanistan, thus their strength in this regard has increased. However, they are afraid of enemy's political moves. They were the rulers of Afghanistan, relying on Pakistan in rule of the country and if they were asked about their dependence on Pakistani governing system, while Pakistan has evident friendship with US, don't you think that one day US will attack you through Pakistan? However, they never considered the relationship of Afghanistan with Pakistan besides its friendship with US, harmful to themselves, rather they were using Pakistan for their interests. While after a short time it was appeared that it was Pakistani rulers who announced their animosity with Taliban by provision of its aerial and ground territories to US for eliminating them first in Afghanistan and then in Waziristan.
  • America is facing a real defeat in Afghanistan, having its 70000 troops besides her crusading allies' 40000 troops, she cannot bring security in to the country, and their defeats has increased at the end of 2009, therefore, Obama announced dispatch of 30000 more troops to Afghanistan, while its allies in NATO announced dispatch of 7000 more troops.
  • Demanding more international troops for bringing security is a fruitless and betraying demand and through this they will never be able to succeed as Afghanistan has always been the graveyard of Emperors.
  • Participation of Taliban and Hizb e Islami in these negotiations is like walking in to the corridors of decline. Whatever is the title of these negotiations, meetings, normal gatherings, casual chats, etc... all of these are a way to negotiations and drink of mix of poison in sugar.

Finally we can say that America has planned to get rid of the problem its caught in Afghanistan, and rescue herself the same as she rescued herself from the same problem she was caught in Iraq after being defeated repeatedly and having numerous losses. In addition, congress is no more discussing the continuation of its mission in Afghanistan, rather due to having numerous losses and defeats in Afghanistan, it is caught in hopelessness and depression about their presence in the country, however, at the same time, it is trying to create such a puppet regime in the country, which guarantees American interests in the region and take responsibility of the security. In addition, she has made the governments of Saudi, UAE and Pakistan as tools for negotiations, so make Taliban and Hizb e Islami to have poison in sugar, and the participation of Taliban and Hizb e Islami, in these negotiations either directly with US or with its agents is meant of Taliban's participation in the American ally government gradually, be it directly or indirectly.

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