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H.  11 Shawwal 1429 No: 03/10102008
M.  Friday, 10 October 2008

The Muslim Ummah must not accept normal diplomatic ties with the US that hates Islam

Hizb ut-Tahrir in Bangladesh organized a demonstration today in front of the National Mosque afterJumuah prayers protesting the publication of the controversial book ‘Jewel of Madina' that dishonours the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) and mother of the believers Ayesh (RA).

Maulana Mamumur Rashid delivered the main speech at the demonstration. He said the US and the West have again proven their hatred towards Islam by publishing the book which insults the Prophet (SAW), His companions (RA) and mother of the believers Ayesha (RA). The USA has illegally occupied Iraq and Afghanistan, imprisoned and tortured Muslims in Guantanamo Bay and their soldiers flashed the noble Qur'an in the toilet. Now they are insulting and spreading lies against the mother of the believers Ayesha (RA) by publishing this filthy book in the name of free speech. It has been reported that the infidel Britain is also planning to publish this book. We have also seen how the Europeans dishonoured our Prophet (SAW) by publishing cartoons in Denmark and other countries across Europe. While all of this is taking place the leaders of the Muslim nations remain absolutely silent. The current rulers who are agents of the imperialists can never take a stance in favour of Islam, the noble Qur'an, the Prophet (SAW), His companions (RA) and His wives (RA). Only Khilafah "Caliphate" state can protect the life, honour, property and the belief of the Muslims.

Maulana Mamumur Rashid said the duty of protecting the Islamic belief, culture and the honour of the Prophet (SAW), His companions and His wives (RA) is upon every Muslim. It is a part of the Muslims' belief to love Allah's Messenger (SAW), and honour His companions and His wives (RA). The infidels are trying to make the Muslims silently accept the dishonouring of our sacred matters. This is the reason they are repeatedly publishing these filthy books and cartoons. Their goal is to make us used to the violation of our sacred matters, give up taking a stance for our Iman and continue normal relations with them. Therefore we must keep raising our voices in protest against them.

Maulana Mamumur Rashid said Hizb ut-Tahrir in Bangladesh urges the Muslims to protest against the publication of ‘Jewel of Madina.' Furthermore the Muslim Ummah must not accept normal diplomatic relations with the US and her allies. Their ambassadors and representatives must not be allowed to interfere in our internal affairs. He also urged the Muslims to completely reject the politics and economics imposed by the USA and work towards re-establishing the Khilafah "Caliphate". The Muslim Ummah must not accept normal diplomatic ties with the US that hates Islam.

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