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H.  16 Dhu al-Qi'dah 1440 No: H.T.L 1440 / 12
M.  Friday, 19 July 2019

Press Release
[إِنَّمَا الْمُؤْمِنُونَ إِخْوَةٌ]
“The Believers are but Brothers”

After the Ministry of Labor competed with the ministers of the Awni movement in harassing the displaced people of Syria ... The Minister of Labor went to another area of ​​harassment of the people of Palestine in Lebanon, knowing that the people of Palestine have been in Lebanon for more than seventy years, after the Jewish entity displaced them and usurped their land. But according to the man-made laws they hold the status resident in Lebanon, and are not foreigners, as some prefer to call them. In addition to the claims of politicians in Lebanon, that they are against the Jewish entity and against normalization with it and support the displaced to regain their land.

Nevertheless, we find the actions of the authority in Lebanon, contrary to its claim towards the people of Palestine, who are deprived of the most basic rights in Lebanon, harassed, and are pushed to migration from Lebanon to the West!

Some racists and spiteful people are spreading videos of insults, verbal abuse, threats, intimidation and incitement against the displaced Muslims, whether from the people of Ash-Sham or the people of Palestine.

And the matter reached the extent of assailing Islam, Muslims and the Messenger of Allah Muhammad (saw). And although the law criminalizes those things, we have not found the authority moving and arresting those criminals who provoke strife (fitnah) that may contribute to a new sectarian civil war - we ask Allah to spare us - especially with the statements and actions of the Minister of Foreign Affairs who is leading the demand for restoring powers for the Christians; claiming that the Sunni political sectarianism has robbed them of it ... Then came the decisions by the municipality of al-Hadath prohibiting selling or even renting property to Muslims!!!

In light of this current situation, we in Hizb ut Tahrir / Lebanon warn the authority not to obey the decisions of the racists and the spiteful, whether they are ministers, heads of municipalities or othersand should cancel those resolutions, prevent any provocation, incitement or aggression, and punish criminals who abuse our religion and our displaced and emigrant people from Ash-Sham and Palestine, they are our brothers and our sisters and we will not allow anyone to weaken them and assault them, let alone to rob them of their rights such as work, property and others.

We also warn against the attempt by some seditionists to restore the civil war, which if ignited, nothing will remain or survive.

We advise the Muslim people of Lebanon, do not harass your Muslim brothers who are displaced from Bashar's criminality, nor those who have been displaced by the usurper Jewish entity, the blood-sucker and the aggressor of the honors and sanctities. The brotherhood of Islam is above considerations that divided our country and we have no more rights in this country than them.

And to the non-Muslim people of Lebanon we say, you have to take the hands of the racists and prevent them from offending Islam and Muslims, whether from the people of Lebanon or Syria or Palestine; our ancestors and yours lived in this country under the law of Islam without civil wars and satanic seditions, where Muslims protected and preserved you for hundreds of years...

You also live within a nation and a region of Muslims who seek to get rid of the system of forcible rule imposed on us and you, and to rid the nation of the West’s division of the country and unite it under one state that governs by the law of Allah and cares for the affairs of all people regardless of their religion, nationality or language.

The Islamic Ummah is about to achieve this, with Allah’s permission, so do not stand in the face of the movement of the Ummah and its near salvation and then you will be among the losers.

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