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H.  4 Jumada II 1435 No: H.T.L. 35/05
M.  Friday, 04 April 2014

Press Release The Ambassador of American Tyranny in Lebanon Joins in to the Voice of the Group of Iran He Encourages the Army to Kill and Incites it to Repress the People of Tripoli and Arsal (Translated)

We have stated repeatedly that the formation of the Iranian-Saudi partnership government took place under American sponsorship and decision. The Saudi grant for the army also came with a green light from the U.S. in order to secure its cover in the task it was entrusted with, i.e. the prosecution of the supporters of the revolution in Lebanon. Here comes the Ambassador of a state that is always polemic against Islam and its people and expresses very clearly this blatant reality, instigating the army to kill, praising it for "the many successes achieved by the Lebanese army in finally capturing and killing many of the most wanted criminals, what shows [as he said] that Lebanon is on the right track and that its leaders have the right strategies and that they will succeed in this war against terrorism". He even increased in audacity and insolence by inciting the army and security forces to oppose the people of Tripoli and Arsal, saying: "We encourage the members of the military and security forces in their difficult and dangerous tasks in all parts of Lebanon, including areas such as Tripoli and Arsal"!


There is no doubt that the minor rulers of Lebanon and those behind them from the regional Iranian and Saudi regimes, encouraged America to this brazen frankness. They know very well that their complicity with America to fight the sincere carriers of the Islamic project from the rebels has been exposed to all possessors of sight and hearing, and can no longer be concealed. Rather the statement of the spiteful American Ambassador came concerted with similar words from Nabih Berri a few days ago, where he instigated the military against injustice and a "security punch" against Tripoli, as well as statements from symbols of Iran's Hezb that went into the same direction. So here is Iran's Hezb, who issued the song "Determine your victory in Yabrood" and the song "Determine your victory in Arsal and the North", inciting the army to strike Tripoli and Arsal. Is there any sane, objective person that after all of this still doubts the collusion of Iran, its Lebanese Hezb and the Arab rulers with the Americans against the Revolution of ash-Sham, its extension in Lebanon and what it represents from hope for the Islamic Ummah?! Enough of your lies, you that call for resistance and opposition! The mask has fallen and the affiliation is exposed!

What a revealing scandalous revolution! It toppled what was remained of masks; and exposed the delusion of the deceivers and the spite of the spiteful!

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