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H.  13 Dhu al-Qi'dah 1440 No: HTM 1440 / 11
M.  Tuesday, 16 July 2019

 Press Release
Jihad is Fard Regardless of How Weak or Strong We are, and Allah (swt) Shall Grant Us Victory Over Our Enemies

In an interview with TV3 in a program called “Soal Rakyat” on 10/07/2019, Minister of Defence Mohamad Bin Sabu expressed his gratitude to the previous government for putting Malaysia as a Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) and he further said, "We must keep Malaysia as a NAM and our preference is to have dialogue and defence diplomacy with major powers such as the United States of America and China which are struggling to have influence in this region. We befriend both countries. Our policy is that they are our partners in trade, business and dialogue."

In the said interview, Mohamad Sabu or better known as Mat Sabu, also explained his speech during the 18th IIS said, said “The Chinese coast guard is bigger than Malaysian warship, how come we are going to chase them. So, we cannot fight with them.” According to Mat Sabu, the phrase "we cannot fight with them” means "we do not want to have war with them". The same explanation was given earlier by him in response to questions in Dewan Rakyat (the House of Representatives) on 03/07/2019 where he asserted that “we cannot fight with them" means “we do not want to have war with any superpower."

Who does not know Mat Sabu who was once dubbed as “ayam sabung” (the fighting cock) of Parti Islam SeMalaysia (PAS)? For the past 39 years since his involvement in politics, he was very firm and outspoken in criticizing and opposing whatever policies the ruling government implemented, including international issues, which resulted in him being frequently jailed. Who does not know this heroic demonstrator of PAS, who has led and participated in countless demonstrations, including those in front of the American embassy to protest the American intervention in the Muslim world, as well as the American-Jewish close cooperation in killing the Muslims, especially in the blessed land of Palestine? Now, after becoming the Minister of Defence, everything has changed! When power is in his hands, his actions and even speech are cautiously delivered so as not to break the hearts of the enemies of Allah (swt) like America and China! Worse, his struggle for Islam and all criticisms to the superpowers have died out and replaced with friendly policies based on benefit and fear!

How could a person who claim himself to have Islamic thoughts, but after being in power, keep Malaysia as a non-aligned country? Does he not realize that the long-lasting non-aligned policy means the abolition of Jihad Fi Sabilillah? How could a person who for the past 39 years claimed to be the defender of Islam, but after being in power, wishes to create a friendly policy and do not want to fight with the warring belligerent countries such as America and China? How could a person who was so courageous and bold against his political enemies, after being in power, immediately submit and succumb to the enemies of Allah (swt), the enemies of His Messenger (saw) and the enemies of the Believers, like America and China? Yes, we can befriend them, but only after they changed their policies towards Islam and its Ummah, and undertake to submit themselves to Islam!

O Minister of Defence! After being at the throne, how could you make your enemies, the enemies of Allah (swt), the enemies of His Messenger (saw) and the enemies of the Believers as good friends, trading partners and dialogue partners? After being at the throne, have you forgotten the verses of Allah (swt) in Al-Quran calling for Jihad Fi Sabilillah, specifically addressed to you as a person holding the military power? After being at the throne, have you forgotten the obligation to fight the enemies of Allah (swt) until they submit to Islam and pay Jizyah? After being at the throne, have you forgotten the obligation to free the oppressed Muslims, to liberate the Muslims’ occupied territories, to open (Futuhat) new lands and to spread the Rahmah (mercy) of Allah (swt) to the whole world by way of Da'wah and Jihad? After being at the throne, have you forgotten the promise of Allah (swt) in that how often a small group which appeared to be weak ended up defeating a mighty host and looked strong, with the will of Allah (swt)? Have you forgotten that Rasulullah (saw) and his Companions have fought and managed to defeat two major empires at that time, Rome and Persia? Have you forgotten that Allah (swt) has promised victory to Muslims over His enemies? Have you forgotten all these?

O Muslims! We have witnessed much evidence across the globe, as we have witnessed in Malaysia over the last decades, that any Islamic struggle enveloped in the democratic system has never made Islam victorious, despite the victory of the democratic Islamic party.

Whoever turns out to be the leaders in this system will submit to the 'creator' of this system i.e. the West. They will lead in line with what the West wants, and will lead to gain the West’s mercy, even though their earlier struggle was in the name of Islam and manifestly anti-Western. Indeed, democracy has produced many hypocritical leaders and will continue to produce such leaders. The one and only true work for Islam is a clean and pure work without even a trace of Western ‘teachings’, and is not based on spirit or any worldly gains, but a work that struggles to implement Islam as an ideology based on Al-Quran and As-Sunnah under the shield of the Righteous State of the Caliphate (Khilafah) upon the method of the Prophethood.

Abdul Hakim Othman
Spokesperson of Hizb ut Tahrir in Malaysia

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