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H.  20 Ramadan 1435 No: HTM/PR/102/14
M.  Friday, 18 July 2014
Press Release
Gaza Attack: Hizb ut Tahrir / Malaysia hands over memorandum, calls upon Egypt and Turkey to wage jihad and send armies immediately

Despite the fact that Egypt borders Gaza and Turkey had been very vocal against the Jewish entity of Israel, there has been no real effort from neither the Egyptian nor Turkish government to mobilize their armies and come to the rescue of our Palestinian brothers and sisters. What we have been hearing are only the rhetoric of the Muslim leaders and the Muslim ummah is sick and tired of these rhetoric. They are just satisfied with mere accusations and condemnation, as is the habit of all the previous leaders.

Hizb ut Tahrir / Malaysia reminds the Muslim leaders in general and President of Egypt and Turkey in particular that Allah (swt) has commanded those in power to help their brothers and sisters when they are in need, when their lives and their deen are in jeopardy. Allah (swt) says:

[وَإِنِ اسْتَنصَرُوكُمْ فِي الدِّينِ فَعَلَيْكُمُ النَّصْرُ]

"..and if they seek aid from you in the matter of religion, then it is your responsibility to help them" [Al-Anfal:72]

Despite all the inaction of the rulers, the responsibility of jihad against the Jewish entity still falls on the armies. The silence of either rulers or armies simply means that they have directly allowed the massacre to occur and have also directly supported the Jewish regime to carry out the barbaric acts towards our Muslim brothers and sisters. For years, the government and armies of Egypt have pointed their weapons to their own people and fill the streets of Egypt with blood. This current attack by the Jews on Gaza is in fact their opportunity to repent their sins and perform righteous deeds for Allah by turning their weapons away from their people and turn them towards the real enemy!!!

Hizb ut Tahrir / Malaysia reminds the Egyptian and Turkish rulers and armies that the problem of Palestine is not an Arab problem. It is the problem for all Muslims. The Muslim Ummah is like one body, «إذا اشتكى منه عضو تداعى له سائر الجسد بالسهر والحمى»

"When one of its parts is sick, the whole body will feel the pain and fever" [Narrated by Muslim from Nu'man bin Bashir]. Hizb ut Tahrir / Malaysia calls upon the Muslim rulers and armies to wage jihad against the filthy Jewish entity and free the land of our first Qibla and the land of Israa' and Mi'raaj. At the same time, Hizb reminds the Ummah to be patient for it is not long before the second rightly guided Khilafah "Caliphate" will come and will end all the miseries faced by this noble ummah and free all of our lands from the occupation and domination of Kuffar.

[وَيَوْمَئِذٍ يَفْرَحُ الْمُؤْمِنُونَ]

"and on that day, the believers will rejoice" [Ar-Rum: 4]

Abdul Hakim Othman
Head of the Media Office of Hizb ut Tahrir
in Malaysia

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