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H.  13 Sha'aban 1441 No: 1441 / 53
M.  Monday, 06 April 2020

 Press Release
Sugar and Wheat Crisis Investigation Reports Confirm that Capitalist Democracy is the Destructive Virus, that must be Completely Locked Down, so it Dies its Own Death

The investigation reports, over the sugar and wheat crisis, have exposed the power elite, including Jahangir Tareen, Khusro Bakhtiar, Moonis Elahi and the Sharif brothers. Moreover, once again the ugly face of democracy has been exposed for providing legal loopholes for the ruling, capitalist elite to embezzle public funds. The reports revealed that billions of taxpayers’ rupees were distributed in the name of subsidies to individuals and families, with ties to the current and previous governments. Capitalist democracy forces people to select oppressors as their representatives, who are granted the legal authority to make laws and policies, according to their whims and desires, supposedly for the people’s welfare. However, practically, the ruling elite representatives only ever secure their own financial interests, amassing huge wealth during their tenures, whilst undertaking a few face-saving, token measures for public welfare, so as to put a thin veil over rampant corruption.

Instead of conceding the fundamental flaw in democracy, the factory of corruption, vested interests in democracy continuously shift the blame onto the people, by asking them to vote sensibly. However, the allegedly clean, anti-corruption, regime of tabdeelee (change) has shown that it showers its cronies with financial favors, just as previous governments did, right under the nose of Imran Khan with his deceptive exploitation of the blessed Madinah State. The cabinet’s Economic Coordination Committee not only allowed the export of sugar despite dwindling local stocks, it incentivized it through subsidies for the sugar cartel, opening the state treasury wide open to do so, leaving the struggling masses to buy sugar at inflated prices. Collectively, capitalist democracy and its ruling elite represent a destructive virus which must be completely locked down, so it dies its own death.

Although the structure of the Khilafah comprises of thirteen institutions, including the Khaleefah, the assistants, judiciary, department of Jihad and the consultative assembly, not one has legislative sovereignty to make laws according to the whims and desires of human-beings. Instead, the laws that are implemented are derived exclusively from the divine texts, the Quran and the Sunnah, which is in stark contrast to democracy, where professional politicians invest millions so they can secure billions in return, by manufacturing self-serving laws as legislators. The judiciary and consultative assembly of the Khilafah accounts on the basis of Islam, forcing the Khaleefah and his assistants to submit before Shariah, as is well-established in Islamic history. The political environment in the Khilafah is focused on obedience to Allah (swt) and RasulAllah (saw), securing the individual and community needs through the implementation of the Deen of Truth. The Coronavirus disease (Covid-19) outbreak has exposed the myth of public welfare under the painful decades of capitalist democracy. It is now time to erect the magnificent structure of the Khilafah on the crumbling ruins of the capitalist democracy. Allah (swt) said,

(فَمَاذَا بَعْدَ الْحَقِّ اِلَّا الضَّلَالُ فَاَنّـٰى تُصْرَفُوْنَ) “And what can be beyond truth except error? So how are you averted?” [Surah Yunus 10:32]

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