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H.  25 Shawwal 1440 No: 1440 / 31
M.  Tuesday, 25 June 2019

 Press Release
Every Time the Regime Fails, "Terrorism" Return... Who is the Real Perpetrator???

What occurred on 27/06/2019 of bombing in the capital is a crime of a series of bloodshed crimes, but the real perpetrator of these crimes has always been "unknown", and the governments in Tunisia each time refer to the crime tools, whereas questions around the mastermind, the financier and the beneficiary, are extensively raised and fingers point to him but the authority is blind and deaf and does not see nor hear, or rather it does not want to see or hear.

We in Hizb ut Tahrir / Wilayah of Tunisia, were one of the first to warn and reveal that terrorism is an intelligence industry run by the colonial powers in order to tame the revolutionary peoples of Tunisia and other than Tunisia, and to market their agents and their painful "reformist" programs. After every operation, including yesterday’s operation, the prime minister comes out to declare a false victory over an artificial enemy in a desperate miserable and blatant attempt to claim that democracy in Tunisia is threatened and that its "enemies" want to subjugate it by striking tourism and destroying the economy, backed by all parties (ruling and opposition) and a media choir; all of whom only care about maintaining the corrupt regime. They take the consecutive crimes as an excuse to call upon the people of Tunisia to rally around the regime, and to stand united against the enemies of Tunisia, and they think that in the midst of their pain, grief and chaos they will forget the crimes of the authority in selling the country and mortgage it to the colonists and bring it under direct colonial tutelage.

We say to this political group, the government and the opposition:

- Yes, terrorism is a big crime and what is bigger than it is to place the country under the colonial tutelage and the conduct of ambassadors and consuls, and to allow foreign intelligence to tamper with it.

- Yes, terrorism is a big crime and what is bigger than it is to harness and employ it to scare people and make them be content with the status quo and accept catastrophic policies.

- Yes, terrorism is a big crime and what is bigger than it is the silence about the real perpetrator. Where are the architects of the assassination of Belaid and al-Brahmi? And what did you do with those who ordered the assassination of Mohammed Zouari, who boasted of their crime on air and in front of the Ministry of Interior? And who killed Abdel Fattah Omar? Who killed lawyer Fawzi bin Murad? And who...?

Why is this silence? Is it fear or helplessness or complicity?

To the targeted security personnel: you know well that terrorism is made in the colonial embassies, the dens of snakes, which plan, finance and recruit trough a dirty, bloody intelligence game that is meant to subjugate you and your people in Tunisia so as not be a revolution against this corrupt system that has been produced by the colonizer and is serviced by agents and cowards. So, be in the ranks of your Ummah, your religion and your country.

Is it not that every time the regime failed to tame the people and its scandal became too big to cover up, and the people of Tunisia showed their rejection of its policies, which mess with their fate, plunder their wealth and enslave their children; those colonial powers returned to use the terrorism scarecrow?

How far, how far! In Tunisia men, foremost among them the Shabab of Hizb ut Tahrir have promised Allah to root out the colonizer and his oppressive assistants, and establish the state of the Truth; the Khilafah (Caliphate) state on the method of the Prophethood.

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