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H.  12 Rabi' II 1441 No: 1441 / 16
M.  Monday, 09 December 2019
Press Release
The Suffering of the People of Kerkennah Exemplifies a State Crime

The people of Kerkennah made a distressed call as a result of the pollution of the sea water and the death of marine creatures which is considered to be a source of income to the sailors on that Island, although a month has passed under the same conditions yet the independent state and local authority have not solved this dilemma that has become a threat to the sailors’ source of income and has caused an exhaustion of the marine wealth at the island and led to the pollution of the sea water.

The Ministry of Local Affairs and Environment announced that the first results of the examination of the red phenomenon of the sea water at the Sidi Mansoor Beach at Sfax province have proven that the change in water colour is a result for the exceptional growth of microscopic algae, and that the increase in temperature has resulted in a significant decrease in the oxygen content in the water which led to the death of the fish and emission of foul odor. As for the people of that region, they hold the main responsibility of this environmental disaster and as a result the death of fish, to the petroleum companies in Kerkennah and the chemical plant Siyab in Sfax and what it secretes of gaseous emissions and harmful chemical wastes.

Regardless of the real causes behind this environmental disaster, the successive governments that governed Tunisia since the so-called independence era, has abandoned the most imperative duty in taking care of the affairs of their perspectives in order to protect the interests of the west and its colonial companies. Kerkennah Island and its surroundings is a glaring example of that, as the foreign companies monopolised its goods and hoarded their wealth which was quite unfortunate. Hence, the people didn’t gain anything except restricting their livelihood damaging the environment and causing incurable diseases. This applies to the internal parties without exception. Truthful is the saying of the poet:

Like a white camel in the desert which is too thirsty - yet she has water carried on her back.

O the people of Kerkennah Island and its surroundings, O the People of Tunisia:

These governments have been satisfied with the role of a realtor for the Western sectors and have met your cries with apathy and marginalization. You have no other way out but to work with us, to find a righteous ruling like the ruling of the Khalifah (Caliph) Umar ibn Al-Khattab (may Allah be pleased with him) who found while checking on the citizens a woman surrounded by her hungry children, and she was complaining about him to Allah, so he said to her: and what is Umar’s fault O the slave of Allah? So she said: Does he rule over us and pays no attention to us? So he left her and went straight to Baytul al-Maal (State treasury) and he prepared flour, ghee and honey then he told to the bin Awf (may Allah be pleased with him): load this on me, so he said: off you or on you O the leader of believers?! He said: Rather on me, May your mother lose you, are you going to carry my sins off me on the Day of Judgment? Then he went to the woman already carrying her supply on his back, then he cooked for her with his generous hands, so she swore to him saying: I swear by the One who sent Mohammed with the truth, you are more worthy of the Khilafah (Caliphate ruling) than Umar! and she does not know him, and he has not slept since that night till he rest assured that the hungry children have eaten well and have been full.

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