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H.  3 Rajab 1441 No: 1441 / 26
M.  Thursday, 27 February 2020

 Press Release
Finally, the Political Drama in Tunisia Resulted in a Hidden-Name Government with Limited Liability

After the official's cane was raised in their faces, the Parliament voted, on Thursday 7 February 2020, to grant confidence to the government of Prime Minister Elias Al-Fakhfakh, with 129 votes, with a political backing supported by five political parties that have nothing to unite them intellectually and politically except one goal: to maintain the secular capitalist system of government which was decided by the Crusader Western colonization of Tunisia and the rest of the Muslim countries.

How can this government be accepted and its president has sworn allegiance to the former colonists upon obtaining his French citizenship, and when he was finance minister, he with the former Central Bank Governor Al-Shazly Al-Ayyari, sent the famous secret letter to Christine Lagarde, head of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) pledging to fulfill all the IMF instructions and all articles of the damned CEDAW convention?! And how the people in Tunisia today are dominated by those whose status in the presidential and legislative elections was double zero, and his political career in ruling was overwhelmed by failure... Does this not confirm that elections are only the cover to wrap the decision process to make it appear legitimate and local, while the political decision remains in the hands of the colonial circles?!

What honor do you claim, with which virginity do you boast, and which sovereignty do you allege?

Then what distinguishes the government of Al-Fakhfakh from the previous ones if they have the same political premises and economic options imposed by the International Monetary Fund and the European Union?

Moreover, are these governments not involved in the application of the capitalist system and the implementation of orders of the external powers and their financial institutions, and represent the faithful guardian of the interests of the capitalist Crusader West, and most of all, continue to carry out the crime of excluding Islam from governance and depriving the Tunisian revolution of real change that takes off colonialism and restores the authority of the nation and the sovereignty of the Shara’?

This government, like its predecessors, is a caretaker government that can only implement what its masters demand from it, and for this it will not be able to deviate from the road map drawn up by the Western circles at the G8 summit in Deauville, France in May 2011, in which it Al-Baji Kaid Essebsi, then prime minister, signed in the initial letters to overthrow the revolution, thereafter, the signatures of subsequent governments continued to flow on the "privileged partner" agreement with the European Union in November 2012 that opened the door to the draft ALECA Agreement. And on the deadly loans that decimated crops and animals, followed up with settlement bills that impoverished our people in Tunisia and destroyed their hopes of emancipation from Western domination by making them gasp behind the loaf of bread, as the numbers of those below the poverty line became in millions.

This government will not solve the crisis, but rather will be part of it in the context of continuing the same reasons that led to the failure of others, namely the Western system. So can empty sacks ever stand upright?!!!

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