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H.  14 Shawwal 1434 No: TRu2013BAu20132013u2013MBu2013TRu2013021
M.  Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Press Release While You Continue Watching the Events, The Monstrous Regime Continues to Kill the Muslims of Syria! (Translated)

The criminal Baath regime that has been killing hundreds of Muslims in Syria every day for the past two and a half years, has committed another crime when it struck western and eastern al-Ghouta with chemical weapons on the night of Tuesday, 20th of August 2013. These attacks that produced hundreds of victims, mostly children, in Damascus, come at a time when the committee missioned by the United Nations to investigate the issue of the use of chemical weapons or not.

Concerning these massacres committed by the Baath regime using chemical weaponry, the Turkish Foreign Ministry issued the following official statement: "We have followed with great concern the news that talked about the deaths of hundreds of civilians in the areas of eastern and western Ghouta in Damascus by the forces of the Syrian regime last night (20th of August), using chemical weapons. The Commission of Inquiry of the United Nations, which was formed for the purpose of investigating the allegations of the use of chemical weapons by the Syrian regime and which is currently located in Damascus, has to explore the validity of these allegations and reveal anything they find out in this regard. In case the allegations are verified, it is imperative on the international community to take the required attitude towards this unacceptable crime committed against humanity and show its reaction to it."

We have now seen for the second time through this statement made by the Turkish Foreign Ministry, how the rulers of the Muslim countries are still pursuing these massacres "deeply concerned" while Muslims are being killed, as we have also heard for the second time through this statement how the rulers of the Muslim countries call for the United Nations to exercise its role while Muslims are being killed! Finally we have again seen how the Muslim countries' rulers denounced and condemned while the Muslims are being killed!

We from the Media Office of Hizb ut Tahrir in the Wilayah of Turkey address the rulers of the Republic of Turkey and we say to them: While the Syrian people, despite the weakness of its potential, faced all kinds of massacres alone during the past two and a half years, it did not request any help from the United Nations nor the Kafir West nor from the United States. However, the children of Syria in the near past and specifically two years ago sent a call of distress, asking for help saying: "Oh Mu'tassim, Oh Erdogan"! The people of Banias asked Erdogan to extend a helping hand to them as the Prime Minister of the Republic of Turkey, not the United Nations, and here they are today directing the same appeal saying: "We call upon you, oh Erdogan, and upon the armies of the Ummah, that the sons of the Ummah are being killed here just like their children are being killed."

They are crying out for you to mobilize the armies! Are you going to go on expressing your deep concerns and keep on calling on the United Nations to exercise its function? Or did you not receive the further cries of distress that surpassed even the United States, Europe and Russia? Until when will you keep your ears locked up to the whining of the children and women being killed in Syria? Do you not crave for your history and inheritance left by your ancestors and the days of glory and fame that you have spent? Is it not time for you to tear apart the cloak of humiliation that has covered you? For how long will you keep watching the humiliation and the killing of the Muslim Ummah through the Kuffar? While the criminal continues to commit massacres, for how long will you stand aside observing the shedding of Muslim blood?



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