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H.  2 Jumada II 1436 No: TRu2013BAu20132015u2013MBu2013TRu2013007
M.  Sunday, 22 March 2015

Press Release
The Ruler Who Could Not Bear the Risk of the Imposition of a Small Commercial Sanction on Russia; What Can He Do for the Muslims of Crimea?

On Friday 20/03/2015, President Erdogan visited the Ukrainian capital Kiev to join the fourth meeting of the Ukranian Supreme Cooperation Council. Prior to that, Erdogan telephoned the Russian President Vladimir Putin in 17 March 2015. According to the Presidency statements that presidents Putin and Erdogan voiced during this telephone conversation their desire in the development of relations between the two countries to a higher level. Moreover, they exchanged views on resolving the Ukrainian crisis, and put an end to the fighting, and the problems related to Crimea's Tatar and ways to solve them. In a joint press statement between President Erdogan and the leader of the Ukrainian Poroshenko, Erdogan said, "We in Turkey are following the Turkish Crimean Tatar whom we have with historical and cultural links, and those who did not offer any concessions in their position, despite all the difficulties and pressures."

A year before this date, and specifically on the March 21, 2014, Russia carried out the annexation of the Crimea to Russia overnight in the wake of the political conflict between the capitalist countries on a Muslim country. Russia took on an active role in the protection of the Syrian regime against the Islamic Revolution, and protected it from falling; it found an opportunity in this role for the rapid deployment policy. Turkey and the Western European countries have both shown much less attention to the Crimea than to Donbass (eastern Ukraine). No one can claim that Turkey is oblivious to the repression policies pursued by Russia against the Muslims of Crimea and the injustice and oppression, exile and displacement suffered by the Muslims Crimean Tatar. Today is not the first time and will not be the last as long as his friends are the likes of President Erdogan. The Crimean has remained linked to the Ottoman state from the year 300 to 1783 CE and the Russians carried out brutal crimes in Crimea. It is said that Vladimir Lenin spoke of the Crimean Tatars in 1920, he said, "We will take them and divide them and make them submit to us and melt them in us [and assimilate them]." In the era of the Iron Curtain imposed by Stalin, the Crimean Tatars were near extinction. In 1944, 180,000 Muslims were displaced from the Crimea from their country, and exiled to the east. During the displacement tens of thousands of these Muslims were killed and families were scattered, it was a massacre of the Crimean people in every sense of the word.

Russia's treatment of the Muslims of Crimea today is like yesterday in their displacement, absorption and assimilation policies, and it clearly states to them, "Either you live like us, or leave the Crimean land." So what did the rulers of Turkey in general, and President Erdogan in particular do to Crimea since its annexation to Russia? And what are the concrete steps they have taken apart from empty words that have little weight? What are the sanctions that you have imposed- you, who always declare that you are against the Russian occupation of Crimea, and that you are always on their side - as the Turkish government and Turkish President- on Russia, which committed the massacres of tens of thousands in Chechnya, it even appointed its agent Kadyrov- an infliction on the Muslims, and it stood clearly by the side of the butcher Baath regime and supported it politically and materially? Are the trade and cheap energy agreements you signed with Russia are more valuable to you than the freedom of the Muslims of Crimea, and the territory of Crimea, which the Ottoman state left for us, our inheritance and trust? Do you not fear Allah O rulers of Turkey?

O Our Muslim brothers and sisters in the land of Crimea! The land you live it turned into a cause of conflict between the countries. Russia believes that Ukraine is one of its states, and America wants to annex it to NATO, Europe wants to annex it to their union, and all that Turkey and its president do are shuttle visits to mediate between these three. The conflict between the colonial powers has been playing out a long time ago. The dirty calculations of the Kuffar on the land of Crimea will not know the end except by the Islamic rule. Crimea will only enjoy tranquility and stability under the Khilafah "Caliphate" State. That was in the past and will be so in the near future, Allah willing.

O Turkish Muslims! Crimean Muslims are your brothers and sisters, and their land is a reminder of the Ottoman state and an inheritance left for us and a trust in our hands. If so, Let us build bridges between us, and work together to rebuild the guided Khilafah "Caliphate" upon the method of Prophethood, which rebuilds the basis of the bonds of Aqeedah and Islamic brotherhood among us. Let us work on accounting the rulers who leave our Muslim brothers in Crimea without support, and hold them accountable by harshest words, and demand of them to carry practical steps that will lead to the departure of the Russians from the land of Crimea.

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