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Aqsa Mosque Seeks out the Muslim Armies,  What more will Compel them?!

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

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Aqsa Mosque Seeks out the Muslim Armies,
What more will Compel them?!


Recent attacks by the Jewish entity, from the murder of three Palestinians to closing the Aqsa Mosque for the Jumaah prayer, and installing metal detectors and closed caption cameras, all made for outrage in the Bait ul Maqdis and from people all throughout the world calling for the removal of the new oppressive security procedures surrounding the Aqsa Mosque and its compound. Latest news of the removal of the metal detectors and the closed caption cameras made headlines after the fierce protests from the people of the Bait ul Maqdes, erupting in celebration.


Removing the metal detectors and cameras are NOT enough from the Aqsa entrances!! The latest aggressions have had a major effect on the people in the Quds and on Muslims in countries worldwide and more astutely the regimes of the Muslim countries sense this effect and fear the consequences. The Jewish entity senses the international outrage from the Muslims worldwide. International pressure on the Jewish entity’s Prime Minister, Netanyahu, to ease up the latest aggression as they deem it “security protocol”. These uproars have struck a nerve in the Ummah’s hearts pushing them to strive in their earnestness to defend Al Aqsa. As officials from the client regimes realize the significance of the protests from the Bait ul Maqdes, plead with the criminal regime, this is an indicator of the feebleness of the rulers of the Muslim countries, where too the Western countries realize the urgency of this matter put more pressure on Netanyahu to back down. Only to have Saudi’s King Salman and the Palestinian Authority’s Mahmoud Abbas claim this back down a victory.

Leaving us with the following question, where are the Muslim armies in all of this? This is the elephant in the room. Surely news of these horrendous acts by the notorious usurper regime against the Bait ul Maqdis and those who live in the Old City has reached them. News outlets report on-site of the scenes to the world, social media give us real time coverage of the aggressions taking place on the innocents who refuse to succumb to the occupation forces’ tactics, and masjid talks boom with the call to the Ummah and their source of power – the Muslim Armies throughout the world to step up and respond to the cries of the captive Aqsa and of Palestine.

Here is the focus – The Muslim Armies and their sense of duty towards the Sacred Sites and the Ummah. How can we with the world’s powerful armies not rescue the Aqsa that has been held captive for the past five decades? When we have people who love death more than life itself and in a heartbeat are willing to sacrifice themselves to liberate Bait ul Maqdes if given the chance.

Only when we have soldiers, commanders, and specialists who love this Dunya, who hold loyalty to their treacherous client-regimes more than to their Deen. Instead of fearing the account of their Lord from the decades long captivity and desecration of the Aqsa, with the settlers and Zionists defiling the Blessed Land, with them chipping away at the structure in broad daylight, with them blockading the holy compound, all the while brazenly assaulting our sisters! Streets and stones will bear witness to the bloodshed on their surfaces on the Day of Reckoning. How will they be able to stand upright before Allah while they cower away in multibillion dollar barracks with the most sophisticated weaponry available today? Where is their love for their Creator, their Islam?

Young men and women are protesting against the occupation – these youth are bold in uttering the words of Truth to the aggressors. They have the backbone of their brave predecessors. They resist with their bare backs and sharp tongues declaring the stinging Truth to the occupation and the colluding agent regimes. These are the Murabiteen of the Quds. They had the ability to make the agent regimes fear potential circumstances on their regimes and their imposed order.

Muslim Militaries, take a page from their books. Break free from your shackles that have rusted on your wrists. Put your top brass to action. Leave the targets of your spineless regimes and turn your weapons from your Muslim brethren in Yemen, Syria, and Afghanistan to the actual enemies, the usurpers of the Land of al-Israa wal Mi’raaj. Break the lifeline of the Jewish entity and liberate the Blessed Land of Palestine and its people. Take it a step further. Have the Ummah rejoice in the full liberation of Al Aqsa and all of Palestine so the imposed division will be struck down one by one, liberating the 52 something Muslim countries from oppression and client regimes.

Allah the Exalted will raise you and your Ummah. Your Ummah will stand with you and praise you in the Dunya and the Akhira. The Angels will praise you and lift your bodies to the Highest Heavens for all creation to witness. What is more honorable than this?

 Written for the Central Media Office of Hizb ut Tahrir by
Manal Bader

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