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Hizb ut Tahrir / Denmark: Annual Conference

No to Assimilation! Islam is our Identity!

Hizb ut Tahrir / Denmark held the annual conference for this year 1442 AH - 2020 CE entitled:

No to Assimilation! Islam is our Identity!

A large gathering of our noble Islamic Community, Alhamdulilah Rabb Alameen.

Sunday, 07 Rabii' al-Akhir 1442 AH - 22 November 2020 CE

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Introductory Video for the Conference

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Videos from the Conference 

The Reality of the Law - Aggravated Penalty Area


What actions will the party do to preserve the Islamic identity?


How can the conference message be conveyed to all Muslims in Denmark?


If Hizb ut Tahrir only works on the political side and does not work for the aspect of morals and spirituality, then how can it work for Islam as a whole?

Do other Islamist movements also not protect the identity of Muslims here in the West?
Can't you say that there is a division of labor between Islamic groups...
Hizb ut Tahrir can focus on the political side and other groups can focus on the moral side?
If so, what's the problem?

How does work in the West relate - in the form of protecting the identity of Muslims - specifically to the work of the Caliphate in Muslim countries?

What can we assume in the fight against integration?

Which is better for us Muslims in the West?
To go back to the Islamic countries and work to establish the caliphate there?
Or should we stay in the West to support Muslims fleeing their religion?

How will you respond to the narrative that if we do not fight and expose Western politicians, they will ultimately stop attacking Islam and our culture!
The claim that we're the reason they're so aggressive! Should the political struggle be permanently stopped?


The saying: "How can we believe that you want to live in Denmark and not want to engage in Danish society?!"


What is Hizb ut Tahrir's response to some ordinary Danish and Muslim politicians?
Those who claim that this conflict is the struggle of Hizb ut Tahrir and not the struggle of Muslims.

How can the Muslim individual be an active member in Western society without prejudice to Islam?



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