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Palestine: Al-Ja’bari in the Funeral Consolation House of the Two Martyrs, Muswada, "The Banner (Raya) of Islam Is Not Partisan And The National Flags Are The Embodiment Of The Division"

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

 Palestine: Al-Ja’bari in the Funeral Consolation House of the Two Martyrs, Muswada, "The Banner (Raya) of Islam Is Not Partisan And The National Flags Are The Embodiment Of The Division"

Dr. Maher Al-Ja’bari, the member of the Media Office of Hizb ut Tahrir in Palestine rejected what he saw as the imposition of the national flag on public forums, saying that raising the flags of division by those who do not realize their reality, is the embodiment of the division, and the ruler’s abandonment of their responsibilities, and the failure of the armies to support Palestine, explaining that they were designed by the English colonizer, Sykes, and that it is a historical fact that cannot be denied, and stressing that the tearing of the Ummah after the destruction of the Khilafah "Caliphate" is a colonial crime. While he said that the black Al-U’qab banner is a unifying banner, that terrifies the enemies and express the political unity of Muslims, and Allah has made us victorious by jihad under the white banner of Islam as a symbol of Islamic military.

His comments came as part of a speech he delivered on behalf of the delegation of the members of Hizb ut Tahrir in the House of Muswada Family in Hebron while performing the condolences duty for the two martyrs, Ihab and Abdul-Rahman Muswada, who were killed by the occupying Jewish Israeli soldiers on Monday and Tuesday; describing them as heroes who were brought up in an Islamic house that hold sacred the rites of Allah. He added that they joined the swarm of Martyrs flying in the skies of Palestine and the Ummah, who proceeded and came forth with their knives after the owners of guns and tanks have declined.

Al Ja’bari added in his speech, while wrapping around him the black banner, that raising the Raya is the real expression of the return of the issue of Palestine to the heart of the Islamic Ummah, as an Islamic military issue requiring the uprising of the armies. He said that the response to the political conspiracy against Palestine and its cause and dividing the unity of the Ummah requires the call for the Islamic unity under the Islamic banner, describing it as the bearer of the testimony of truth, that the martyrs died and sacrificed their blood for. Al Ja’bari questioned in condemnation in his speech: Can a sane fair person dares to denounce raising of this banner or describe the action as partisan or divisive or dares to prefer the colonial flag over the banner of Islam?

In turn, the Mufti of Hebron, Sheikh Maher Muswada praised the call for the khilafah and the speech of Al Ja’bari, and highlighted the high status of the martyrs, "who irrigated with their blood the land of Khalil Al Rahman, for the sake of Allah and on the road to the liberation of Al Aqsa, the first Qiblah and the second of two mosques and the third of sacred sites," as he said, and he thanked the attendees, families and Hizb ut Tahrir, whom he described as workers to resume the Islamic way of life, for their support, stressing the unity of the ranks and the unity of the word and calling on everyone to stand together on the road to the liberation of Al Aqsa.

Sunday 10 Safar 1437 AH
Corresponding to 22 November, 2015


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