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Media Office
Wilayah Afghanistan

H.  14 Muharram 1431 No: 1, 1431
M.  Thursday, 31 December 2009

Press Release    ‘The new & old cabinets are two sides of the same coin'

     On 19th Dec, 09 a new cabinet was announced by president Karzai. The so called new cabinet of Karzai has been involved in severe wrongdoing, poor performance, and corrupt practices. They are the same people who already has looted the resources of the nation and filled their pockets and bank accounts, in last eight years.

     By calling it a new cabinet and by re-nominating the fail cabinet back Karzai is again trying to betray his nation shamefully. But for his western masters it is "step in the right direction"

     The American official and United Nations put out a public statement in response to the list, calling it "a government they can work with". If so, then where have the claims of western colonialist governments go, that they were against the corruption in Afghanistan. In fact these are the people who want a corrupt Afghanistan because they are only interested in achieving their own evil designs to be fulfilled at the expense of the blood of innocent Muslims. The colonialists West's history of supporting brutal regimes in the Muslim world is an open secret. Their duplicity of calling for democracy yet supporting dictators in the Muslims world is a clear manifestation of their intentions for the Muslim Ummah.

     For the Muslims of Afghanistan there is no hope that the new government will in effect eradicate corruption or bring about any significant changes, the so called new and old cabinets are almost two sides of the same coin. In fact they are the product of a system that always produce traitors and imposters that only know how to betray people and plunder their resources.

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Wilayah Afghanistan
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