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H.  27 Ramadan 1437 No: TR–BA–2016–MB–TR–020
M.  Wednesday, 08 June 2016

Press Release

Hizb ut Tahrir in Wilayah Turkey Condemned “Israel” and Russia in 42 Various Places


We as Hizb ut-Tahrir Wilayah in Turkey have condemned Jewish entity “Israel” and Russia in Istanbul and Ankara and 42 different places across Turkey on the Laylat al-Qadr which is better than a thousand months. We also held a Qunut for all the oppressed Muslims across the entire Muslim world.

As it is well known, a few days ago the Turkish Government signed agreements of friendship and normalized relations with the Jewish entity and Russia who conducts massacres after massacres for months in Syria. Then - by literally mocking our minds - they said these agreements were in the interest of the people of Palestine and Turkey. However; this is far from the truth. In fact, last night Russia showered down bombs upon the Muslims of Aleppo, and Jewish entity upon the Muslims in Gaza!

We have already previously explained that these agreements signed by the AKP governments are agreements of betrayal. And with the aim of revealing the truth of these agreements we condemned Jewish entity and Russia in 42 different city centres across Turkey on Friday, the 1st of July, following the Taraweeh prayers, and warned the Turkish Government who agreed with them. However, those who are well aware of these treacherous agreements and who fear the response of the Muslims did their best to prevent this good deed. Security forces prevented the realization of the event, while in Kocaeli they detained two of our brothers who condemned Jewish entity and Russia.

Oh Rulers! Under no circumstances, no condition and environment; there is no way for an agreement with Jewish entity “Israel” the fierce enemy of Islam and the Muslims and with Russia who conducts massacres in Syria and performs all kinds of cruelties towards the people of Turkestan. The oppressed people of Palestine and Syria and the entire Ummah regard these agreements as null and void. Reaching an agreement with Jewish entity is betraying the Muslims. Being friends with Russia is turning against the Muslims. These agreements have only gratified kafir Obama, tyrant Netanyahu and murderer Putin. The presidential system you hope to achieve via these agreements and friendships will sink in the ground and your fate in this world and in the hereafter will be no good (khayr).

Oh Muslims! Do not remain silent in the face of these treacherous agreements which are illegitimate according to Islam! Do not be fooled by the fancy and hypocrite words of the leaders! You have seen how they forgot their speeches and how they backed down from their promises when it came to their own benefits! It is time now; account the owners of these words, which even have not left room for interpretation. You will surely see that those who agree with Jewish entity and Russia today will become friends with the tyrants Sisi and Assad tomorrow.

Oh Our Lord! To You we complain the inability of our leaders and commanders! The Muslims have no other patron than You. Therefore, we only ask You for help. Respond to our invocations! Help our brothers and sisters in Palestine! Help our brothers and sisters in Syria and Turkestan! Punish all terror states like the USA, UK, Russia and “Israel” who terrorize the Muslim lands! Grant us commanders like Salahuddin Eyyubi to re-liberate Palestine, and grant us Khalifas like Sultan Abdulhamid Khan who will not give it up no matter what the cost! Oh Allah! Grant us the re-establishment of the Khilafah "Caliphate" Rashidah (Caliphate) upon the methodology of the Prophethood to protect the Muslims! In fact, oppression, betrayal and massacre will only stop through it (Khilafah "Caliphate" Rashidah).

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