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بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

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The Latest Design on Syria


What happened in Daraa from the rapid entry of the regime into eluded areas for years, and was followed by Quneitra and before that Ghouta and before it Aleppo and her sisters, and all eyes are now heading towards Idlib, this shows that there are things worthy of study and knowledge. And we have seen the role of America and its manipulation and the role of supporting parties and their manipulation and implied approval by the Guarantor States to reduce the escalation, like Turkey, or its actual participation like Russia. What happened and what is happening? How did these countries manage to intervene in the Syrian revolution in this way? What roles did they play? And what is next?


1. After its launch in 2011 and its threat to remove Bashar, America's agent, and the spread of the deep Islamic sentiments, and its threat to change the face of the region towards Islam, the Syrian revolution was a changing event from two angles of great importance; from one angle it highlighted the local solid forces that do not follow America or Europe. Thus, for the first time in this volume there was a unique force that sprouted in the Ummah without the authority of the Kuffar over it. From the second angle, America, the dominant power in Syria and the world, failed to stop it. It was like a miracle!

Syria was not under an international conflict. But the conflict is between America and its followers and agents, on the one hand, and the people of Syria on the other, Europe has no influence in Syria, such as in Yemen and Libya for example. America controls the regime, its followers and its agents. The conflict is between America, its followers and the sincere people of Syria.

However, the Syrian revolution has given America sleepless nights, even President Obama mentioned that he his hair went grey: "I am pretty confident that a big chunk of my gray hair comes out of my Syria meetings” he said. (Ra’i Al Youm, 5/8/2016)

2. America has taken two different ways to achieve the highest goal of America in the region, namely, the elimination of the Syrian revolution, and the continuation of the agent rule:

a. The first way: is to provide all means of financial and military support to the regime in Damascus so that it does not collapse, including pushing Iran and its militias to Syria to fight alongside Bashar, and then push Russia in the same way. Russian President, Putin, announced the Russian intervention in Syria at the end of September 2015 immediately after his meeting with former US President Obama in New York. America has banned all international bodies and institutions from any meaningful condemnation of Bashar's regime despite the severity of the crimes that reached the use of chemical weapons.

Although America threatened the regime if it uses chemical weapons, but it did not follow on its threat for fear for the regime. And this is what happened: When the regime used chemical weapons in Ghouta on 21/8/2013, America sent its battles ships to strike the regime, but declined so as not to affect the psyche of the regime by these blows! Leading to it fall before the maturity of the alternative agent, because it did not see in the Syrian National Coalition, which it has established the ability to fill the vacuum, especially as it is exposed due to its relations with America and its agents, hence that is why America retreated, and its decline was a clear evidence for all eyes to see that America wants to preserve the regime, despite the brutal chemical attack by of the regime... Yet the revolution in Syria remained steadfast and even progressed on the ground.

b. The second way, which is the most dangerous, is the containment (of the revolution); America announced that it is with the Syrian revolution, deceiving the factions because it did not fight them publicly, if they were aware they would have known that it was using others for this task! We have already mentioned this in a publication issued on 11/10/2015, which states: “.. here was the tragedy; America shows that it is with the revolutionaries, and it is difficult to fight them publicly, and they have incurred damage to the regime, but the American alternative has not matured yet. Thus it introduces the dirty dangerous game to assign Russia this job, of supporting the regime publically and fighting the revolutionaries publically, and its war is justified, and the regime was ready to call in Russia, with the order of America, and this is what took place...Russia accepted this evil and dirty role in Syria to serve America!”

Thus America was stating that it supports the opposition with money and weapons, but it was all talk without action! Because the United States prevents the arrival of any effective weapon to the revolution through Turkey or Jordan, and was sending some assistance such as bulletproof jackets only to consolidate the idea that it stood with the revolution. And it announced the support and training, that benefited only a few people, that did not exceed five sometimes. The objective from this was to attract the factions towards it. America expected that this claim will be revealed sooner or later, therefore it used its followers in the region, especially Turkey and Saudi Arabia in the era of King Salman, in early 2015, these countries were charged with containing the revolution, and to get the loyalty of the faction’s leaders and dilute the Islamic character of the revolution, and the two countries used their intelligence tools to achieve this. As well as the dirty financial support, and the sheikhs of evil (preachers), and it provided shelter, safe havens, media platform, and poisoned money.

3. Because the revolution in Syria at that time was solid in its goals and Islam, it was necessary to intensify the use of these tools of the American influence, some sources have even reported that some factions in Syria received nearly a billion dollars! Through the financial support and intensity, and the provision of media platform and its importance, and the safe haven and its gravity, America’s followers "Saudi and Turkey" managed to have influence over the opposition and the military factions, and they linked them to the intelligence of those countries, until each of the two countries, especially through the elements of financial and media power managed to highlight the leaders and raise their status, and control through them the factions! America, using all its agents and tools in the region, wants to divert the Syrian revolution and confuse its objectives.

It declared that its mission in Syria and that of its international coalition is to fight ‘terrorism’ i.e. fighting the factions of the Syrian revolution. Despite its involvement in the Syrian war since 2014, its bombing was limited to striking the factions it calls ‘terrorist’. It does not strike Bashar's forces, and it coordinates with Russia. However, many of the leaders of the armed factions have trusted it (America) and coordinated their operations with its intelligence rooms, MOM and MOC, and even engaged in the way it calls "the fight against terrorism," thus introduced internal fighting and shedding the prohibited blood. This confused the Syrian revolution, which began fighting on two fronts, the American front against "terrorism", which was added to the original front of "toppling the regime”. The factions were under pressure from Turkey and Saudi Arabia on top of the added international pressure to further engage in the US front, and keep it away from the original front!

Turkey's intervention, "the Shield of the Euphrates" was the culmination of this trend. Turkey asked its factions to withdraw from the battles of Aleppo and head north to fight ISIS. Thus, Bashar's forces and its allies, Russia and Iran managed to occupy the city of Aleppo at the end of 2016, in an operation that resembled Turkey’s handing over Aleppo to the Russians and then to the regime! The response of the armed factions to Turkey and its withdrawal from the battles of Aleppo and its involvement in the American front against "terrorism" was a very dangerous sign, as it clearly indicated that the leadership of the factions that was fed millions of dollars, had a strong influence over their factions. And that it enabled America, after waiting for so long, to open a page of hope to eliminate the Syrian revolution.

The American policy continued to direct the Syrian arena in the direction of elimination of the revolution, the goal that America saw possible after it succeeded and its followers to take the loyalty of many of the leaders of the military factions.

Then Erdogan repeated the scenario of the “Shield of the Euphrates”, he invented the “Olive Branch” to facilitate the entry of the regime to Idlib. When the Syrian regime began to advance towards Idlib and encircled Abu Al-Duhur Airbase, Erdogan pushed the fight towards Afrin! Nearly 25 thousand fighters of the opposition participated, and the military leader in Failaq (Legion) Ash-Sham, Yasser Abdul Rahim, confirmed that about 25 thousand armed men from the Free Syrian Army are participating in the Turkish military operation in Afrin ... (Russia Today: 23/1/2018), This was with America’s knowledge and consent. The Turkish Foreign Minister Mouloud Gaoucheğlu said that he "discussed of the Syrian crisis and the issue of border security units with US Secretary of Defense James Matiss on Monday evening (15/1/2018) in Canada," (Anadolu Agency 17/1/2018). This is confirmed by the American statements, that indicates that the Olive Branch and the subject of Afrin and the movements of the Turkish army was conducted with total American consent and with the Russian coordination with America, and from these statements: “The Central Command of the US military said that Turkey briefed them on the military operation in the Syrian city of Afrin.” (Quds Press, 21/01/2018)

4. The outlines of the American policy in Syria after the surrendering of Aleppo is as follows:

a. Cooling down the Syrian arena: The most prominent title of this goal is the path of Astana, which Turkey forced the factions affiliated to it, to negotiate with Bashar, Iran and Russia the cease fire. This trend culminated in the so-called "reduction of escalation" agreements, which were moving from one region to another.

It reached the South, whose factions had not previously participated in the Astana negotiations, but finally they did. During two years of negotiations, Turkey emerged as a guarantor of the agreement alongside Russia and Iran. The strength of the revolution in its early years prevented any cease-fire. It was an elusive goal for the Obama administration, but it started to be achieved by the end of that administration in 2016 and then the Trump administration arrived.

The cooling of the Syrian arena meant that the US made room for negotiations without a direct threat to remove Bashar's regime militarily, but in negotiations that confirm the legitimacy of the regime and therefore none of the decisions include any reference to the removal of Bashar. This is because America used the United Nations and the Security Council, which it controls, and sent its followers, the envoys, the black, green and white, from Kofi Annan to Lakhdar Brahimi to de Mistura, and it held Geneva conferences to bring together the opposition with the regime, starting with the Geneva 1 Conference in 30/6/2012, all of which is a recognition of the regime and its preservation. As well as conferences held in Vienna, Vienna 1 and 2 in 2015. One of the most important items in the Vienna 2 conference is the preservation of the secular identity of the Syrian state and its institutions. The most recent of these international decisions was the decision made by America itself on 18/12/2015 and unanimously accepted by the Council, is the decision that summarized all decisions and results of the Geneva and Vienna conferences relating to Syria, and summarized them in a single resolution, Number 2254.

This decision has become the reference to the political solution in Syria, and all countries call for its application including the armed factions under the influence of supporting countries who called for it. This resolution does not call for the removal of Bashar! Which confirms America’s protection for him and his regime, this was the case until the handover of Aleppo, and then forcing the armed factions not to open the fronts became inevitable, and then pressure them to achieve it and to abide by the total cease-fire, leaving the regime together with Russia and Iran (the other guarantors of the reduction of the escalation) to capture the revolutionaries’ area, one after the other. The third guarantor, Turkey did not move a finger towards those violations! The regime bombed the area of the Barada Valley, when the ink of the first agreement to reduce the escalation in early 2017 did not even dry yet, in full view of this guarantor! But their complicity reached the participation of its intelligence, when the regime ignited the battles of the eastern Ghouta, in the "counter-terrorism" operations in Ghouta “Turkish presidential spokesman Ibrahim Kalin in a news conference on Wednesday to TRT news channel said that Turkey does not want the presence of an extremist organization in eastern Ghouta.” (Reuters, 15/3/2018) He said this when the regime, Russia, Iran and the followers bombarded Ghouta brutally, as if Turkey’s Erdogan justified their action!

b. To engage in US policy in the name of "counter-terrorism": After the US President Trump announced his intention to get rid of ISIS, and in an extension of the battle of Mosul, America followed this policy on four fronts:

- The first front: the US army led the Kurdish factions, supported by America to drive ISIS out of Raqqa, and it also led other factions in eastern Syria to fight ISIS. Thus the Kurds had a greater control in the north of Syria, specifically in the Kurdish areas in Syria. The main Kurdish forces was the Kurdish Democratic Party (KDP). It had regained with the support of America the largest area from ISIS control and took over all the east of the Euphrates; that is 28 % of the Syrian land, and it is the area with the richest wealth of oil and gas, as well as water and agricultural resources, from Kobani to Raqqa, Bukamal area and Deir al-Zour regions. And this did not affect the regime. The Kurdish forces move according to the American instructions and therefore did not stand in the face of the regime. Many media outlets have recently circulated reports of the handing over of areas by the People's Protection Units, the largest component of Syria's democratic forces, due to American orders, to the Syrian regime; based on agreements that took place in Damascus and Qamishli.

“The leader of the Kurdish National Council in Syria, Fuad Aliko, revealed the reasons and variables that prompted the Kurdish Democratic Union Party "PYD" to hold an undeclared agreement with the Syrian regime, and the latter received areas under the control of Kurdish forces based on the terms of items of the agreement, including An-Nashwa neighbourhood in Hasaka, and the other areas east of the Euphrates River.” (, 16/07/2018) And the Herapolis website ( cited an unnamed private source, that a meeting was held last Saturday, "between the figures of the KDP militia that represent its Military Council of Munbaj, and officials of the Assad regime at the headquarters of the Baath Party in the city of Aleppo”. He added that they discussed "the handing over of security zone in the city of Manbaj to the militias of the regime in addition to the Martyrs' Dam (Tishreen Dam) southeast of the city." (, 11/07/2018)

And the leaders of the Kurdish groups in northern Syria are under America’s control, if America wants them to return to the arms of their agent Bashar, they will not refuse. There are signs of this, the newspaper site “Ra’i Al-Youm”, 7/6/2018 cited the leading Kurdish leader Salih Muslim talking about the rushing to negotiate with the regime, he said: “Our doors have always been open to everyone and we found a change in Assad's recent conversation. Two months ago he was describing us as terrorists. Now he talks about negotiations. This is progress ... and just as everyone thinks of their interests we will do the same”. The Foreign Minister of the Syrian regime, Walid al-Muallem’s statement has been quoted by Al-Arab the London based newspaper, 27/9/2017: “The Syrian Kurds" want a form of self-autonomy within the borders of the Syrian Arab Republic, and this is subject to negotiations and dialogue". The regime and the Kurds are American cards that do not represent any obstacles to the political solution. What America wants for them is not rejected by them or by the regime, whether they remain as they are, before 2011 or with a self-autonomy rule within Syria.

- The second front: it was led by Turkey in the battle of the Shield of the Euphrates north of Aleppo on 24/08/2016 and then the Olive Branch on 20/01/2018, it made it easy for the regime to enter Aleppo and southern Idlib. It is because these factions were ordered by Turkey and left the battles with the regime, and engaged in fighting in the shield and the branch, Aleppo and southern Idlib were lost or almost lost! Prior to that, Turkey, which continues to this day under the direction of the United States, in playing another role in Idlib and entered the area with reconnaissance units from 7/10/2017 and then deployed its forces and set up monitoring points within the agreement of reducing the escalation with Russia and Iran ... After that Erdogan's meeting with US President Trump took place on 21/9/2017 in New York, Trump described Erdogan then as: “a friend of mine" (Anadolu, 21/9/2017) and the discussion between them was focused on the situation in Syria. Trump agreed to Turkey's entry into Idlib “the Turkish army began a survey operation in the Syrian province of Idlib with the aim of establishing a zone to reduce tension under the Astana agreement. (Sky News Arabia 09/10/2017). According to ‘Inab baladi website on 13/5/2018, the Turkish operation is still continuing, it stated: “Turkey complete the steps initiated in the province of Idlib and it is moving in two directions the first is the deployment of control points agreed in the agreement to ease the tension in Astana, and the other is the organization of the military structure of the factions working there without understanding with the Islamic factions until today...” The site also added: “Since the beginning of this year, the Turkish observation points have been deployed in Idilb on the eastern border of Idlib excluding the Western area, which raised the questions about the reasons that limited the points from the east side only!” According to the sources, the factions received Turkish support only once ...

Despite the Turkish moves, Russian air raids continues, which is the most thorny issue in the daily scene in Idlib. According to correspondents of ‘Inab Baladi in Idlib and its countryside: “the Russian air raids target southern Idlib with high-explosive missiles that are heard throughout Idlib.”

- As for the third front, America moved the Saudi regime, which participated with it in the international coalition, and declared that it was ready to send ground forces to Syria for America's sake and its leadership.

This regime played a dirty role, such as the Turkish regime, by putting the armed factions which was poisoned by its money under its influence and prevented these factions from moving towards the heart of the capital Damascus, although they it was within their sight and some were a stone’s throw away! Which made them accept the negotiations with the regime, making the factions that fell under its influence through its funding come to Riyadh and accept to participate in the negotiations and so was the meeting in Riyadh 1 on 11/12/2015. The statement of Riyadh, and Riyadh 2 Conference were issued on 22-24 / 11/2017; and it formed a joint delegation to negotiate with the regime in Geneva and in Vienna under American guidance and planning. The Saudi regime is still ready to provide services to America. The Saudi Crown Prince Bin Salman said after meeting with his masters in America, announcing what they instructed him to say in Time Magazine on 6/4/2018: "I don’t believe Bashar will leave without a war, and I don’t believe that anyone wants to launch this war.”

- The fourth front was of the forces of Bashar, Iran and Russia: after it was guaranteed by Turkey to "reduce the escalation" in the main areas, as the forces of this front fought the battles in Palmyra and reached Deir al-Zour, all with the complicity of Turkey and Saudi Arabia and their influence on the factions, they diverted the factions from fighting the tyrant to fighting in other fronts under the pretext of fighting ‘terrorism’. Thus the regime breathed a sigh of relief and removed from itself the dust of the many defeats it suffered during the years of the revolution.

It emerged as a force in the negotiating rounds in Geneva as well as Astana, where it was speaking from a position of strength and withdrawing from the negotiations. The faction began to ask the countries to pressure the regime into accepting the peaceful solution, after it was the regime’s demand to stop its destruction!

c. Distancing the disrupting fronts: as well as the exclusion of European countries by America from the Syrian scene, and wanting to keep it exclusively between them and Russia internationally. Although Russia is not a separate entity from America in Syria, America used Russia to stand with Bashar as a front to negotiate with internationally regarding Syria, to prevent the European intervention. Equally important, America has sought to reduce the regional distracting fronts, Qatar and Jordan.

As for Qatar, America has moved Saudi Arabia and Egypt against Qatar and imposed a boycott by mid-2017 accusing it of supporting "terrorism" in Syria, and so the regime in Qatar found itself under direct threat from America's agents, so it discontinued its intervention in Syria, and ended its active role. As for Jordan, it was and together with its intelligence have established strong relations with the southern factions in Syria, and this was in favour of Britain in the hope of gaining some influence to Syria... And to limit this, America has initiated itself to open negotiations with Russia with the trick of "reducing escalation" in south of Syria, and thus it enabled the regime of almost complete control of the south and then ended the effective influence of Jordan or almost did.

That is, America is cutting off any hope for the factions cooperating with it that it may come to their aid! As quoted by some media, it seems that some of them have woken up from their ignorance, and said that America has deceived them! Now they are aware?

5. When scrutinizing American policy and the policy of its followers, especially Turkey and Saudi Arabia, and Egypt to a lesser degree due to its internal problems, we find that America is moving at the same time in all the outlines that it drew for Syria and mentioned above, it leaves the door open wide for the efforts of the regime, Russia and Iran to strike the opposition militarily, and to remove any hopes within the opposition that America will rise for they support. When the regime launched its campaign against Daraa and the southern region, supported by Russian aviation, America sent a message to the factions of the Free Army through its embassy in Jordan on 23/6/2018 saying: "We understand that you must make your decision according to your interests and the interests of your family and your faction as you see it, and you should not base your decision on the assumption or expectation of military intervention by us" (‘Inab Baladi website, 23/6/2018). And that is, America is cutting off any hope for the factions cooperating with it that it may stand up and save them! As if some of them, as quoted by some media outlets, have woken up from their ignorance, and said that America has deceived them! Now (they are aware)?

Thus, America is actively pursuing the policy of eradicating the armed factions in Syria through the regime, Iran and Russia, and does not pose any obstacles on the way, but before and after that, with the active contribution of Turkey and Saudi Arabia! The American support for the factions was standing at the limits of statements or money paid to the leaders in return for loyalty. There was little weapons coming from the American and it was ineffective and of a defensive nature (i.e. non-lethal), and that was in the past in order to convince the revolutionaries that America is with them and supports them so that they become loyal to it. Today, after Bashar Assad's military side is winning, all this talk has ended, and American statements in this regard have ended with it; America closed this file, as well as its followers, Turkey and Saudi Arabia.

6. As for the course of the political negotiations, America was postponing it until the revolution was eliminated and Bashar stands on his own feet. Therefore, it used to busy its followers and agents to prepare the situation in side talks until the conditions of the political solution mature and it takes the main post.

This is why during the course of the political negotiations that lasted for years, America’s agents and their followers in Saudi Arabia and Turkey have been active in organizing meetings and conferences of the Syrian opposition, and they have been highlighting leaders in the political scene and removing leaders away. All this is taking place until the regime stands on its feet, and then America takes control over the political solution with a role to Russia or may be without a role for it.

But after the great military achievements of Bashar and his allies in the city of Aleppo, then the valley of Barada and the Qalmon, then the eastern Ghouta and the removal of the dangers from around Damascus the capital, and then the countryside of Homs and Hama, and today in Daraa, and perhaps later in Idlib and the rest of the countryside of Aleppo, These great achievements indicate that the American political solution is approaching, but that it postponed until after Idlib. It seems that they are preparing for this, they have completed the implementation of the agreement of Fo’a and Zabadani; and a final agreement between Russia and Turkey was ratified on 17/7/2018 and stipulated the evacuation of the residents of the towns of Fo'a and Kafriya loyalists of the regime in the province of Idlib that were besieged by the factions, so that the faction do not hold any pressurizing card, and so that the regime will not be embarrassed if it attacks the region and commits the massacres. Thus, the only place left without the American political solution is Idlib and with it the western Aleppo countryside, which is an important area with a large gathering of revolutionaries, but Turkey has a great influence on many of the armed factions in it, it is likely that Turkey will pressurize them to hand over the heavy weapons to the regime and reconcile with it.

This is more dangerous than the war of the regime, Russia and Iran, although both are dangerous and harmful ... If the military power is removed from the Syrian revolution, then the American political solution will be under preparation and implementation ... It is more likely that America wants to keep Bashar for a period of "transition" that is part of its political solution, and to make sure during that period of the elimination of the opposition, and then brings an agent like Bashar that continues to maintain its influence in Syria, as well as keeping the security of her daughter the Jewish state usurper of Palestine. This Jewish state wants in Syria an agent like Bashar to safeguard its security and does not shoot even one shot at it. Natanyahu told reporters before leaving Moscow on Thursday 12/07/10/2018: "We do not have a problem with the Assad regime (the father and the son) for the course of forty years, not a single bullet was shot from the Golan Heights. We do not oppose the settlement of the Syrian President Bashar Assad, but we will work on protecting our borders” (Ha'aretz, July 12, 2018)

7. The military power of the Syrian regime is weak and insufficient to control Syria after the political solution. Bashar's army has become increasingly exhausted. Despite the endless supply of weapons provided to him by various American channels, whether through Russia, Iran or elsewhere, human resources remain its main problem. Therefore, it is expected that any American political solution must be based on a power that can safeguard it. America may follow one of the two following paths or both together, they are:

a. The continued reliance on Iran, its party and its other militias, including Iranians, Afghans, Pakistanis, etc., which necessitates their housing and naturalization, which some news points to its implementation by the Syrian regime today. An expert estimated to DW German news agency, 30/4/2018, the number of these militias as 45 and the number of their elements approaching 40 thousand, the expert said: “I think that these militias will remain in Syria ... We saw a process of settling them in the Damascus belt. The Shiite militias are in the Sayeda Zeinab neighborhood and other areas ... I think that Iran is trying, as is the case with the popular crowd, their naturalization or of other ways to help them stay in the area.”

Although the regime compels the inhabitants of the areas it re-controls to serve in the army, but it doubts their loyalty which make it dependent on those militias that fought on its side during the years of the revolution.

b. Relying on regional forces "for peacekeeping", and they may bring Egyptian, Saudi and Turkish troops for this purpose. This is not new news; Al-Jazeera Net quoted a US newspaper, 8/4/2016: “The American Journal, the National Interest pointed to the war that has been raging in Syria for years, and said that the country that slipped into the quagmire needs peacekeeping forces, regardless of which form that the conflict ends by.” This American perception of the solution in Syria that calls for the recruitment of troops from abroad, despite the military achievements of Bashar, has not ended. Al Jazeera Net cited on 17/4/2018:

“The Wall Street Journal reported that the administration of President Donald Trump is planning to replace American forces with Arab forces in Syria to maintain stability in the north-east of the country after the defeat of ISIS.

The newspaper reported that US national security adviser John Bolton contacted the acting Egyptian Intelligence Director Abbas Kamil to know Cairo’s position regarding this; it added that the communication has taken place with Gulf countries also, to participate in these forces and provide financial support to them. Officials in the administration expect that Arab countries respond to the Trump request, especially in terms of financial support.)

8. This is what is indicated by the facts that have taken place and are taking place on the US policy in Syria ...

And after analyzing it this, it is clear that the continuation of the regime and not why it did not fall, was not primarily due to the power of the regime or the power of America and its followers Russia and Iran and its militias, nor the power of followers and agents of Turkey and Saudi Arabia, although they have an influence, but the main reason is the betrayal or deception and the complicity of many of the heads of the factions for trusting in America, and that it is with them, and they forgot that it is the enemy of Islam and Muslims in all its actions ... as well as their confidence in America’s followers and their agents Turkey and Saudi Arabia and they forget how Aleppo was surrendered by opening the Euphrates Shield front and the withdrawal of the fighters from it, then came the Olive Branch which moved the fighters there, and left southern Idlib an easy prey for Russia and the regime.

As for Saudi Arabia, the factions forgot how Saudi prepared them to negotiate with the regime of the tyrant in meetings and negotiations that recognize the regime more than remove it. And now the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia revealed what was concealed and declared that Bashar is staying ... and what is even worse is that Russia brutally bombards them and yet they negotiate with it and surrenders their heavy and medium weapons! It is a painful sight that Russia receives their tanks and their guns, and they are closer to humiliation and subjugation.

All this is the root cause of what happened. They stayed for long years fighting the regime and advancing in its areas, but in few days only they left Aleppo with the complicity of Turkey. They came out of southern Syria, especially from Daraa in even less days, with the complicity of Saudi Arabia. In both cases, their weapons stores were full of weapons they had captured from the regime's army ... It is really sad that they withstand years of explosive barrels, destructive missiles and deadly weapons from the regime, Russia, Iran and its militias, but they give up their places without a fight in few days, and surrender them with the complicity and betrayals, and even surrender their heavy and medium weapons! And leave their homes and become displaced!!

One who follows this sees that the main reason is the factions' trust in the enemies of Islam and Muslims, and their trust in the agents and followers, whether the leaders of the factions know that or whether they were ignorant of it, whether they intended this or by mistake, both of them are painful ... someone may ask, and he have every right to, as long as Hizb ut Tahrir has this degree of awareness, vision and insight and is aware of the course of events, why did it not advise the factions and made them aware so that they do not fall in this mistake?

I say to those who ask this question, that we are exhausted by giving them advice them and showing them the reality of the matter with evidence and proofs ... Our feet have tired by walking to them to advise them and guide them, as some of the routes to them were difficult to drive the cars on. So we walk on foot, and due to the numerous contacts with them, some people thought that we are from them!! If the person reads who asked this question reads our publications, and answers to questions, and they number many, he would know that we have put a lot of effort on this matter, even more than our best, but many of these leaders were not deterred or feared (Allah), they would say, when we warn them of the dirty money they took from these treacherous countries: "Where would we get money from then?" Hizb ut Tahrir does not give us money.”

So they justify for themselves taking the money from the Kuffar and traitors! If we tell them that you will be hostages to them, they say no! So what is lost is lost, and they remain blind in ignorance. If we say to them that you will get many weapons which you will capture from the regime, so why should you humiliate yourselves at the gates of those traitors to get some weapons? They say, where do we get our weapons from and Hizb ut Tahrir does not give us arms? If we say to them that your necks are subject to them with this weapon, they say, we take from the enemy and fight the enemy! Then they find out that, but too late, that the weapons were prevented from them and they were in dire need of it, and they even handed over their weapons by the collusion of those traitors ... Thus we advised them but they do not like the advisors! As an example, I mention some of what came in our publication on 05/04/2018:

“... Although the party exerted effort to raise awareness of these factions, and enlighten them of what is going on, but they were justifying following those people, because they supported them with money and weapons, and that the party cannot do that, but only support them with advice ... They say that advice does not aid when it comes to the actual fighting! They did not realize that the sword in the hand of the holder, is a double-edged sword, it is in the hand of aware, with the vision a shield that protect him from the evil of his opponent, and a powerful means to defeat his enemy ... But in the hand of the tricked who runs behind the support of criminals will be a tearing shield, with its wires pierce through it, and it will kill whoever is holding it before he is killed by his opponent!

We address those factions that refused our advice and awareness, and said that this does not help during the war, and that they want the money and weapons support, that they find with the traitors of the Muslims, the Arabs, Turks and Persians. Some of them add, even the criminals of the Russians and the Americans, thinking that taking the dirty money from them, will not prevent them from fighting for the Ash-Sham ... We say to all of them: Now you see the result of your actions and your words, you have become displaced, expelled from your homes and even your children!)

9. In conclusion, we say: none of the areas left except Idlib, and may be Erdogan has other shields and branches lost Idlib that will lose Idlib and its surroundings, which is quite and does not show any movement ... We say to the factions not to be fooled by Erdogan's moves and they must not give up Idlib to the regime ... They should not forget what happened to them in Aleppo, and to remember the Hadith of the Messenger (saw), which was narrated by Bukhari from Abu Hurayrah (may Allah be pleased with him) that the Prophet (saw) said:

«لَا يُلْدَغُ الْمُؤْمِنُ مِنْ جُحْرٍ وَاحِدٍ مَرَّتَيْنِ»

“A believer is not bitten from the same hole twice.” What then if he is bitten many many times?

(إِنَّ فِي ذَلِكَ لَذِكْرَى لِمَنْ كَانَ لَهُ قَلْبٌ أَوْ أَلْقَى السَّمْعَ وَهُوَ شَهِيدٌ)

“Indeed in that is a reminder for whoever has a heart or who listens while he is present [in mind]” [Qaf: 37]

In conclusion, we affirm what we have already said: the circumstances will change, and this Ummah has been plagued by this and more severe affliction, like the Crusaders and the Tatars, and then it made a comeback and revived, and uprooted them and then led the world ... It is true that the rule of Islam was implemented in those days. And that the Khilafah (Caliphate) existed even though it was weak, the Ummah had a head that united it to fight its enemy, to realize the truth and remove the falsehood, it defeated the enemy and rose again. Today there is no rule of Islam, there is no Khilafah, and permission from the one who unites the Muslims to fight, this is what could be said by someone, which is a true description of the reality, but the work for the Khilafah continues strongly, by Allah’s permission, and it has become a major demand for Muslims in their countries, and they yearn for this in word and deed, and they approach those black days, 26, 27, 28 of Rajab 1342 AH, which included the conspiracy and the crime of the abolition of the Khilafah, to remove those black days, and restore the Khilafah to shine again in the day that Allah (swt) has decreed. This is easy for Allah (swt) to accomplish. Then the wrongdoers, those who betrayed, and the oppressors will know to which end they shall return...

Muslims should not despair in Allah's mercy, Ash-Sham will remain Ash-Sham, it is the home of Islam: Narrated by Na’eem Bin Hammad on the subject of strifes, on the authority of Khatheer Bin Murrah: he said: the Prophet (saw) said:

«عُقْرُ دَارِ الْإِسْلَامِ بِالشَّامِ» “The abode of Islam is in Ash-Sham.”

The Hizb is reassured with Allah’s victory not just for the Prophets and Messengers, but also for the believers, truthful, and not just in the Hereafter, but also in this life too.

(إِنَّا لَنَنْصُرُ رُسُلَنَا وَالَّذِينَ آمَنُوا فِي الْحَيَاةِ الدُّنْيَا وَيَوْمَ يَقُومُ الْأَشْهَادُ)

“Indeed, We will support Our messengers and those who believe during the life of this world and on the Day when the witnesses will stand.” [Ghafir: 51]

And that day the believers will rejoice in the victory of Allah, and the wrongdoers will be afflicted with debasement and a severe punishment in the Hereafter, and Allah is the Muntaqim (Avenger), Jabar (Compeller), Aziz (Mighty) and Hakeem (Wise).

16 Dhul Qi’dah 1439 AH
29/7/2018 CE

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