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بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

 Life and Death is in the Hands of Allah (swt) Alone

Throughout human history, changes in the very course of history have occurred at the hands of extraordinary personalities that take great risks, as they are fundamentally willing to risk their very lives. As for the Islamic Ummah, throughout its history, the matchless advance of Islam was upon the hands of countless Muslims who presented their souls to Allah (swt) for marching on battlefields.

The powerful motivation of the Islamic officers comes from the confirmed Belief that the End of Lifespan is determined by Allah (swt) alone. It allowed them to overcome overwhelming numbers and powers. They knew that no man on earth will die before an appointed time.
And thus, the unbroken Sword of Allah (swt), Khalid Bin Walid (ra), declared with regret, when he was on his death bed,

لقد شهدت مئة زحف أو زهاءها، وما في جسدي موضع شبر إلا وفيه ضربة بسيف أو رمية بسهم أو طعنة برمح، وها أنا ذا أموت على فراشي، حتف أنفي، كما يموت البعير فلا نامت أعين الجبناء

“I have fought in so many battles seeking martyrdom that there is no spot in my body left without a scar or a wound made by a spear or sword. And yet here I am, dying on my bed like an old camel. May the eyes of the cowards never rest!”

The passion to seek the best death is essential in order for the officers to truly commit to granting the Nussrah for the Khilafah project, an action that will change the tide of history in favor of Islam. So let such officers consider the death of their noble brother in arms, Saad (ra), who preceded them in establishing Islam as a state and a rule, in Madinah, by giving the material support (Nussrah) to RasulAllah (saaw). When Sa’ad (ra) died, his mother wept and RasulAllah (saaw) told her,

«ليرقأ (لينقطع) دمعك، ويذهب حزنك، فإن ابنك أول من ضحك الله له واهتز له العرش»

“Your tears would recede and your sorrow be lessened if you know that your son is the first person for whom Allah smiled and His Throne trembled.” [At-Tabarani]

And let the advocates of the Khilafah and the Ansaar of today surge forwards decisively, without hesitation, armed with the knowledge that none can delay death, let alone escape it. They do not flee away from their duty to overturn the tyrants for Allah (swt) said,

(قُلْ إِنَّ الْمَوْتَ الَّذِي تَفِرُّونَ مِنْهُ فَإِنَّهُ مُلاَقِيكُمْ) “Say: ‘The death from which you flee will truly overtake you.” [Al-Jumu’ah 62: 8]. They do not retreat from their duty of establishing the Deen as an authority and State thinking that by such a retreat their lives would be prolonged for Allah (swt) said,

(فَإِذَا جَاءَ أَجَلُهُمْ لاَ يَسْتَأْخِرُونَ سَاعَةً وَلاَ يَسْتَقْدِمُونَ) “When their term is reached, not an hour can they cause delay, nor (an hour) can they advance (it in anticipation).” [Al-A’raaf 7: 34]. And they do not vacate their post or find excuses to escape their duty towards their Deen for Allah (swt) said,

(أَيْنَمَا تَكُونُوا يُدْرِكُّمْ الْمَوْتُ وَلَوْ كُنتُمْ فِي بُرُوجٍ مُشَيَّدَةٍ) “Wherever you are, death will find you out, even if you are in towers built up strong and high!” [An-Nisaa’ 4: 78].

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