Thursday, 16 Safar 1443 | 2021/09/23
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بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

News Right Now: The Spineless

Welcome to today’s episode of News Right Now – The Spineless.

American president, Biden, last month, described the allegations of the events that took place during the Ottoman State in 1915 as genocide. It’s proven that the regime was fully aware that Biden would make such a bold statement, yet they did NOTHING! Instead we saw they only made a mere statement saying: “We reject and denounce in the strongest terms the statement of the President of the US regarding the events of 1915 made under the pressure of radical Armenian circles and anti-Turkey groups on 24 April.”

The US to make up such a lie and dare use such words truly shows it DOES NOT CARE and knows full well that it won’t affect the US-Turkey Relation! We saw previously with the US, Erdogan bowed down to the wishes and demands in normalising relations with the Jewish entity and Russia and attacking Syrian revolutionary groups... AGAIN failing to take the REAL action he was obliged to against such evil and malicious world leaders! the US to accuse the ottoman Khilafah of genocide is very ironic – need she be reminded of Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Central America, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria and etc.?! Need she be reminded of the millions of lives she’s taken? Need she be reminded of the millions of homes she’s destroyed??! Need she be reminded of the billions of dollars she gives to Jewish entity? NEED SHE?!!!

The response of Turkey is appalling! It was SUCH a weak response and an utter disgrace for someone who is the leader of a country like Turkey, who has the support and votes of Muslims, as well as someone who claims to be so proud of his Ottoman history and Islamic roots. It’s no use building the largest mosque in Europe replicating the grandeur of Sultan Ahmet Mosque and broadcasting a series of the amazing lives Of Ertugrul Ghazi and Usman Ghazi if you can’t stand up against such outrageous comments going against their era of Civilisation! It is a painful situation for Muslims. A true leader, who would’ve been outraged by such lies, would have stood up and severed all ties with the US. The US ambassador to Ankara should’ve been expelled from Turkey immediately, and the Turkish ambassador to Washington should’ve been summoned immediately to Ankara! This is the BARE MINIMUM! Sadly this cannot be expected!

Today the enemies of Islam have no fright and fear no consequences when attacking the Muslims, Islam and her past. Why would they when we have such spineless rulers who have blatantly abandoned Islam and only care about protecting their thrones, their power and their wealth! Even then they are used, abused and spat out when no longer needed! IT is in fact ONLY the implementation of the KHILAFAH System that will stop the relentless slander of Islam; for the Khilafah stands not for any throne, material power or personal interest, but for Islam!

The Khilafah would mobilise and respond with all its strength, such that the enemies of Islam could never think of speaking ill of Islam. In the past the colonialist states were fearful of the Khilafah’s stern response and rarely dared to speak ill of Islam. They were shaken by the mere thought of the response and backed down even for relatively minor violations, unlike today where we see the current attacks on the Quran, the Prophet and our history!

May Allah allow us to witness and be a part of such a glory soon bi’itnillah. Ameen

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