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بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

In the Ongoing Massacres and Destroyed Hospitals ... Aleppo Raises Its Hands Praying to Allah that the Muslim Armies Move to its Rescue… And that Allah Curses the Agent Traitor Rulers


Fresh Syrian and Russian air strikes were carried out on several neighborhoods in the city of Aleppo early Tuesday morning. One of these raids targeted As-Sakhur Hospital, killing seven people, including two medical personnel (Al-Jazeera, 4/10/2016). On Monday, air strikes targeted the largest hospital in the eastern neighborhoods in the besieged Syrian city of Aleppo, which led to the destruction and the killing of at least three maintenance workers inside... (France 24 / AFP, 3/10/2016.)

Thus, Aleppo is being subjected to brutal attacks by Russian and Syrian air strikes with all kinds of weapons, some of them not used before, which the Russians are testing in Syria, like the silent missiles that can be heard only when they explode. The repeated massacres and destroyed houses over the residents, even hospitals and mosques have been reduced to rubble, taking place in front of the eyes of the world: locally, regionally, and globally... And all this is happening to deceive the people that America and Russia are in conflict and tension with each other, as if Russia and its intervention in Syria was not approved, and even commissioned since the Obama-Putin meeting in Washington on 29/9/2015; after which the Russian aerial bombardment began at dawn the next day, 30/09/2015. America tried to deceive the opposition that it is standing on their side, and that Russia is on the regime’s side! America often repeated in its statements that there is no place for Bashar in the future solution in Syria, but today after its deception is exposed by (the events in) Aleppo, it is asking the opposition to accept the participation of Bashar!

Kerry expressed his belief that the opposition must accept to run in elections that includes the Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad’s participation, Kerry's view that it’s the best hope for the Syrians for a political solution... (Russia Today, 01/10/2016). The Secretary of State suggested during the meeting, that the opposition take part in the elections that include Assad, in contradiction to the call maintained by the US administration for Assad's resignation. (Al-Jazeera, 1/10/2016) The Syrian crisis truly exposes and reveals the deception of the Kaffir colonists, agents, and hypocrites, to the believers. ﴿وَمَا يَخْدَعُونَ إِلَّا أَنْفُسَهُمْ وَمَا يَشْعُرُونَ“They [think to] deceive Allah and those who believe, but they deceive not except themselves and perceive [it] not” [Al-Baqara: 9]

America’s deception is used in two folds: In solutions that were political, they were managed publically, and, if it desired military actions, it was sufficed by the operations of the international coalition. After which it commissioned Russia, Iran and its supporters and followers to strike the opposition, but every politically conscious person knows well that America has influence over the Syrian regime since the appointment of dictators of Ash-Sham, Hafiz and his son Bashar.

America has established the tyrannical regime, of the father and the son, for decades and was committed to protect and maintain it for its own interests and the interests of the Jews; the results was that the Golan Heights was lost, and that front was calm and lived peacefully with the Jewish entity in safety and security. Then the tyrant Hafiz perished and his miserable successor was appointed by (former) US Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, since the first visit to console him for his father’s loss “Albright held a meeting with Bashar Al-Assad when offering condolences yesterday for the death of the late President Hafiz Al-Assad. The Syrian television showed Bashar and Albright exchanging talk while they emerged from a side room in the palace. The meeting was the first between Albright and Bashar Al-Assad. .. and the Secretary of State announced at the conclusion of the meeting, that she "sensed encouraging signs" about the peace process in the Middle East ...” ( agencies,14/6/2000).

Therefore, Bashar marched on the path of the deceased, in protecting the interests of America and the Jews; transgressing and oppressing, till his tyranny overflowed and reached the people, so they moved demanding their basic rights, but he oppressed them: the children, the elderly and women before the men, with murder and destruction, and heinous massacres to subjugate them. When he failed, America supported him with Iran and its party and its militias, and when they failed America sent Russia, and then Russia entered the conflict with extreme brutality, and started roaming in its bases on the ground, and striking with its missile launchers in the air and even the sea. In all that America pretends to be with the opposition, and Russia is with the regime, as if they were on opposite sides, while there is complete harmony and coordination between the American launchers and Russian launchers, that fly mid-air bombing the ground. ﴿هُمُ الْعَدُوُّ فَاحْذَرْهُمْ قَاتَلَهُمُ اللَّهُ أَنَّى يُؤْفَكُونَ“They are the enemy, so beware of them. May Allah destroy them; how are they deluded?” [Al-Munaffiqun: 4]

Then the truce agreement came on 12/09/2016, which was prepared to be announced after the regime was able to impose a siege on Aleppo, they supplied him with all that enabled him to achieve that. The revolutionaries were able to break the siege early in the month of August 2016 imposed by the regime on 26/07/2016, on Aleppo, and because the United States wanted the truce during the siege of Aleppo this is why America exerted all efforts through Russia, and Iran through its militias by intensifying the raids and troops, in addition to what was carried out by Turkey to withdraw its loyal factions from the Aleppo’s battle front to the Jarablos front, which weakened the Aleppo front. All this contributed towards the return of the regime to impose the siege on Aleppo again on 04/09/2016 “and the Syrian regime forces, re-imposed a full siege on the opposition controlled areas in Aleppo, bringing back the scene on the field to how it was before the sixth of last month …” (Al-Arabi Al- Jadeed 04/09/2016

America and Russia thought that the people of Syria will be subjugated, and agree to the truce’s conditions, those declared and the hidden ones, by sharing governance with the tyrant Bashar and his regime, and when they did not succeed in subjugating the people of Ash-Sham and their resistance, they took a more murderous and brutal step. Previously America was softening Russia’s brutality a little in deception to the opposition by claiming it is on their side. But this time because the urgency from America to do something noteworthy for Obama before the end of his term at the end of January 2017, it left the field to Russia to increase its crimes, and America stood aside even from the little it was showing to the opposition, and fabricated its tension between Russia, but it was uncovered! After the end of the truce was announced on 19/9/2016, and the suspension of talks with Russia was announced on a solution for the Syrian crisis. “For his part, the White House spokesman Josh Earnest said, "everybody's patience with Russia has run out ... there is nothing more for the United States and Russia to talk "on Syria, saying that the situation is tragic ..” (Middle East Online, 3/10/2016)

After the Russians and the Americans bickering exchange, and the exchange of the charge of causing the cessation of the truce, they were stating at the same time that they are coordinating together. “Kirby said the Russian and US militaries will keep a communications channel set up to ensure their forces do not get in each other's way during "counterterrorism operations in Syria." (Middle East Online 3/10/2016), and he added, "as in the past we will continue to seek a permanent cessation of hostilities across all parts of the country including keeping the Russian and Syrian fighters on the ground in certain areas" (AFP Arabic, 04/10/2016).

Amidst all this, Kerry and Lavrov are visiting each other and chatting in intimate friendship “Lavrov went on to say: "We are seeking to remove obstacles on the road of implementation of what we agreed on the Syrian settlement", stressing that he is talking with his US counterpart daily, and he said that they had three calls last Saturday in one day.” (RussiaToday, 3/10/2016). Therefore they exchange roles and perform in accordance to the American management of the conflict; to intensify the brutal raids, and the bloody shells in Syria and the people of Syria, to subjugate them to the American solutions, to negotiate with Bashar and establish a shared government under his wing, and that the crimes become forgotten.

A full war is raged in Syria, the massacres are frequent, hospitals and even homes are destroyed, and it is difficult to account for the number of martyrs and wounded, and the stench of death is everywhere in many parts of Syria, and today in Aleppo on top of this there is the stench of burnt bodies. This is taking place in front of the sight and hearing of rulers in Muslim countries, the neighboring and non-neighboring countries. Their armies are stationed in their barracks, and if they move, it is to protect these agent traitor rulers, who are not ashamed of Allah (swt) and His Messenger (saw) and the believers ... and if there are many more to protect them, they divert the fighters from the main battle fronts to less important fronts, as the action of the Turkish regime when it mobilized its army at a time when the conflict intensified in Aleppo. It moved its army into northern Syria and it drew its loyal factions from the Aleppo front to the Jarablus front, this led to the re-imposing of the siege of Aleppo by the regime on 04/09/2016.

The Turkish regime continues the fighting in the northern Syria front with its borders, weakening the Aleppo front; if it is wise, it will be aware that there is no doubt that the fall of Aleppo will lead to the downfall of northern Syria, and that the survival of liberated Aleppo will lead to the liberation of northern Syria. But it is proceeding according to US plans to put pressure on the people of Ash-Sham to form a shared government with the regime, and remain under its control after all the blood that was spilled, and the sanctities that were violated.

This is the action of the Turkish regime after its rhetoric filled the space that the Syrian regime is a tyrant and a traitor, and that Turkey will not allow a second Hama, yet a third and a fourth occurred. After Aleppo was its national core, the place where Suleyman Shah is buried, and that it is a red line. “Turkey could sound the drums of war and intervene if it was subjected to a military attack "because it is a piece of its land abroad" and it is present there for more than eight centuries ... The Turkish newspaper “Sabah” stated regarding this red line "that it represents the Turkish government and one of the most sensitive issues," according to the expression of the shrine ...” (Al-Arabiya, 8/10/2012). Rather it transferred it (the shrine) from its location in the Aleppo area so as not to be embarrassed by having to come to the defense of Aleppo. “Ankara conducted a military intelligence operation inside Syrian territory, which transferred the remains of Suleyman Shah, the grandfather of the founder of the Ottoman Empire Osman bin Ertogrul, smoothly and successfully ... and transferred the remains from the Kara Kozak in Aleppo’s countryside, to a temporary shrine inside one of its barracks in Sanliurfa province, 24/2/2015”.

When the Turkish regime mobilized its army, it did so to open another front to occupy the factions to weaken the Aleppo front. It did not move the army to support Aleppo, although the Turkish army is powerful in number and material capability and it can solve the problem of Syria, and save the people from the tyrant of Ash-Sham and topple him, and bring the life back to Ash-Sham the abode of Islam. This is recognized by the politicians. “The former British Foreign Minister, Lord David Owen, said that Turkey currently can create an important balance factor in Syria, through the implementation of an urgent humanitarian step through its forces on the ground and air to lift the siege of Aleppo, being the only country that has a favorable political and military position for intervention in order to save the city ​​...” (Al-Watan site, 03/10/2016). But the Turkish regime loyal to America did not want to support the people of Ash-Sham, but wants them to be up for grabs for the regime to implement the US solution of establishing a secular state in Syria under American influence.

The same is with Jordan, it halted its military that watches and sees and hears how Dar’a and its surroundings is bombard with all means of mass destruction, and does not mobilize its army except in protection of the regime. If it had extended beyond the protection of the army, it will mobilize it into the Syria borders not for the support and rescue of the people from the oppression of the regime, but to prevent the Syrians oppressed and stranded on the Syrian border, “Ar-Rukban (riders)" who are prevented from seeking refuge in Jordan. Ar-Rukban (riders) are illegal gatherings of Syrian refugees located inside Syrian territory on the border with Jordan, featuring tens of thousands of displaced families, which had hoped to seek refuge in the Kingdom, which has refused out to fears of the presence of terrorist elements among the refugees! The situation of the stranded has deteriorated in Ar-Rukban area after declaring it a closed military zone ...” ( site, 4/10/2016)

These are the moves by the neighboring countries in accordance to the Kaffir colonists’ instructions, instead of supporting their brothers in Ash-Sham they conspire against them, they even ignore being neutral between the oppressor and the oppressed! This is with regards to Jordan and Turkey. As for the other neighboring countries: Iraq and Lebanon form two corridors to the Iranian guards, Iran’s Hezb, militias, and the supporters and followers. They enter Syria to support the tyrant, and ignite massacres and maintain them. Even the surrounding nearby states are also harmful and are of no benefit; the Saudi regime opened the Yemen front to satisfy America so it occupied the Saudi army in that front instead of supporting the people of Syria via Jordan, but how can it, when it is in the same niche with the other, an American agent? The neighboring countries, and even some neighboring countries, could have saved the people of Syria from the tyrant of Ash-Sham, if they were true to Allah and His Messenger, and it does not require five years, only five months are sufficient and more than enough, but they didn’t do that... And if the non-neighboring state have cut ties with America, Russia, and Iran, they would have helped to stop the aggression on Ash-Sham, the Kaffir colonial states would have taken this into account, but they didn’t do that... As for the Arab League, they meet and discuss the subject of Aleppo, and instead of calling for the declaration of war and mobilization to save Aleppo, it is asking for the intervention of the international community. ‘The Arab League confirmed that the latest developments in the Syrian city of Aleppo, requiring "urgent stance" from the part of the Arab states and the international community, including through the Security Council ... the spokesman for the Secretary-General of the Arab League Mahmoud Afifi, in a press statement the need for the speed of movement of the actors in the international community to stop the blood bath in Aleppo ...” (Sky News Arabia, 02/10/2016).

The Arab League is asking the international community to stop the bloodshed, and is not asking its states to move their armies to intervene to save Aleppo, the league stressed on an "urgent stance"! Really now "If you feel no shame, then do as you wish!" As for the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, it seems that it is not in a hurry, it has called for an emergency meeting next Sunday! It emphasized studying the humanitarian situation in Aleppo, as if it requires to be studied! “The Organization of Islamic Cooperation called on Member States to attend the emergency meeting of the Executive Committee on the level of delegates in the General Secretariat headquarters in Jeddah next Sunday to discuss the deteriorating humanitarian situation in the Syrian city of Aleppo ...” (Quds Press, 4/10/2016).

These are the rulers in Muslim countries, and this is their betrayal and their loyalty as agents, they have even lost the feelings that produce shame! It is known that the first fall of a person is the intellectual downfall, and after that is the emotional downfall, if the feeling is lost, i.e. of shame, it is the end of the human, and what remains is the flesh on the bone that has no value and weight, and so they became:

﴿لَهُمْ قُلُوبٌ لَا يَفْقَهُونَ بِهَا وَلَهُمْ أَعْيُنٌ لَا يُبْصِرُونَ بِهَا وَلَهُمْ آذَانٌ لَا يَسْمَعُونَ بِهَا أُولَئِكَ كَالْأَنْعَامِ بَلْ هُمْ أَضَلُّ أُولَئِكَ هُمُ الْغَافِلُونَ

”They have hearts with which they do not understand, they have eyes with which they do not see, and they have ears with which they do not hear. Those are like livestock; rather, they are more astray. It is they who are the heedless” Al-A’raf: 179]

The Ummah has no way out, unless sincere men in its armies are moved by the ideas of Islam, and the pinnacle of Islam, Jihad, in sincerity to Allah (swt) the Strong and Mighty, and being true to the Messenger (saw). The Islamic sentiments move them, and the blood boils in their veins when they see the blood that is shed, and the sanctities that are violated, and mosques with bombed minarets, and destroyed minbars (podiums), and their stones are pulled out, and hospitals, with destroyed structures, and damaged contents, and houses destroyed over their inhabitants ... They will be moved by the feelings of Islam and the ideas of Islam, then there will be in them: Saad and Usaid, As’ad and Khalid, Uqbah and Tariq, Al-Mutassim and Salahuddin, Suleiman Al-Qanooni and Abdul Hamid and many other heroes of Islam ... They will answer the call of Jihad, and their Takbeer will be magnified. Then the Kaffir colonialist and their puppets and the hypocrites will witness the strength of force of the Soldiers of Islam towards the transgressors and tyrants, and disperse by them those behind them

﴿فَإِمَّا تَثْقَفَنَّهُمْ فِي الْحَرْبِ فَشَرِّدْ بِهِمْ مَنْ خَلْفَهُمْ لَعَلَّهُمْ يَذَّكَّرُونَ

 “So if you, [O Muhammad], gain dominance over them in war, disperse by [means of] them those behind them that perhaps they will be reminded” [Al-Anfal: 57]

The Ummah only has its hope in its soldiers, the sincere and honest ones, O armies, O soldiers, O factions, to all the people of power: Aleppo is calling and crying for your help and support, and it raises its head to Allah out of the rubble and through massacres. It raises its head praying to Allah that it will be rescued by soldiers of the people of Haq, who will bring back its past glory, at the same time they raise their heads to Allah to send down His indignation and curses on those rulers who prevented the Muslim armies from supporting them.

﴿وَإِنِ اسْتَنْصَرُوكُمْ فِي الدِّينِ فَعَلَيْكُمُ النَّصْرُ

“And if they seek help of you for the religion, then you must help,” [Al-Anfal: 72]

O Armies in Muslim countries: this is a serious matter, it is not a joke, Aleppo is crying for help, so move quickly and do not delay!

﴿انْفِرُوا خِفَافًا وَثِقَالًا وَجَاهِدُوا بِأَمْوَالِكُمْ وَأَنْفُسِكُمْ فِي سَبِيلِ اللَّهِ ذَلِكُمْ خَيْرٌ لَكُمْ إِنْ كُنْتُمْ تَعْلَمُونَ

“Go forth, whether light or heavy, and strive with your wealth and your lives in the cause of Allah. That is better for you, if you only knew.” [At-Tawba: 41]

You have no excuse to say that you are obeying your rulers, Allah, the Strong and Wise, warned from such excuses:

﴿يَوْمَ تُقَلَّبُ وُجُوهُهُمْ فِي النَّارِ يَقُولُونَ يَا لَيْتَنَا أَطَعْنَا اللَّهَ وَأَطَعْنَا الرَّسُولَا * وَقَالُوا رَبَّنَا إِنَّا أَطَعْنَا سَادَتَنَا وَكُبَرَاءَنَا فَأَضَلُّونَا السَّبِيلَا

“The Day their faces will be turned about in the Fire, they will say, "How we wish we had obeyed Allah and obeyed the Messenger. And they will say, "Our Lord, indeed we obeyed our masters and our dignitaries, and they led us astray from the [right] way” [Al-Ahzab: 66-67]

O Armies, O the people of power and protection: Aleppo will remain standing and will only bow down to Allah (swt), if you do not come to its rescue, it will be rescued by the hands of other people than you, Allah willing.

﴿إِلَّا تَنْفِرُوا يُعَذِّبْكُمْ عَذَابًا أَلِيمًا وَيَسْتَبْدِلْ قَوْمًا غَيْرَكُمْ وَلَا تَضُرُّوهُ شَيْئًا وَاللَّهُ عَلَى كُلِّ شَيْءٍ قَدِيرٌ

If you do not go forth, He will punish you with a painful punishment and will replace you with another people, and you will not harm Him at all. And Allah is over all things competent” [At-Tawba: 39]



H. 4 Muharram 1438
M. : Wednesday, 05 October 2016



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