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بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

A Message to the People of Indonesia (Translated)

O people of Indonesia, you know that our country is facing serious problems, this is why the majority of the people are demanding the establishment of a committee to combat embezzlement, Indonesia in particular is in a greater need for such a committee, because we realized the magnitude of the problems facing this country, and if we delay resolving them, this could destroy the country and its people.

We are now in front of the dangers of new liberalism and the new colonial power, which have increased their influence ... The new liberalism is the idea which is intended to ease the function of the state in economic affairs. Liberalism views the state as the main obstacle facing the control of individuals or companies on the economy ... But easing the function of the state in economic matters is implemented through privatization in the public sectors: oil and gas, electricity, highways, etc ... It also implemented through to cutting off financial aid (subsidies) on strategic goods (such as oil, gas, electricity, fertilizer, etc .. .), and the abolition of privileges granted to government companies by laws that equates between them and the private companies, even if they were foreign, and so on. Accordingly, the new liberalism is the way to weaken the state, and is only a step towards the state company, where the state is run by the evil alliance between politicians and business owners. Then political decisions were issued in favor of private companies, internal or foreign, rather than utilized for the benefit of the people.

The dangers of the new liberalism increased manifolds after the implementation of the free market among ASEAN countries in 2015 CE. The free market economy is the global plan of capitalism to expand its influence, especially in the areas of the developing countries, including Indonesia. In a free market economy barriers, whether taxes or legislation, are lifted to the free movement of labor, money and products, which are usually put in place to protect the domestic production and protect local labor. Hence it is clear that the free market between ASEAN countries opens our markets for products of the major colonial powers, and their investments in areas inhabited by 600 million people.

After the fall of Suharto, the state has adopted the direct election method for the selection of the president and the members of parliament and states governors, and it is known that the cost of the election campaigns is very high, only the big capitalists or those who are funded by the capitalists are able to pay for it; which makes capitalists in control of the state in all its organs, particularly the lawmakers who legislate laws to serve the interests of foreigners and local capitalists.

The new government's decision to increase fuel prices, for example, is the best proof of its liberal policies and its influence by foreign interests. Despite the reduction in fuel prices today to nearly the previous prices, but that will not cover the original purposes of this policy, which is the continuation to the liberal work in the commercial oil sector. The government has canceled the subsidy for oil, and this is what the foreign companies want to intervene more in the commercial sector of the gas. This trade is very wide and huge, where they take oil from Indonesia, they refine it and sell it to the people in international prices. It is actually expected that foreign companies gain huge profits, not less than 160 trillion rupiah in the year.

The foreign intervention in the legislative field is visible to all, even one parliamentarian said that there are 76 laws and more written by foreigners, such as oil and gas law, and the investments laws, and the electricity law, and the natural resources law, and banks law, and such laws that tighten the clutches of liberalism in Indonesia. That is why we described this country as subjected to new liberalism and the new colonialism.

New colonialism is colonialism in new styles followed by capitalist countries in order to keep control of the countries of others and exploit them. It was known in ancient times that the colonial policy is driven by gold, pride, and the Bible, and despite the weakness of religious motivation, but the first and second motivations remain strong.

O people of Indonesia, the new liberalism and the new colonialism have a dreadful and daunting effect on us, including: increase in the number of poor people, and economic inequality, corruption of morals as well as financial corruption, and thus the increase in the number of crimes because of poverty and economic inequality. Many of the rulers and parliamentarians in the capital and regions were arrested on charges of embezzlement, and this is a clear evidence of the fact that they justify the means for their political and financial purposes. The horrific exploitation of natural resources is a clear evidence of the extent of blindness these rulers from the benefit of the subjects in the exploitation of resources for the benefit of the people, but they turn them into corporations, civil or foreign, exploited to accumulate wealth.

Some look to the democratic system as an ideal political system that reflects the demands of the people and accurately represents them, but this image is deceptive. Politicians become close to the people during the election campaigns, and after the elections they do not care about the interests of the people, but they care only for the interests of their supporters and their donors whether they are from the people of the country or foreigners, that is why we find the governments weak in front of foreign companies. For example, Freeport Company plunders the country's mineral riches of gold, copper, lead and silver, and the government allows them through ​​legislation to siphon the entire mineral wealth of Indonesia, and therefore, sovereignty is not for the people, as they say, but for the capitalists.

O our people in Indonesia, based on this it is necessary to save this country immediately. And there is no alternative but Islam, namely the Islamic Shariah and Khilafah "Caliphate". Save Indonesia and protect it by Shariah and the Khilafah "Caliphate"!



H. 26 Jumada I 1436
M. : Tuesday, 17 March 2015


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