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بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Some of the Crimes of Karimov, the President of Uzbekistan, and his Thugs And how the United States and the European Union Deals with Him

Karimov and his thugs did not spare any kind of brutal torture in the prisons. He has employed torture in many prisons in Uzbekistan that are filled with innocents, particularly the shebaab from Hizb ut-Tahrir. This torture does not cease but is continuous over many years. Note that this party is a political party and does not adopt acts of violence, but limits to thoughts and this is a fact that is universally accepted.

Under this brutal torture, hundreds of the shebaab of Hizb ut-Tahrir have been martyred. The most recent of these martyrs is Salah Kadhim Dinov. He was born in 1971 in the city of Andijan. The prison police brought his blessed body from San Karad to his home in Andijan on 16/01/2012. Karimov was not satisfied with torturing to death alone. He ordered his thugs, as usual, to force the family of the martyr to bury him immediately so as not to gather many people and witness the crimes of the President of the regime You are in gardens in the highest paradise, Insha'Allah, O Salahuddin, you and your brothers. But as for the criminals Karimov and his thugs, their end will be soon, Insha'Allah, as the end of Gaddafi. This is in this life, while in the Hereafter there is hell.

Karimov and his thugs are not satisfied with only arresting the shebaab of Hizb ut-Tahrir, who are just calling to Islam to establish a Khilafah "Caliphate".

They are not satisfied with harsh sentences of many years. They are not satisfied with continuous torture over many years. They extend the term of imprisonment over the initial period on the basis that the prisoner violated the laws of the prison. They extend the term of imprisonment for only those who call for Islam, whilst the real criminals, those who have committed murder, theft, adultery, robbery and abuse of cannabis and heroin, do not have their terms extended but are often released early, before the end of their sentence.

Of the shebaab of Hizb ut-Tahrir who have had their imprisonment extended,

- Hamed Makho Qudrat Allah, who was born in 1973, in the prison «УЯ 64/51». After the end of his first term it was extended for a second. And after the end of the second term, they renewed it to a third term of four and a half years.

- Noor Matov Sadiq was born in 1976, in the prison "Jasliq". Term extended for an additional five years and transferred to "Zarafshan."
- Sister Merajin prison "KIN-7" in Tashkent. Three years was added to her term, after she completed her first term of six and a half years.
In this month, January 2012, the first term of imprisonment for the following young women ended:

- Ganpauh Omadh, from the city of Qraso.
- Collenarh, from the city of Khojaabad.

- Mawlodah, from the city of Paula Qubashi.

All three women have had three years added to their sentences.

RasulAllah صلى الله عليه وسلم said to the family of Yasser when they were tortured,

"صبراً آل ياسر فإن موعدكم الجنة"

"Patience Al-Yasser, you are promised with Paradise". And we say to these young women and their sisters and brothers in the prisons of oppressors, "Patience, the State of Falsehood is in its final hour and the State of Truth's hour has come, and your status of Victory is near, inshaaAllah, with Paradise for the Hereafter, with the grace of Allah."

Karimov masterminded a plot in 1999, where he accused Hizb ut-Tahrir of trying to assassinate him to strike this party. In his prisons, until now, there are more than eight thousand of the shebaab of this party. At the time, he stood up in the parliament, beating his chest, declaring, "We are fighting the word by word, thought by thought." He also said, "We do not punish the woman nor the child". He says this yet he is not only punishing the innocent women, but every time she finishes her sentence he extend his punishment. O tyrant, no matter how long you will live your time is coming.
The majority of people in Uzbekistan live an existence of extreme poverty, despite the presence of many wealth in the country. Electricity is given to the people in cities for only 8-10 hours a day, whilst the people in villages are denied fit for three to four days at a time. Thus is regarding gas too.

The ruler deployed his spies amongst the people throughout the country to punish all those who criticizes or complains about the regime. The Andijan massacre of 2005 had a significant impact in silencing the people.

Despite this repression, despite the brutal torture that is meted out by the regime upon the people in prisons and in the society, the Western countries, have a blind eye and deaf ears for the crimes of this regime. Yet these Western countries claim that they are fighting the dictatorship, repression and are keen for freedoms and human rights. They are liars and they were exposed in their falsity when they suspended sanctions that had been imposed on this regime. The European Union had imposed sanctions on the Karimov regime in 2005, after he committed the massacre in Andijan, but they lifted the sanctions in 2009. And the US imposed sanctions in 2004 but lifted them in late 2011. The arguments of those who lift the sanctions is that they found that the sanctions are not feasible. The fact is that because their interests forced them to cancel its sanction, and not the humanitarian action or the freedom of peoples! They were afraid that China and Russia would dominate the many existing resources in the country. Germany in particular has a military base in the town of Termez, which is a strong protection for the Uzbekistan regime. When Hillary Clinton visited Uzbekistan, she said in a news conference,"We must abolish the sanctions, which had been imposed earlier, because Uzbekistan is moving towards improving the conditions of human rights."

O Muslims of Uzbekistan: Look How many of your brothers moved in Arab countries and broke the barrier of fear of the repressive unjust regimes, like that of the Karimov regime, and how they had taken down their oppressors, one of whom fled abroad, and one of whom sits in prison after he imprisoned the innocent. And such measures will be with you soon, Insha'Allah.

And be wary of inclining to the kafir hypocritical states, because they pretend they are interested in humanitarian matters, whilst they do not care, unless it coincides with their own interests..

[ويمكرون ويمكر الله والله خير الماكرين]

“They were plotting and Allâh too was planning, and Allâh is the best of the planners.” 

H. 8 Rabi' I 1433
M. : Tuesday, 31 January 2012


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