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Salahuddin and the Khilafah

People highlight the military aspect of Salahuddin's personality, his jihad against the Crusaders in both Egypt and the Levant, his piety, his justice upon the citizens, his mercy and his preparation of the means. However, there is also another aspect that indicates his steadfastness upon his Deen and his firmness upon the Truth


It is Time for the Islamic Khilafah to Resolve the Civilizational Conflict with the West, Ending the Affliction upon Humankind (2)

Modernist secular Western thinking began as a reaction to the oppression of the Church, clergymen, tsars and monarchs, a reaction of so-called humanism and humanitarian thinking against theological thinking. This humanism marginalized every religious matter attributed to God, placing Man as the center of the universe.


It is Time for the Islamic Khilafah to Resolve the Civilizational Conflict with the West, Ending the Affliction upon Humankind

It is true that the time has come for the Ummah, which Allah (swt) has made the just Ummah amongst all the nations and the best Ummah ever brought for humankind, to take the leading position in the world through its great Deen. It is time for the leadership of the Ummah upon which He (swt) has obliged carrying the Islamic call to the world.


Food Security under the Islamic Khilafah

Introduction: Origin of the term Food Security

Food is considered as one of the basic needs of human beings that ensures energy to undertake the burdens of life and sustain life. Food is one of the causes of the conflicts between states, with many wars and conflicts arising due to it. Every human needs a certain amount of food every day to provide sustenance for living.


America Leads West’s Decline: An Opportunity Muslims Must Take Advantage Of

A lot has been written about the decline of the West over the years but the topic has not been taken too seriously and in some cases even dismissed by eminent Western scholars like Robert Kagan in his book, “The world America made”. [1] However, the present Covid-19 crisis has added renewed impetus to the debate.


The West is Approaching its Limit but Islam Is Returning

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A hundred years ago, the West imagined that they had finally defeated Islam by bringing an end to the Khilafah (Caliphate) State that had continued uninterrupted from the time of the Prophet (saw). In the decades that followed, the West cemented their victory over Muslims, implementing Western systems of government, enforcing the European Westphalian nation-state model and developing a new secular national culture in each amputated Muslim state. 
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