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Media Office
Wilayah Afghanistan

H.  26 Ramadan 1440 No: Afg.1440 / 11
M.  Friday, 31 May 2019

 Press Release
Democracy Has Reduced the Muslim Women to an Item of Pleasure and Sexual Desire for Immoral Politicians

The recent revelations reflecting a systematic proliferation of sex and prostitution by the Presidential Palace of Afghanistan with an aim to enticing women for sexual favors in exchange for parliament and minister seats have raised many concerns among people. Such an incident is not new in Afghanistan, though a short time ago, we had witnessed that the widows of Afghan security forces became the victims of sexual abuse as had been the case with the female players of Afghan Football Federation (AFF).

Despite the fact that such immodesties and ignominies had been by far and unsurprisingly unprecedented in the history of Afghanistan, people not only remained insensitively unconcerned regarding the recent sexual molestations against their sisters, but also demonstrated no collective confrontation – except some media outlets passed it through headlines, one and/or two political leaders denounced the issues and the Presidential Palace took a symbolic stance. Imagine that if such an incident had taken place and leaked through media ten or twenty years ago, the people’s reaction would have been much different and extremely serious than what it is now. This incident displayed that the people’s stance against the critically sensitive issues has been strangely decreased as it could easily be seen that how far the ethical and rational stances of Afghans have transformed in 18 years following the US occupation and implementation of Democracy.

Most people have only been focused on protecting their own family members in order to have them avoided from such enticements and misconducts. While the stormy waves of such an unchastely seem to be as dangerous as individual struggling against it happens to be almost impossible unless the Democratic system along with its values is eradicated through a strongly collective struggle. Because Democracy poses the woman as a means of pleasure for politicians and a sexual item for capitalists and huge commercial enterprises, so struggling against this phenomenon requires a comprehensively great intellectual and political power and an alternative system – the Islamic Caliphate.

The key concern is that in such cases the public opinions are intentionally diverted toward individual figures and institutions so that no one would realize the main cause and question the concepts and values of Democracy, which is the mother of all disasters. While immodesty and/or prostitution in Afghanistan is similar to a gigantic iceberg floating underwater which only a small slice of it is visible from above the water. If the Muslim people of Afghanistan happen to recklessly ignore such threatening values of Democracy and show reluctance to fight against this phenomenon, it will sooner devastate the family and societal order and turn the immodesty and prostitution as a usual trend in the society so that parents would merely act as bystanders who could see their kids fornicating and/or doing wrong, but would not dare to stop them.

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