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H.  4 Rabi' II 1441 No: Afg. 1441 / 03
M.  Sunday, 01 December 2019

 Press Release
The Indignity and Humiliation of Afghanistan’s President at Bagram Airbase Revealed the Fate of a Puppet Ruler

The US president, Donald Trump made a surprise visit to Afghanistan as part of his election campaign, and met with the US troops at Bagram Airbase on Thanksgiving Day. In the meantime, the Afghan president, Ashraf Ghani breaching all State-visit principles and diplomatic ethics rushed to the US Airbase in Bagram to meet Donald Trump, and revealed his indignity and humiliation to the entire world. The Afghan President left no stone unturned to secure his persistence of power in the political future of Afghanistan; thus, he gave extremely sycophantic remarks which most Afghans termed his address as historic shame.

In his speech, the president of Afghanistan flatteringly praised the heinous acts of the US troops in Afghanistan and pompously stated that the number of US troop’s casualties have dramatically decreased to 52 during his term in the office. But neither did he recount the cost the people of Afghanistan have paid in reducing the US casualties in Afghanistan nor did he mention of his war strategy that has boomed the trade of casket-selling, grave-digging and grave-selling in the country. Over the past five years, more than 50 thousand Afghan security forces have been used as firewood to enflame the US warfare in Afghanistan, as a result of which, hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians have been killed and wounded.

The shameful reality is that, although, the Afghan president has served greatly for the US administration compared to the highest-ranked US generals and bloodthirsty Americans to secure the US interests in Afghanistan during his tenure, he was eventually welcomed with indignity and humiliation because such a reception is the ultimate fate of a puppet. Everyone could have apparently noticed that how severely he was insulted by the US president at the Bagram Airbase – the sign of disgrace was crystal clear on Ashraf Ghani’s face.

The Muslim people of Afghanistan must realize that ‘Democracy’ fosters unzealous and disgraceful leaders who seemingly carry no dignity and honor because they only care about the survival of their own power at any cost no matter what. The human feeling is dead in them, they have no shame, and they only are slaves to their masters; whereas in turn, their masters happen to arrogantly and repeatedly disregard them. Therefore, brave, courageous, honorable and caring leaders of Ummah who would defend the blood, dignity and honor of the Muslims and the humankind will be only raised under the umbrella of the system of Allah (swt) or the Khilafah Rashidah (Righteous Caliphate) upon the method of the Prophethood.

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