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H.  26 Ramadan 1441 No: Afg. 1441 / 14
M.  Tuesday, 19 May 2020

Press Release
Democracy and the Republic Have Repeatedly Exposed its Rascality and Ignominy!

The political quagmire in Afghanistan, originated from the Presidential Elections last year, has apparently ended after 7 months, following a new 'political agreement' over forming a shared government between Ashraf Ghani and Abdullah Abdullah.

The following are the lessons learned from this agreement:

1. Signing this agreement after the costliest elections - both financially and humanly - in the country means that the calls for the right to vote and public participation in order to choose their rulers are nothing more than mere slogans provided by the Democratic System. Both the 2014 and 2019 elections have indeed proven this over and over that people’s vote hold no value within the roots of this system. The only outcome that such processes have given us to witness is how low the leaders emerging from this system can go when their interests necessitate otherwise. In fact, every passing day exposes the disgraceful face of Democracy, the republic and the democratic elections along with any other imported Western values in Afghanistan, and how their implantations have brought nothing more than misery, division and political quagmires.

2. Both - Ashraf Ghani and Abdullah Abdullah - are collectively rejected by Afghans as leaders and hold no status amongst them. The fraudulent results of elections and a nominal public participation are evident to the claim. Thus, the only effort these leaders press on for is on how to preserve their power and interests centered on themselves and of their teams. The value bringing these politicians together is the political deals only, and they exploit the people and their feelings as a means to secure their personal interests. Should any of these two candidates have a decisive electoral victory, they would have not compromised on a single vote that was casted for them. Indeed, Democracy promotes one value and that is gaining profit.

3. The latest political agreement signed by these two leaders is also due to the American and European pressure, as was the case in 2014 elections. The US itself created the electoral crisis in the country and later acted as an arbitrator and forced the Afghan leaders to divide the power between them. This also proves that the US is not after a powerful and stabilized government in Afghanistan, and instead prefers to sustain a destabilized, fragile and puppet government in Afghanistan in order to use it for furthering its political agenda and maneuvers, especially for the upcoming intra-Afghan negotiations with the Taliban.

Therefore, it is time for the Muslim and Mujahid people of Afghanistan to have finally got their lessons-learned from the disgraceful exposure of the democratic elections that are nothing more than Western plots to bring crisis and destabilization to Afghanistan. The single way out from this humiliating situation is to grab onto the Islamic political values and thoughts that can put an end to all these crisis and crimes.

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