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H.  11 Muharram 1442 No: Afg. 1442 / 01
M.  Sunday, 30 August 2020

Press Release
The Apprentices of Machiavelli Cannot Eliminate Corruption

The Afghan government has referred a number of government officials, including ministers, deputies, governors and advisers, to the Attorney General Office (AGO) over corruption charges. They have also arrested a few of the former officials who have been convicted of various crimes.

The following two issues are substantially significant to be noticed concerning the main nature of such maneuvers:

First, in a capitalist system, the foundation of actions and policies is based on profits and/or interests. As such, measures are obviously visible among both individuals and the states that are ruling this wicked system. In such systems, the President, his close aides, and the government institutions consider themselves as disciples of Machiavelli, who is known as the father of politics in the republic system. To reflect his political viewpoint, Machiavelli cites the example of a ruler who assassinated a number of people by his Generals and eventually removed them from the scene. The ruler then walks away, but when the people criticize the brutal act of Generals, the ruler then beheads his Generals. From Machiavelli’s perspective, the above-mentioned ruler has been the best politician because on the one hand, he exploited his Generals; and on the other hand, he acquitted himself by killing them, proving himself as a popular and anti-corruption figure among the people.

The rulers of Afghanistan are pursuing the same policy to secure their political power and individual interests. On the one hand, they pave the way for corruption by appointing their corrupt aides to top government positions; on the other hand, after a short while, they accuse the same figures of corruption, exposing themselves as anti-corruption rulers. Indeed, they have learned how to employ the populist and demagogic policies to cover up their corruption, and even tarnish the society.

Second, the rulers of Islamic lands, including Afghanistan, consider themselves indebted to those who have always supported them in taking the office. In fact, they are the puppet leaders who would do anything to please the US and NATO. The fact is that the Afghan rulers are scheduled to present a report of their works to their masters at the Geneva Conference, which is going to take place in late 2020; therefore, they have kicked-off anti-corruption measures in order to have something for presenting at the conference as well as to attract the consent of their Western masters.

The Muslim people of Afghanistan must not be deceived by such acts, and should realize that corruption will not be eradicated by such pretentious actions. Corruption is not only the duplicate name of the republic and democracy, but it also shapes the main essence of the prevailing system. The solution is to change the system. This is only Islam that has the privilege to replace such corrupt and oppressive systems. Islam must be implemented in a revolutionary and comprehensive way by the Khilafah (Caliphate), so that these systems, figures and principles are removed from the face of the earth, which is when the intactness of Islam replaces the corruption of Capitalism.

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