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Wilayah Afghanistan

H.  7 Shawwal 1442 No: Afg. 1442 / 10
M.  Wednesday, 19 May 2021

 Press Release
China’s Enmity with Muslims is the same as the US Enmity; Any Political & Military Deal with China is a Big Treason!

Hanif Atmar, the Afghan Minister of Foreign Affairs, addressed in a press conference on May 18 that he had ‘good conversation’ with his Chinese counterpart. He added that they both discussed the prospects of China’s support to Afghan security forces in the fight against terrorism; however, China gave a positive response, this does not imply that a major ‘geopolitical’ change is underway in the region. Atmar also stated that Afghanistan has always cooperated with the region and China in the fight against terrorism, and China seems to be feeling unsecured from the threats of terrorism.

Such statements once again expose the puppetry of Afghan officials as how deprived they are of Islamic and human values. Meanwhile, twenty years of ‘war on terror’ agenda led by US has been revealed to everyone that such scenario was nothing but a war against Muslims and Islamic values in the region, causing hundreds of thousands of casualties and huge financial losses to the Afghan people. For the time being, the American invaders have been desperately trying to leave Afghanistan after a humiliating defeat, the prevailing Western puppet rulers have realized that they’ll find it difficult to fund and equip their troops which will soon make them face the humiliating fate of previous Afghan rulers. Thus, they are trying to find new regional donors and supporters for themselves.

By means of such policy, the traitorous rulers of Afghanistan, on the one hand, intend to send a message to the US and the West – at a time the US is internationally involved in war with China – that your rival [China] is ready to step in enthusiastically to fill the void if the US is unlikely to financially support and equip the Afghan forces. On the other hand, they are afraid of their former lords [US and West]; that’s why, they cunningly declare that such measures cannot be translated as major ‘geopolitical’ changes in the region.

Yet most importantly, China, a ruthless butcher, is red-handed with the blood of Muslims like the US and NATO states. Millions of Uighur Muslims are currently being held captive in large concentration camps and are being terrorized to leave Islam. Muslims of East Turkistan have been imprisoned in their homeland to renounce all forms of Islamic prayers and rituals. The Chinese government has even assigned individual officials over each house of a Muslim and religious folks in East Turkestan to oversee all aspects of their lives: their prayer, fasting, having beards, wearing of hijab, possession of Mus’haf, and possession of prayer carpets at home in order to inform the government to punish them immediately.

Thus, China, like US, NATO, and Russia, is an active brutal enemy of the Muslim Ummah, and such a deal is not only prohibited but is considered as a betrayal to the lawful beliefs and interests of two billion Muslims of the world. The saddening truth is that the traitorous rulers of the Islamic lands do not pay tribute to any Islamic value. Therefore, this blatant and hypocritical betrayal of the Afghan government is another crime that seeks to throw the Muslim people of Afghanistan into another abyss of occupation and colonization to preserve their power and fragile system by means of such humiliating practices.

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