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H.  4 Dhu al-Qi'dah 1444 No: Afg. 1444 / 09
M.  Wednesday, 24 May 2023

Press Release
G7 Summit or Global Dar ul Nadwa!

The summit of the richest leaders of G7 was held through 19-21 May in Hiroshima, Japan. One part in the official Communiqué says that the Taliban should live up to their commitments on counterterrorism, prevent the violation of Human Rights and basic freedoms, form an inclusive government as well as not impose any restrictions on UN activities in the country.

The Media Office of Hizb ut Tahrir / Wilayah Afghanistan considers the following points worthy of attention in this regard:

1. The Communiqué says “We call upon the Taliban to uphold its counterterrorism commitments …” From an Islamic perspective, the word ‘terrorism’ is an alien term. This term is derived from a Western political perspective which is most often used to suppress the enemies of the West. The leaders of G7 urge the Taliban to uphold their commitments to counterterrorism while they themselves fought against Islam, particularly the Mujahideen of the Taliban under the same label for the past 20 years. They occupied Muslim lands, blew up bodies with bombs and explosives, and targeted Muslim thinkers and expert minds with their soft weapons. In the Oxford Dictionary, ‘terrorism’ is defined as the use of force or violence or fear, particularly against civilians to achieve political aims. In this case, the leaders of the G7 Summit who consider themselves to be the leaders of the world, are the most dangerous terrorists ever seen in history. They have been continuing to commit crimes not only against Muslims but all Humanity. The ironic part is that this summit was held in Hiroshima which was once the main victim of American terrorism. US leaders sit in Hiroshima, talking about counterterrorism while they do not regret and/or feel ashamed of dropping the first ever nuclear bomb in that area, killing more than 200,000 people at once.

2. Another part of the statement reads, “We express our strongest opposition to the Taliban’s systematic violations on human rights and fundamental freedoms, and call for the immediate reversal of unacceptable decisions, especially those against women and girls.” Indeed, human beings have rights and duties, but they are defined by their Creator. ‘Human Rights’ is a special term that originates from a secular belief, and it is forbidden for Muslims to commit to them. On the other hand, it shall be the Islamic State that upholds the rights and duties as commanded by Allah (swt) to enforce them only for the sake of seeking the Lord’s satisfaction.

3. The statement also mentions ‘political inclusivity and representation’. Though, ‘inclusivity’ of a government is also a modern term that is alien to Islam. On one hand, this term is based on the perspective of inclusion of ethnic, linguistic, racial and minority groups; and on the other, it manifests the Western concept of pluralism – to ensure the formation of secular system in societies. Thus, an inclusive government is the one that is secular and that which needs all types of people and groups, who may have whatever belief and value, should be represented in the system under one umbrella. Such kind of representation will not only ensure the practice of Western values but will also facilitate the infiltration of intelligence networks in the country. However, in an Islamic system, it is the virtue and merit that matter the most – in an Islamic system, those who believe in Islam and consider it a duty to implement Islam must hold leadership positions. Thus, an Islamic system is not restricted to a tribe or a segment of the society, nor is it limited to those that divide the society into the clerics (Ulama) and worldly leaders (Politicians) and then label themselves as the clergymen (Rijal e Deen).

4. Another point the Communiqué stresses upon is the inhibition of imposing restrictions to the activities of the UN in Afghanistan. The UN is established based on secular belief that is obliged to promote, implement, protect and oversee the secular belief and liberal values as a universal faith – as part of its global campaign. On the other hand, the UN legitimizes the neo-colonial interests of the big powers such as the US and its affiliate institutions that act as intelligence organizations of the colonial states. Therefore, it is forbidden (Haram) to join such entities because the main objective of such organization is to get us ousted from the covenant of Allah, prevent the enforcement of Islam on earth and avert Islam to lead the humanity.

The State Members of this Dar ul Nadwa (the gathering of Infidels (kuffar) in Makkah at the time of Prophet Mohammad (saw) are striving with all they have in power to prevent the re-establishment of the Khilafah (Caliphate) fearing that Islam may rise as an alternative world order. These global terrorists and bullies along with their organizations not only flagrantly speak of their belief and/or secular system, audaciously advocating for their values as a universal faith but also force the whole world to join their camp. Meanwhile, it has to be the Muslims to express themselves boldly and courageously because they have the only true religion as their faith that has political and universal messages and that which has obliged Muslims to proclaim the religion (Deen). Therefore, application of Islam is not only a necessity but our religious duty as per the Shariah, and this duty would only be practiced when we get ourselves freed from the recommendations that are repeatedly stressed by the secular world followed by threats, sanctions and pressures.

Media Office of Hizb ut Tahrir
in Wilayah Afghanistan

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