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H.  14 Rajab 1430 No:
M.  Wednesday, 08 July 2009

The rulers in the capitalist regime are busy securing their own lives instead of the security of the people

In a press release issued today in response to the cabinet's approval of the new law providing for life long security arrangements to the family of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, Fahmida Farhana Khanam, the Official Spokeswoman of Hizb ut-Tahrir in Bangladesh said when looting, extortion, terrorism, theft, robbery, mugging, killing, rape have alarmingly increased in the country and the people are suffering from complete insecurity, the grand alliance government is busy to secure the life of the rulers instead of the people's lives. 

She also said in the democratic system, man has the supreme authority to make law. So rulers in this system make laws according to their benefit to secure their interests. But in the Islamic system, the supreme and only authority to make law belongs to Allah (‘azza wa jalla) only. Nobody has the right to make law according to his own whims and desires. The main objective of capitalist politics is to gain benefit. So the ruling regime secures the members of their own party, workers and family. On the other hand the main objective of Islamic politics is to secure people's rights. That is how, the Khilafah "Caliphate" system had produced just rulers like Umar (ra), Haroon ar Rashid, Sulaiman al-Kanuni, who were righteous, Allah fearing and responsible to people. They dedicated their life to secure and serve the people and overcame any ego or self-interest while ruling. The khulafah like Umar (ra) were concerned even about the security of the lives of animals during their rule, but our rulers are not at all worried about the increasing suffering of the 140 million people in the country.

Fahmida Farhana Khanam said every single regime after independence has been doing the dirty politics of securing their self interests. In the same way the grand alliance government came in power by making false promises of change but have indulged in the same dirty politics after ascending to the throne. This government has not yet succeeded to provide two meals a day to more than half of the population. Even in the capital city, Dhaka, millions of people are homeless and living a substandard life, people are suffering from lack of water and electricity but the ministers of the government have completely forgotten the need and sufferings of the people of the country. They are obsessed with providing life time security to their party leaders and their families with the expense of people's money.

Fahmida Farhana Khanam reminded the regime that the rulers of this country should not forget that no one's life can be guaranteed through security arrangements. They should obey and fear Allah (‘azza wa jalla) Who has the power to give life and take it away when and howsoever He wishes.

Finally she said capitalism has completely failed not only in this country but all over the world. Except securing the benefit of few capitalists and the ruling classes it has failed to secure the life, wealth and honour of people.  She called the people to reject this failed and corrupt system and throw it in the dustbin of history and come forward to establish the Khilafah "Caliphate" state which will protect people's rights and will bring them out from their sufferings and misery.

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